2022-01-30 GnuCash IRC logs

00:21:05 <CDB-Man> Most broker's statements that I see clearly itemize the fee
00:21:48 <CDB-Man> If they enter it net at $80, it's no different since commissions are capitalized at purchase
00:21:58 <CDB-Man> There's no impact to cost basis
00:22:05 <CDB-Man> No incorrect impact*
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01:36:52 <linas> jralls (and warlord) sometimes if you have a server-class machine and max out the specs, it becomes unstable.(and usually the manufacturer knows this, and has a shoddy BIOS fix for it.) It's essentially a hardware bug that you don't hit unless you populate all the slots, all the DIMM's and put too much capacitance on the bus, or whatever.
01:37:47 <linas> and sometimes some vendor card just won't play nice. You have to just keep swapping out parts till you find the bad combo.
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01:39:22 <linas> Buying an all-new system really just means you have ... no experience with what it's quirks are going to be. But all systems seem to have quirks.
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05:30:56 <chris> CDB-man: I think we agree that we must expect the user to input all amounts, and they *must* balance out.
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08:21:56 <warlord> linas, this system has been very stable for years. I haven't added or changed parts in a couple years. I think something is just beginning to fail. I just don't what it is, yet.
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10:01:14 <CDB-Man> Yes Chris
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10:41:41 <chris> CDB-Man: I forget. If your book is in CAD and you have USD broker buying/selling USD shares, I expect your account structure to be Asset:Broker(USD):US Shares. Do these US shares activity have splits into USD asset/income/expense accts, or can these be any currency?
10:43:40 <CDB-Man> Well, in the current GNUcash construct, it would be easiest to put them into USD asset and income statement accounts
10:44:44 <CDB-Man> Bug 797813 would enable much easier use of non same currency
10:46:36 <chris> In Stock Assistant V1 I'd limit to stock's parent's currency. If we'd allow other currencies then the assistant *should* pop a forex transfer dialog for each other-currency splits.
10:46:44 <chris> Let's start small.
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10:51:23 <CDB-PHONE> my main nick died, don't know if everything got through...
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10:52:35 <CDB-PHONE> looking at the logs, the message got through
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10:53:13 <CDB-PHONE> 10:46:36 <chris> In Stock Assistant V1 I'd limit to stock's parent's currency. If we'd allow other currencies then the assistant *should* pop a forex transfer dialog for each other-currency splits.
10:53:16 <CDB-PHONE> correct
10:53:41 <CDB-PHONE> Bug 797813 is a blocker on that
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