2022-01-29 GnuCash IRC logs

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13:13:07 <warlord> jralls, Hmm, gone from 12:10 - 12:26? Looks like the VM Host rebooted.. Again.. This has been happening more and more (and one of the reasons I'd like to have more hardware, in order to safely take down one system and keep the VMs running..
13:13:52 <warlord> On one occasion the logs reported an issue with ATA4. Not sure if it's a host problem or a SSD drive problem (one of the original 2TB SSDs).
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13:24:24 <jralls> warlord, rebooting for a failed drive is weird unless it's swap. Is it? What about UPS? I just had to replace the battery in mine because it would shut down if there was enough of a glitch to drop the voltage. Even printing to the laser printer would kill it.
13:24:52 <warlord> Nothing else on the UPS is shutting down, just the VM system.
13:25:51 <jralls> OK, rules that out. What's ATA4 used for?
13:25:53 <warlord> SWAP isn't on the drive... but the VM guest data is... The drive seems to slow down I/O access, and puts the VDSM processes into disk-wait, until the VMs die..
13:26:24 <warlord> ATA4 is one of the (original) 2TB SSDs, which is part of the VM Guest Data VG
13:26:34 <warlord> But I don't know if the issue is the drive or the controller.
13:30:47 <jralls> If it's part of the guest data then it seems unlikely that losing it would crash the host. Anything else interesting in the logs?
13:32:06 <jralls> > until the VMs die... Did all of the VMs shut down or did the host shut down, killing the VMs?
13:32:59 <warlord> The host rebooted.
13:33:19 <warlord> The other week, when I had an overnight outage, it took out all the VMs but the host remained alive.
13:33:26 <warlord> (which is when I saw the ATA4 errors)
13:34:39 <warlord> There is nothing in the logs today around 12:10 when it rebooted.
13:35:21 <jralls> OK, that makes more sense. So multiple problems, sigh. Diagnostics on the host don't report any issues?
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13:45:56 <warlord> I have not taken the system down to do that, yet. I DO know that I need to upgrade the BIOS (I get s TSC Expired message on boot). I also need to upgrade the host from EL7.8 to EL7.9, but considering I'm flying to Las Vegas tomorrow for a conference, I was going to wait until after the trip (and also wait until I get the parts for my 2nd machine from work -- to have a backup Mobo "just in case")
13:50:00 <warlord> This is the firmware error I get:
13:50:15 <warlord> Jan 29 12:10:25 ovirt-0 kernel: [Firmware Bug]: TSC_DEADLINE disabled due to Errata; please update microcode to version: 0xb000020 (or later)
13:56:30 <jralls> Considering that it's happening only every few weeks it seems prudent to wait until you're back and have a hot spare.
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14:02:20 <jralls> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1501362 suggests that the TSC_DEADLINE error is probably not the problem, so I think you should run a full diagnostic when you do the other stuff.
14:04:07 <warlord> Yeah. I'm expecting the hot-spare to arrive mid-Feb. OTOH, it's also why I would've liked a 3rd machine, to have a full-fledged cluster.
14:04:27 <warlord> (what else are we spending our $30k on?) LOL
14:10:18 <jralls> Like I said a couple of months ago, a cluster only protects against hardware failure of one of the machines. It doesn't do any good for problems that take everything offline. That's why I suggested setting up some sort of mirror with Linas.
14:11:21 <warlord> Well, right now I *am* having hardware issues on one of the machines.. indeed, the only machine... ;-)
14:16:32 <jralls> And have been, and presumably have been too busy to chase down the root cause.
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14:29:43 <warlord> True. I can probably go back in my email and see how often it's had a full system restart. It's only really gotten "bad" in the past few weeks.
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15:15:47 <jralls> I think this is only the third time.
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15:28:17 <warlord> No, it's not. It's happened a few times overnight (such that people didn't really notice). *I* notice because I lose access to some long-lived shells and my webmail stops refreshing. But most of the time it just comes back in 20 minutes.
15:36:25 <jralls> Oh, it restarts on its own? That's interesting.
15:38:49 <warlord> Yes. Most of the time the system just spontaneously reboots (and then comes up on its own)
15:39:06 <warlord> It's been *at least* a half-dozen times in the last 6ish weeks.
15:39:25 <warlord> *once* it died and didn't come back on its own (the ATA4 issue)
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21:59:53 * chris rewriting stock-assistant in cpp and using GtkAssistant
22:19:03 <chris> CDB-Man: there's a usability issue that need to be addressed in stock assistant. In *all* types of stock transactions, I'm sure you agree all values must balance.
22:19:47 <CDB-Man> Go on...
22:20:04 <chris> The difficulty is to determine whether (1) we allow user to specify all values, and expect their sum == 0, or (2) we ask users all values except one, and the latter will be the negated sum of other values. If so, which one must be derived?
22:20:46 <CDB-Man> Or(3) users enter all values, and if it does not sum to zero, return error and do not submit the form
22:20:47 <chris> (1) is easy; don't allow completion if sum(values) != 0. but is cryptic for the uninitiated. (2) is easy for users but less flexible.
22:20:58 <chris> your (3) is the same as my (1).
22:21:42 <chris> anyway. (2) is somewhat nicer for beginners, but definitely less flexible.
22:22:02 <chris> food for thought. gtg soon.
22:22:47 <CDB-Man> On purchase there's only 3 inputs: #shares, purchase value, commissions paid, and the rest can be derived
22:23:04 <CDB-Man> Sales are a lot more complicated
22:27:39 <chris> the issue is how you'd understand the beginner to input "I sold 10 stock of FUND @ $10.00 each, and the broker fee was $20". Do they want to input $100 or $80?
22:34:55 <fell> IMHO the answer depends on what is allowed in their country.
22:36:30 <fell> BTW here we have usually the fee on buying and none onselling.
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