2022-01-11 GnuCash IRC logs

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05:00:19 <osopolar> hello guys can i import chart of accounts via a csv ?
05:01:49 <osopolar> i have a csv with 91 entries i have always used in my current software
05:14:43 <osopolar> https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ao6WCX2miTCJjLwc9mEPknip1nN59w?e=nsvqk1
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07:32:35 <warlord> osopolar, yes, File -> Import -> Accounts from CSV
07:32:43 <warlord> YMMV
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09:22:16 <osopolar> warlord whats is YMMV?
09:23:06 <warlord> Your Mileage May Vary
09:23:39 <osopolar> yep the csv export is not like the GC
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10:56:25 <osopolar> hi guys need some help on how to achieve dealing with eBay Managed Payments it comes through as a lump sum but it is made up of several facets see attached image to explain better
10:57:00 <osopolar> https://xbackbone.daddycloud.co.uk/Piqa4/tUHEPAme17.jpg
10:58:42 <osopolar> but i need to create a invoice to cover how it is made up like this
10:58:44 <osopolar> https://xbackbone.daddycloud.co.uk/Piqa4/BIzIsaLU70.jpg
10:59:25 <osopolar> is this possible in GC?
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11:05:47 <warlord> osopolar, Sure, just enter in the invoice line-items.. Or just create a multi-split transaction. NB that this may not properly work if you plan to "import" the transactions.
11:06:39 <osopolar> what i normaly do is add it as a doc attachement
11:07:29 <warlord> That works too -- it depends on if you need to account for the different items or not.
11:07:30 <osopolar> you see my top image it has an invoice link to
11:07:40 * warlord didn't look at your images.
11:08:43 <osopolar> well i need to i think as you can see vat is on UK items but EU sales eBay takes it for HMRC
11:09:34 <osopolar> so i need to show in the invoice because i cannot just apply 20% vat to payment coming in as i would double pay VAT
11:10:33 <osopolar> Hope it makes sense
11:12:43 <warlord> In the gnucash invoice, on each line-item you can assign a different Tax Table (or even mark it as non taxable). So that's not a problem.
11:12:58 <warlord> Or you can just enter in the totals in a split transaction, manually, off the invoice you receive.
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11:25:17 <osopolar> can i create a detailed template invoice in GC so i can just fill in the values each time i get a payout then link to a transacation?
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11:40:16 <warlord> no
11:40:22 <warlord> at least, not easily, no.
11:40:51 <warlord> There is a "Duplicate Invoice" function.. But I've never tried it and don't know how well it works or if it does what you want.
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13:43:58 <fell> osopolar: after you have read the manual and the guide https://www.gnucash.org/docs.phtml you should read what is listed in https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Category:GB and Category:GST/VAT.
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17:49:24 <fell> jralls,at opensuse the opensp tarball is > 14 years old. And now it fails because MinGW updated the autotools?
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19:15:45 <jralls> fell, Same OpenSP 1.5.2 as everyone else, I suppose. It's actually a gettext change in the automake macros it supplies that were deprecated a long time ago and the latest release finally breaks it.
19:17:59 <jralls> It's not the first time, there are already a couple of other patches on OpenSP.
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19:22:52 <jralls> But I'm contemplating forking it and converting the build to CMake, shrinking it to just the bits that libofx needs, and modernizing the code. It generates a ton of warnings for obsolete code and at some point compilers are going to refuse to compile it. It's written in pre-ISO C++.
19:44:46 <fell> i wonder who else is ussing it.
19:45:52 <fell> Perhaps it is better to put it on Github andfix the parts which we need and let the rest for others.
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19:53:42 <jralls> I had it in mind to make it a subproject of libofx to make it clear that it's not the whole package anymore. I'm inclined to think that nobody else uses it. General purpose SGML didn't really catch on.
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20:28:47 <fell> several docbook and sgml tools require it.
20:31:15 <fell> including w3c-markup-validator -
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