2022-01-10 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:01:44 <CDB-Man> jralls: did something change that prevents me from entering splits in a STOCK account where it's debit/credit only, and no stock units? Build ID: git 4.8a-248-g95b973f79+(2021-12-09)
03:02:07 <CDB-Man> i'm doing my stock transactions and can no longer enter my 0 unit split for commissions capitalized
03:07:06 <CDB-Man> when i try to enter my 0 unit, 0 price, debit-only split of $9.95 commissions, it auto populates the units and price at 9.95 units and 1.00 price. this was not the behaviour in prior builds
03:08:12 <CDB-Man> aha, found the bug https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798406
03:15:59 <CDB-Man> i dont understand the changes to the budget. all my signs are revversed on my income budgets.
03:19:24 <CDB-Man> my budgeted income is 1000, my actual to date is 300, so my diff column should show negative 700. it is currently showing positive 700. this is the Budget Report report
03:20:21 <CDB-Man> chris:
03:21:10 <CDB-Man> Build ID: git 4.9-111-g5603acba3+(2022-01-06)
03:22:07 <CDB-Man> https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=752768
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06:12:24 <chris> CDB-Man: budgets are a big wart. need to know - which Reversal strategy you use, whether budgets created in 4.x work, which budget reports work (or not).
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08:05:35 <osopolar> Hello
08:09:41 <warlord> .
08:10:20 <fell> Hello osopolar!
08:10:56 <warlord> chris, I never should have allowed the budget features to be merged in their current form. I should have required *that* chris (who disappeared shortly after it was merged) to fix the warts (e.g. the differences between the two different "Recurrence" objects, among other warts)
08:12:34 <fell> warlard, you should mention "Shoemaker", if you talk with the new Chris.
08:13:50 <chris> warlord: I thought that budget editor was designed by phil longstaff
08:14:14 <fell> no, ways older
08:14:34 <warlord> No.
08:14:43 <warlord> It was Chris Shoemaker
08:15:20 <warlord> But he didn't like the way JSled did the SX repetition so made a different way for budgets, instead of extending the existing way.
08:15:29 <warlord> (among other warts)
08:15:40 <warlord> and while he promised to fix it, he never did. and then he disappeared.
08:16:08 <warlord> (I don't know if it was ever fixed -- fell, do you know?)
08:17:04 <fell> As I dont use budgets, I did not much research on them.
08:17:12 <warlord> I've never used it, either.
08:17:45 <chris> anyway. it is what it is.
08:18:20 <chris> the budget editor does *lots* of calculating subtotals all the time. many times per keyboard/mouse event
08:19:05 <osopolar> HI guys noob here so be gentle please :)
08:20:02 <osopolar> I want to move from Xero to GC is it possible to match categories via import like map them
08:20:28 <osopolar> Or can you export from Xero the charterted account into GC?
08:20:29 <fell> Lets see. "Noob or Newb, that is here the question!
08:21:40 <osopolar> Or is there any help doc i can read from moving over from Xero ?
08:24:02 <fell> I never heard about xero before. Chris—same continent?
08:24:32 <osopolar> they are huge company !!!
08:25:08 <fell> Can you export in QIF format?
08:25:18 <osopolar> https://www.xero.com/
08:27:02 <osopolar> i think csv
08:28:42 <fell> CSV is also OK, but QIF is easier for financial data.
08:29:20 <chris> xero is super user friendly and hides a lot of data, cf gnucash is super technical, and hides NOTHING... be prepared for a (good) learning curve
08:30:19 <osopolar> https://xbackbone.daddycloud.co.uk/Piqa4/WuKIpuGa85.jpg
08:30:26 <chris> warlord: exactly what other big wart do budgets have
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08:32:29 <chris> osopolar: "is it worth the pain?" do you want to retain control over your data, learn lots along the way, and have friendly support in the userlist?
08:33:26 <osopolar> Sure if its friendly :)
08:34:08 <osopolar> But can i import Chart of Accounts via csv ?
08:34:39 <warlord> osopolar, gnucash doesn't import Chart of Accounts. It imports transactions (and builds you CoA as it imports -- or lets you map to a fresh CoA that you can create a priori)
08:35:33 <warlord> chris, Honestly, I don't recall what else. It was kind of a side-thing bolted to the side. Like I said, I never used it so my memory is hazy.
08:35:53 <warlord> osopolar, But yes, you can import transactions from a CSV..
08:36:10 <chris> warlord you can also import Accounts from CSV
08:36:13 <warlord> And yes, you can map to specific accounts.
08:36:15 <osopolar> So i need to manually add them into GC then when i import can i map them
08:36:43 <chris> it's best to experiment
08:36:54 <osopolar> Can i deal with VAT ?
08:36:54 <warlord> No, gnucash will create the accounts as-needed. If you import a transaction and say "this belongs to Expenses:Groceries", then GNC will create that account for you.
08:37:01 <chris> and definitely read the Tutorial & Concepts guide
08:37:12 <warlord> Define "deal with VAT"
08:38:00 <osopolar> Set rules from a named supplier so it adds a VAT to that transaction
08:38:22 <fell> https://code.gnucash.org/docs/C/gnucash-guide/
08:38:55 <warlord> Automatic VAT calculation is only available through the business features.
08:39:19 <osopolar> Is there a fee required for that?
08:39:54 <warlord> Huh? GnuCash is free (including the biz features)
08:39:57 <warlord> (you're welcome)
08:40:17 <osopolar> kewl
08:40:20 <fell> https://www.gnucash.org/donate.phtml
08:40:25 <osopolar> let me spend this week reading up
08:40:42 <osopolar> donate i will if i can use it
08:41:03 <osopolar> but let me get going before asking :)
08:41:09 <warlord> sure.
08:41:14 <warlord> enjoy, and happy gnucashin
08:41:17 <warlord> gnucashing
08:42:39 <osopolar> before i go reading is there a way to make viewing gnu on high def laptop ?
08:43:11 <osopolar> i installed it but text is so small
08:43:52 <osopolar> https://xbackbone.daddycloud.co.uk/Piqa4/yOXoVava55.jpg
08:45:40 <fell> https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Customizing_the_Appearance
08:51:19 <osopolar> are there any good Youtube vids to watch you recommend ?
08:52:14 <fell> No idea. I am more reader than viewer.
08:52:55 <chris> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqAaScYVeRQ is nice
08:53:40 <osopolar> Its 11 years old lol
08:53:50 <osopolar> Does it still fit for 2022?
09:01:54 <warlord> possibly. probably?
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12:48:38 <fell> jralls, if yo are still testing the win build, Yasuaki fixed the ninja bug on docs [https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=797622] before the 4.8 release.
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13:30:18 <jralls> fell, what's that got to do with GnuCash not building on Windows?
13:32:38 <fell> jralls, gnucash.modules: use-ninja="False"> <!-- Can't use ninja for now. See https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=797622 -->
13:34:48 <jralls> Not even close to the problem: https://code.gnucash.org/builds/win32/build-logs/maint/2022-01/build-maint-2022-01-10-03-01-02.log
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13:42:12 <fell> I meant after you fixed the current build issue, you could change that.
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17:37:37 <jralls> fell, changed, tested, and pushed. The gnucash build is still broken.
17:41:19 <fell> Same result as in build-maint-2022-01-10-03-01-02.log?
17:41:31 <fell> jralls ^
17:45:08 <jralls> Sort of. I tried rebuilding just Guile on warlord's VM, no joy. Rebuilding everything was delayed by OpenSP needing a wee patch to catch up with gettext and https://github.com/libofx/libofx/issues/54 that I fixed this morning. The guile build is now grinding away.
17:51:32 <fell> cstim added a few more changes on libofx, jralls.
17:53:42 <jralls> He merged a fix for some memory leaks. Won't affect the build, and won't affect us until he does another release. I added the fix as a patch in gnucash-on-windows to keep the build happy until then.
17:54:51 <fell> Not only. After your commit is And some more missing std:: prefixes
18:02:48 <jralls> Huh. Interesting that the compiler didn't complain about those.
18:03:56 <fell> perhaps an ambuigity
18:09:08 <jralls> No, it gets more interesting: The changes are in https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash-on-windows/blob/master/patches/libofx-namespace-std.patch but not in the commit to my github repo. But I made the patch with git format-patch.
18:13:48 <jralls> Oh, no they aren't. I was looking at ofxdump in the patch, cstim's commit is to ofxconnect.cpp. And I know why the compiler didn't complain, too: It requires libxml++ to build and I didn't have it installed.
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18:17:36 <jralls> We don't install it for gnucash-on-windows, either, because we don't need it so we don't need cstim's commit.
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19:01:56 <jralls> build-from-scratch worked locally, trying now on build server. Fingers crossed!
19:16:08 <chris> is .scm failing because of CMakeFiles.txt issue?
19:21:27 <jralls> chris, I don't think so: The library was present and didn't seem to have any missing dependencies.
19:23:50 <jralls> I think it must have been a versioning issue with some dependency that mingw64 supplies.
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