2022-01-01 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:51:57 <jladd> Hi all o/ I'm trying to figure out how budgeting works in GnuCash
01:52:17 <jladd> I'm coming to GnuCash from YNAB
01:53:25 <jladd> After creating a budget and running a report, I noticed that a liability account (for a credit card) was negative / in the red even though it was completely paid off.
02:00:06 <jladd> If I push back the transaction where I paid off the credit card to the previous month, then the current month is no longer shown in the red (it gets zero-ed out, as I would expect).
02:00:54 <jladd> One thing I should mention -- the credit card payment was originally _in the future_. I thought that GnuCash would consider _all_ transactions in the budget report, but maybe it ignores things posted for the future?
02:01:40 <jladd> In general, just wondering how the budget report 'sees' things like this. Thanks in advance for any thoughts / tips!
02:25:30 <chris> jladd: no it does not read from future periods.
02:27:14 <jladd> @chris: ah, bet that's it, then. ty!
02:27:14 <gncbot> jladd: Error: "chris:" is not a valid command.
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08:21:49 * Simon has a truncated account list in the register... it's only showing me the first 30 accounts matching one prefix
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09:24:12 <Simon> GnuCash crashed when I tried to delete the empty Imbalance-GBP account - not reproducible
09:27:38 <Simon> [14515917.025631] traps: gnucash[56528] general protection fault ip:7fd97d2f5046 sp:7ffcb80f3f70 error:0 in libgobject-2.0.so.0.5600.4[7fd97d2bf000+52000]
09:27:55 <Simon> that doesn't make sense because there isn't anything at 0x52000 in libgobject-2.0.so.0.5600.4
09:29:45 <Simon> looks like it was in g_type_check_instance_cast
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12:26:39 <warlord> .
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14:50:55 <jralls> Simon, that usually indicates a dangling pointer. Are you using 4.9?
14:53:36 <jladd> Another n00b question : ) I'm starting to get into the flow of things - entering transactions, creating a budget, and reconciling. As I look over my account totals, I was wondering if the total for "expenses" and "income" will just climb forever over the life of my gnucash book, or is there ever any kind of reset event?
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15:03:00 <CDB-Man> happy new year!
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15:46:00 <fell> ladd: There is more than one solution.
15:47:26 <fell> 1: Dont mind about it anddo the filtering by the report options like "current year".
15:49:40 <fell> 2. The Close Book toll can "reset" the income/expense accounts by moving the saldo into equity.
15:51:56 <fell> 3. Some like to start each year in a new book.
15:52:53 <fell> Each approach has its pro and cons.
16:15:55 <jralls> jladd^
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16:48:33 <jladd> fell: oh, interesting. I just read up on closing the books (which is the 'reset' that I was wondering about). Really useful to read up on the pros/cons mentioned in the help pages for that (i.e. reporting oddities)
16:49:10 <jladd> Good to know about report filtering. I think I'll probably just leave my books open indefinitely and use report filtering.
16:49:21 <jladd> thanks for the help!
16:49:50 <fell> welcome
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19:12:56 <jralls> chris, in re https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798409, revert the commit or try again?
19:42:03 <chris> jralls: huh are you confusing me with chris good?
19:42:59 <jralls> Nope, just got the wrong bug. I meant https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798406
19:44:05 <chris> ah didn't see this one I'll have a check
19:46:00 <chris> let's revert and rethink
19:46:27 <chris> or, let's rethink and maybe revert. may be 1-2 days.
19:46:38 <chris> gtg
19:49:34 <jralls> Plenty of time for thinking... ;-)
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