2021-12-31 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:48:40 <damo22> any Australian developers of gnucash? I am asking on behalf of a friend who is currently relying on gnucash to do his accounting for real, looking to find out if there are any Australian banks that do APIs that gnucash app on the phone can integrate with?
03:50:09 <damo22> he wants to be able to get notified of real time transactions as they appear in a bank account so he can categorise them in gnucash app
03:51:49 <damo22> this feature seems like it would complete the loop and satisfy all users of such software, and i imagine this kind of thing works in other countries
03:55:55 <damo22> sadly, he is probably going to switch to a proprietary program/app like reckon or xero if this feature is unavailable, i wish i can help him not do that, i am a programmer but no experience in gnucash
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04:09:21 <NoobAlice> damo22: This channel can be pretty quiet. If you don't get an answer in a few hours, do try the mailing list. It sees a lot more activity: https://lists.gnucash.org/mailman/listinfo/gnucash-user
04:14:01 <damo22> thanks NoobAlice something tells me your not quite the noob
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06:33:53 <fell> damo22: Consider the gnucash compagnion on android as dead. The maintainer didn't answer for several years.
06:36:22 <fell> For Online Banking we use the aqbanking package. It offers primary downloads of drectOFX, paypal and 2 European protocolls, but no realtime notifications.
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14:28:29 <damo22> thanks fell
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16:58:20 <eb> This is probably the first and last time someone will ask about this, but is there a way to change the icon pack/icons for different accounts. I like pretty things!
16:59:22 <jralls> eb, no. For GnuCash icons there's only one set, period and for Gtk there's only one set per theme and only one theme can be active at a time.
17:00:08 <eb> Would a patch be feasible?
17:01:22 <jralls> If you're feeling up to a massive change in the way Gtk handles theming, sure. Shouldn't take you more than 3 or 4 years. Bear in mind that the Gtk3 that GnuCash uses is now in maintenance so far-reaching patches wouldn't be accepted.
17:02:25 <damo22> yeah i heard Gtk is fairly fixed in the way it handles theming
17:02:38 <jralls> Also bear in mind that the idea is likely to receive derision and disbelief from the maintainers. Having visual elements of the UI changing depending on what tab of a notebook has focus is a way to drive users crazy.
17:02:46 <eb> Wait, so the apps that do let you mess with your icons do it via hacks?
17:03:02 <jralls> What apps let you mess with icons?
17:03:48 <jralls> Are we even talking about the same thing? I understand icons to mean the small graphics that identify buttons on toolbars.
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17:05:43 <damo22> when Australian banks finally roll out the open banking standards for consumer APIs for transaction lists, i expect there to be a rush of phone applications being written to scrape the APIs. I would like to revamp the gnucash companion android app and include support for scraping live transactions
17:06:32 <jralls> damo22, it's open source. Fork it and do what you will with it, subject to the GPL.
17:07:01 <damo22> yeah, im confused why no one has already forked it and extended it
17:07:05 <jralls> It also needs a maintainer, Ngewi hasn't worked on it in at least 4 years.
17:08:12 <damo22> my spare time is already spread pretty thin, but i could probably make a significant improvement if i just fork it and merge the existing PRs
17:08:55 <damo22> does gnucash have Java bindings?
17:09:05 <jralls> Well, it's got 522 forks on Github, so I think you might be jumping to conclusions there. More likely nobody wanted to take over dealing with users.
17:10:11 <eb> Yes! I don't recall using any apps that allowed you to fine tune icons at will, but I have recollection of at the very least being allowed to switch icon packs. I regret not having a specific example available, but I believe the latest gimp version does allow this?
17:10:31 <eb> > my spare time is already spread pretty thin, but i could probably make a significant improvement if i just fork it and merge the existing PRs
17:10:38 <eb> yes please!
17:10:58 <eb> it's a pity github makes working with patches so hard
17:11:39 <damo22> not really, you can https://patch-diff.githubusercontent.com/raw/codinguser/gnucash-android/pull/882.patch
17:11:59 <damo22> just add .patch to the end of a PR
17:12:16 <damo22> voila
17:12:34 <eb> woah
17:12:38 <eb> mindblowing!
17:13:32 <eb> re: icon themes https://youtu.be/MQo8AHA6__8, it's a crappy video, but it can be done!?
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17:19:30 <jralls> eb, Ah, those are GIMP's own icons. Note that it's still just one set of icons and sizes at a time set by a global preference. GnuCash has only one set of icons so there's nothing to change.
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17:29:03 <jralls> demo22, GnuCash doesn't have java bindings. In theory you could link GnuCash's shared libraries but IIUC that's kind of limited for Android. You'd also need to install some dependencies like Gnome GLib.
17:30:55 <damo22> ok no probs
17:31:20 <damo22> im not a fan of java, but i might have to dig into it if im going to modify the app
17:34:32 <damo22> i wish android apps were written in python or something
17:38:36 <NoobAlice> damo22: Just found this in a search, it has some recent activity and releases: https://github.com/nicktylah/gnucash-mobile
17:45:45 <damo22> very interesting
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18:44:11 <damo22> we are so backward in Australia... in order to get access to the Consumer open banking APIs now provided by banks, you have to have a government approved accreditation to log into a public facing REST API. Therefore, savvy banking customers who just want to automate their own banking cannot do so
18:46:25 <damo22> what a rort
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