2021-12-26 GnuCash IRC logs

00:14:32 <CDB-Man> hmm
00:15:12 <CDB-Man> so what you're saying is i need ot remove the rounding in my excel
00:43:09 <chris> CDB-Man: I think so yes
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11:18:23 <epistax> I have a few dozen split transactions with a 0 dollar Imbalance transaction inside. Is there a simple way to delete all of these? It seems like I can't do it from the imbalance register. I could manually jump each one and delete I suppose.
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11:25:43 <NoobAlice> epistax: You don't need to jump. In the Imbalance register, go to View > Auto-Split Ledger. In each transaction, use Tab and arrow keys to go to the Imbalance line and delete the Imbalance account name and delete the $0 balance.
11:25:56 <NoobAlice> You should be able to go through all these Imbalance splits pretty quickly this way.
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11:27:27 <epistax> NoobAlice: If I delete the "Imbalance-USD" field and press enter it immediately comes back. I should maybe say the amount for each transaction isn't actually "0.00", but it's completely blank.
11:28:03 <epistax> Oh weird, if I tab to the end of the line after deleting the text it goes away. This will work
11:28:07 <NoobAlice> Don't press Enter, press the up or down arrow key to go to a different line of the transaction...
11:28:13 <NoobAlice> Oh, you got it.
11:28:22 <NoobAlice> Yeah, it's a little weird.
11:28:37 <epistax> Yeah I can deal with this. It's a bit of a wtf but okay :)
11:29:10 <NoobAlice> It's better than it used to be! I don't know if it was a bug, but it used to complain about deleting the "anchor split" or something like that, so you did have to jump each time.
11:29:42 <epistax> It would be very nice if there was a way to find and possibly delete all 0 value transactions
11:30:37 <NoobAlice> Maybe? GnuCash doesn't do mass changes, in general. You could probably work around it for this by merging your Imbalance account into another account where you wouldn't mind having those blank lines, but I wouldn't.
11:31:18 <NoobAlice> I intentionally keep some 0 value transactions in my books as memos. For example, when someone treats me to a meal at a restaurant, it goes in my Restaurant expense with $0 and notes on who treated me and where.
11:31:59 <NoobAlice> And some special transactions I add a split to a made-up expense account called AAA NOTES that just lets me quickly list all those very-interesting transactions.
11:32:11 <NoobAlice> It would probably be better to use tags, but oh well.
11:33:22 <epistax> Yeah that makes sense
11:34:11 <epistax> Whew, all done deleting those
11:34:58 <NoobAlice> There are some people who do mass changes by using a text editor on the XML file, like for vendor names, but I don't think that's recommended. Seems risky to me.
11:35:09 <epistax> My paycheck alternates by a penny every so often and the split transaction is extremely unforgiving about editing multiple lines.
11:50:52 <NoobAlice> epistax: It is? How? I have a few scheduled multisplit transactions that have small amount changes after the fact, and this is not an issue for me. I do the same Tab + Arrows, never Enter, for editing though.
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12:39:47 <nihilazo> hi, I want to move from using ledger CLI to using gnucash but I'm struggling to import my accounts in a good way without having to do a lot of manual work after trying to import a csv from ledger. Is there any better way to do this?
12:39:59 <nihilazo> I can see a lot of tools for gnucash->ledger but not for ledger->gnucash
12:47:38 <nihilazo> my ledger file is fairly simple
13:07:16 <jralls> nihilazo, I imagine it would be easier to massage the csv into something GnuCash can import cleanly. Once the data are in GnuCash you're pretty much limited to working on one transaction at a time.
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13:11:28 <nihilazo> ok
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13:54:05 <nihilazo> so, my CSV file contains a line for a transation that is a debit to one account, and a line for a transaction that is a credit into another, without specifying that they are linked
13:55:28 <nihilazo> is there some way gnucash can automatically balance these? (like, transaction 1 is A losing £10 on 2021-12-25, transaction 2 is B gaining £10 on 2021-12-25, import this as a transaction from A to B rather than as 2 unbalanced transactions)
14:02:33 <jralls> nihilzero, yes, that's a multiline csv with a line for the transaction followed by lines for each split. GnuCash is persnicketty about those. The easiest way to see the right format is to do File>Export>Export Trasactions to CSV. If you don't have any, just make a fake one. You can delete it after you export it.
14:02:49 <jralls> nihilazo ^^^^
14:03:28 <nihilazo> ok
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14:05:46 <nihilazo> I don't understand this gnucash format
14:05:52 <nihilazo> the csv format for transactions
14:06:08 <nihilazo> and I'm not sure my programming skills are up to writing a converter from ledger's CSV into another format
14:08:10 <jralls> Maybe someone on the user mailing list, https://lists.gnucash.org/mailman/listinfo/gnucash-user, knows of a script to convert. You could also ask on ledger-cli's lists.
14:09:21 <nihilazo> thanks
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14:24:34 <nihilazo> is there some way to undo an import? I made a mistake and accidentally imported all credits as debits and all debits as credits
14:24:52 <nihilazo> or some way to correct this mistake
14:30:34 <nihilazo> OK no my script I tried to write is completely broken :(
15:44:37 <jralls> The only way to undo is to quit without saving. You'll lose all of the changes you made in that session.
15:45:27 <jralls> That assumes that you're using the XML backend; SQL saves as it goes along so there is no way to undo except to restore from a backup.
16:03:50 <nihilazo> ok
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