2021-12-23 GnuCash IRC logs

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02:44:32 <fell> jralls, no announcement for flathub release 4.9-2?
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05:18:00 <fell> warlord, jralls: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1306750 might be a starting point on Bugzilla Anti-Spam Measures
05:19:07 <fell> Gnome used https://git.gnome.org/browse/bugzilla-gnome-org-customizations/tree/extensions/AntiSpam/Extension.pm?h=production#n85
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12:11:40 <mauritslamers> Hi all, is there a more simple way to add a specific online banking system within gnucash than implementing a backend plugin in AqBanking?
12:13:59 <mauritslamers> The bank in question has a simple REST api, and I am a bit hesitant to have to write a lot of C code...
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13:02:58 <jralls> mauritslamers, since GnuCash has no support for RESTful APIs you're in for a lot of C++ regardless. We're not likely to accept a major new module in written in C.
13:04:41 <jralls> And unless this RESTful API is something widely supported by banks in your country we're not likely to accept the module no matter what it's written in. Your best option is probably to write something in Python using the GnuCash bindings to inject the transactions into GnuCash.
13:05:14 <mauritslamers> @jralls also not as part of aqbanking?
13:05:14 <gncbot> mauritslamers: Error: "jralls" is not a valid command.
13:05:49 <mauritslamers> this rest api is only used for that specific bank
13:06:26 <jralls> AQBanking is a completely separate project with its own developer, Martin Preuß. It seems unlikely that he'd be interested in a single-bank contribution either.
13:06:42 <jralls> But you'd have to ask him.
13:06:45 <mauritslamers> very possible indeed :)
13:07:28 <mauritslamers> My reasoning was that in a way using the REST api would not make much difference compared to reading in a downloaded CSV or similar file
13:10:58 <jralls> If there's already a REST infrastucture then "all" you'd need is a parser. Scare quotes because writing parsers takes a fair amount of skill. AQB probably has that infrastructure for the PayPal backend, so I guess you could start from there.
13:13:17 <jralls> Most of the scripting languages also have REST infrastructure, and GnuCash has bindings for Python. IMO that would be much easier than learning enough about AQB's innards to write a backend for it.
13:39:10 <mauritslamers> Sounds like a good idea, thanks a lot!
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15:37:04 <mauritslamers> jralls: Do you know whether the standard MacOS package contains the python bindings?
15:37:26 <mauritslamers> *the standard MacOS .app package for gnucash
15:37:52 <jralls> I do. It doesn't because it would have to include Python in order for them to work.
15:38:24 <mauritslamers> it couldn't use the system installed python?
15:38:42 <mauritslamers> Python is always included with MacOS
15:39:54 <jralls> No, because the system installed python is amazingly still python2 and the bindings require python3. But even when they supported python2 it wouldn't have worked because the python version changes with every macOS version.
15:40:32 <jralls> The python bindings have to be linked against libpython and that's version dependent.
15:41:21 <mauritslamers> downwards even it seems, was just checking and the system python in High Sierra (10.13) is 2.7.16, and in BigSur it is 2.7.12
15:41:45 <mauritslamers> ok, clear
15:43:14 <jralls> Wow, I hadn't noticed that they'd downgraded it in BigSur.
15:44:30 <jralls> BigSur and Monterey have Python3 in Xcode but no headers so one can't even use that to build the bindings with.
15:45:41 <jralls> My BigSur /usr/bin/python is 2.7.16...
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15:53:52 <mauritslamers> jralls: you're right, when I tried, I didn't notice that I was actually running that in a terminal which had a ssh session running to a different machine... oops
15:55:02 <jralls> Heh. I'm still waiting for the direct brain interface that makes sure that my typing goes to the window I want it to instead of the one that has focus.
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16:02:39 <mauritslamers> jralls could something like this "wrapper" also be written in guile? I am trying to get it working as a kind of extension of the program itself, like a script to be selected from the menu, which downloads the data, and opens the default import mechanism for one of the default formats that gnucash supports
16:03:08 <mauritslamers> in a way partly scripting the gnucash interface
16:03:19 <jralls> Sure. The QIF importer is written in Guile.
16:04:21 <jralls> But if you want a dialog and menu item those have to be done in C and compiled into the program.
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