2021-12-21 GnuCash IRC logs

00:25:51 <chris> CDB-Man: according to https://www.gnucash.org/docs/v4/C/gnucash-guide/invest-sell1.html see fig 9.4 -- seems like recording Capgain separate from the Sell is a legitimate record. Do you think ifrs report can handle this?
00:27:17 <CDB-Man> Good luck!
00:28:08 <CDB-Man> Feels like a nightmare to have to somehow link that gain to another transaction which actually contains the share commodity units
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00:28:24 <CDB-Man> I would not advise this and would personally delete this example if it was my choice
00:33:43 <CDB-Man> Note there is nothing "against the standards" with recording it separately
00:34:02 <CDB-Man> I just believe that to make it traceable in the report is absurdly difficult
00:37:41 <timer> fell, I created a fictional € found with a smallest fraction of 1/10000 and created an account for that; Then I transferred there some amount of €; But when I create the transaction it always round the sell or buy part. The shared could be they needed fraction.
00:43:48 <fell> CDB-Man,thelast content change was https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash-docs/commit/7a6ae3c
00:44:54 <CDB-Man> Right, well before my time
00:46:12 <fell> Perhaps you should discuss it with Chris "goodvibes" Good.
00:47:11 <fell> Or create a PR with your suggestions and CC him?
00:47:15 <CDB-Man> Is he on IRC?
00:48:02 <CDB-Man> I would volunteer on the PR... But it's 12:47 AM EST and I just got off work
00:48:04 <fell> An Aussie usually on the -devel mailing list.
00:48:17 <CDB-Man> And it's been like this for the past few months
00:48:37 <CDB-Man> Yuck, mailing lists
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00:49:20 <CDB-Man> I think Chris good is on the ticket. Chris K perhaps you mention this article on that ticket if Chris good is watching?
00:50:07 <CDB-Man> Like I said there's nothing wrong with his example, it just plays very poorly with the report
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00:50:51 <CDB-Man> If anything, the blurb needed is "if you want to use this report, all capital gains transactions must be combined entries"
00:51:20 <fell> Write an admonition or a para for the intro?
00:52:29 <fell> The guide often is missing practical advice. But we need experts to change that.
00:52:54 <CDB-Man> His figure 9.3 showing net pricing would work
00:54:07 <fell> or open a bug report and cc him?
00:54:40 <CDB-Man> Agreed. Unfortunately... I'm lacking in awake hours to do little more than be a talking head on IRC. It took me 4 months to respond to Chris Lam on the long running ticket
00:55:09 <CDB-Man> Well, it depends whether Chris Lam wants to bang his head on the wall to make figure 9.4 work with the report
00:55:22 <CDB-Man> I'm certainly not volunteering in that regard
00:55:47 <CDB-Man> I think both Chris are cc on the ticket we're using
00:56:41 <CDB-Man> I'll be heading to bedtime now
00:56:56 <fell> But better create a separate ticket and link the other.
00:58:23 <fell> I have to confess, I do not follow you discussion with chris here. For such complex things I prefer other media.
01:00:21 <fell> Sometimes we also collect the different aspects in a wiki page before touching the code.
01:04:54 <fell> timer, perhaps you could use one of the https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Mailing_Lists#User_Lists? I have to leave now.
01:05:35 <fell> I assume you would get there a faster response.
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01:15:37 <timer> ok
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01:24:29 <chris> CDB-Man: ok will notify devel
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01:26:24 <chris> CDB-Man: I think combining into 1 txn is better. see thread https://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-user/2021-December/098999.html someone being led "astray" thanks to docs.
01:26:43 <chris> ifrs is tailor made for you anyways :)
01:27:00 <chris> (in return I get a truth table, will make it into a dialog one of these days)
01:28:07 <chris> the "separate sell & capg" seems better when using lots & scrubbing. I think this is very tricky myself.
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02:01:47 <chris> *the "separate sell & capg" seems to be useful when using lots & scrubbing. I can't figure this out myself, so, withhold judgement.
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05:17:02 <chris> CDB-Man: summary - tying CAPG with SELL would be crucial for XLS/report, but seems to be a-OK when using the Lot Scrubber
05:17:13 <chris> CDB-Man: summary - tying CAPG with SELL would be crucial for XLS/report, but seems to be unnecessary when using the Lot Scrubber
05:17:29 <chris> Hence report won't change
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13:14:35 <jralls> CDB-Man, chris, fell IIRC the lot scrubber creates separate cap gains transactions instead of adding splits to the sell transaction. It tags the KVP of the transactions associated with each lot.
13:16:27 <fell> How about asking MTA to fix it?
13:16:54 <jralls> MTA to fix what? The lot scrubber?
13:29:34 <CDB-Man> I don't even know what a "lot scrubber" is
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13:39:33 <jralls> CDB-Man, Actions>View Lots
13:39:52 <CDB-Man> Definitely never used lots then
13:41:09 <jralls> I've only done so for testing. It's only coded for FIFO and I don't always want to do that.
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19:11:47 <fell> jralls, the flatpak release was incomplete. you missed the commits from october, both on org.gnucash.GnuCash.json
19:17:15 <fell> I suspect the wrong metatdata path is the reason for the complaint on the user list etc.
19:30:12 <jralls> fell, yeah, I noticed that this morning from the reopening of https://github.com/flathub/org.gnucash.GnuCash/pull/48. I'll have a 4.9-2 pushed shortly.
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20:37:07 * chris wonder who was the architect for lot scrubber. linas?
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