2021-12-17 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:25:18 <gnucashout> Guys, I think we're in great business. You guys made sick software that allowed me to do in 30 total minutes (after reading docs) what took 20 hours beforehand. Thanks for the help.
00:50:32 <fell> Martin made a new release 2 days ago… ;.)
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04:22:06 <fell> gjanssens, it is not possible to use a 'if CMakeversion …'?
04:23:02 <gjanssens> fell: why ? That would only complicate the code and the change I made works in all versions.
04:24:19 <gjanssens> I would use a conditional if the althernative would be dramatically more easy to implement or works much more reliably. In that case it would make sense to use both.
04:24:29 <fell> It would be easier to use modern CMake after chanhing the requirement.
04:25:58 <gjanssens> It's still 'modern' cmake. That term refers more to thinking in targets than to use or not use a certain built-in cmake command.
04:30:38 <gjanssens> For the time being we have to continue to support 3.16 as it's the version of cmake on Ubuntu 20.04LTS. IMO for master we could bump to 3.18 once 22.04LTS ships.
04:39:03 <fell> right
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10:56:39 <chris> gjanssens: the frankenbug has gone with your recent cmake change! (my cmake is 3.18.4)
10:57:56 <warlord> frankenbug?!? lol
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15:04:39 <jralls> fell, you saw my email to Benno? Arabic leads the list.
15:06:00 <jralls> fell, as for the AQB/Gwen update, I saw that. Martin remembered to announce it on his blog. Unless there's something really compelling in it I'd rather defer it to after the release this WE to avoid any surprises.
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16:39:58 <fell> jralls: The Update of the german banking ist is awaited since years.
16:41:22 <jralls> Then it won't matter if it waits 3 more months.
16:41:25 <fell> bank list
16:42:28 <fell> OK,if you answer the error repots on gnucash-de. ;-)
16:43:05 <jralls> OK, I'll put it in if you'll do the snap release next week when it turns out to be broken.
16:44:42 <jralls> Martin needs a middle-digit Gwen release to update the list of banks? That's nuts.
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16:45:38 <fell> From my feeling it came to late for us..
16:48:16 <fell> The aqb-updates should boil one week in the nighlies before a release.
16:48:42 <jralls> Yes, I think 3 days isn't enough time to include in the release. If he'd gotten it out last week and we'd managed to get it in the nightlies so that it could get a little testing ahead of the release I'd be OK.
16:51:49 <fell> Then I will spend my remaining time on CWehlis PR.
16:52:13 <jralls> That's on the docs, right?
16:53:13 <fell> That will require fixes onyasuaki's PRs, but currenly hs way to commit them is too comlicated.
16:53:26 <fell> right.
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17:03:12 <fell> jralls, i have last night set weblate's Language Filter to exclude only (ca|ro|sv|uk)
17:03:41 <jralls> Very good. Thanks.
17:04:02 <fell> And Pedro was still busy today. :-)
17:04:42 <jralls> Some hobbies are hard to give up! ;-)
17:05:22 <fell> Only TP was the hobby
17:06:04 <jralls> On the subject of weblate, would it be feasible to batch those commits so they don't dominate history, or would that mess up weblate's repo syncing?
17:07:52 <fell> I have set it to squash commits by author (implies resource, too)
17:09:34 <fell> So, adding a term to glossary creates a commit for each language.
17:10:48 <jralls> Is that why there are a couple of dozen Anonymous updates on the 5th?
17:12:41 <fell> yes, I suspect Francisco added due and stock to glossary es and marked them as terminology. That way they were added by the bot "anonymous" to all languages.
17:13:44 <jralls> Sigh. OK.
17:14:45 <fell> If I have some time for it, I will discuss the whole glossary complex withn Mihail
17:15:27 <fell> Weblates docs are sparse there.
17:16:09 <fell> I spend already to dive in the engine translation-toolkit.
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