2021-12-14 GnuCash IRC logs

00:00:14 <fell> But there Reconciled would probably be enough.
00:00:36 <fell> if thevalues below have date form
00:02:58 <fell> I still remember when we were restricted to 40 or 80 char/line. Then we created such "abbreviations".
00:03:21 <chris> changing "Reconciled Date" to "Date Reconciled" means 1 less string to translate. so, translators will have even less cause for complaint.
00:05:39 <fell> They should be unified but in a easy understood form, no pseudo expert speech.
00:05:55 <chris> then after this merge, go ahead and expand the abbreviation?
00:07:57 <fell> I just googled "Date Reconciled" and got "Reconciliation Date"
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03:13:23 <Simon> which of the existing translations for those phrases are the same and which are different?
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03:25:27 <fell> Simon, I don't know offhand, but translation-toolkit has nice tools to analyze it.
03:26:59 <fell> commands like poterminology
03:39:15 <fell> warlord, can you add to https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Mailing_Lists#Limitations allowed attachment types?
03:41:40 <fell> from the mailman configuration
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11:58:27 <jralls> gjanssens, fell: We've been using weblate for almost a year now. IMO it's been wildly successful, so I think it's time to start moving inactive translations from the TP to weblate. We've gotten translations this year for uk, sv, pt, and ca and last year ja and ro.
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12:08:45 <gjanssens> jralls: I was just about to suggest that in my reply on GH. So totally agree.
12:08:45 <gncbot> gjanssens: Sent 1 day, 17 hours, and 26 minutes ago: <jralls> Yes, that was the problem with the missing module. Master still doesn't build, either on my VM nor on warlords: As you can see from the several logs today, it fails for a supposed access violation while building a Scheme file; a different one every time, though always around target 675.
12:10:42 <gjanssens> As for the master build issue, are you building in parallel ? In the past I have witnessed Windows has issues reading files that are written to still. Don't know if that's what's going on this time as well...
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12:18:24 <jralls> gjanssens, Yes, ninja's default is to build in parallel. But maint is building fine and the two branches are nearly identical. I tried removing the master build and inst directories yesterday and that built all the way, so I'll try that today on warlord's VM.
12:29:06 <gjanssens> Oh ok. I wonder if the other issue may be that guile finds outdated .go files in the inst directory as well.
12:29:12 <gjanssens> Got to go now.
12:30:07 <jralls> Cleared those. By.
12:30:13 <jralls> err, Bye.
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12:33:38 <warlord> .
12:35:04 <fell> warlord https://lists.gnucash.org/logs/2021/12/14.html#T03:39:15
12:35:48 <fell> I got the question from a gnucash-de member.
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12:40:12 <warlord> fell, sure. Basically zip files, tar files, and files that are (or look like) executables (exe, sh, py, pl, etc) all get blocked by the mailer before mailman even sees it.
12:41:16 <fell> He is more concerned about pdf,doc[x]
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13:04:06 <jralls> fell, do you agree about making the translations that haven't been updated in a while from TP to Weblate? The list would be fa, ar, sk, da, sr, az, cs, rw, and eu.
13:04:46 <jralls> fell Leaving uk, sv, pt, ca, and ro.
13:05:08 <fell> OK
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13:06:18 <jralls> Though I'm not sure what's going on with Pedro Albuquerque. Are you?
13:06:57 <fell> I think I should pm him.
13:07:40 <fell> He has twice said, he would step down.
13:08:43 <jralls> OK. If he's really stepping down then we should put pt on weblate too.
13:09:44 <fell> Each time the reason was the "Libre Software" term.
13:11:33 <jralls> I don't understand. Does he think that GnuCash isn't Free enough?
13:12:28 <fell> At first I asked to replace the pt form of "gratis"
13:13:33 <fell> Then Hugo wanted to changed the other word in weblates glossary.
13:17:12 <jralls> Oh, yeah. He accused you of breaking the rules given in the Wiki.
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13:19:09 <jralls> And while I can't claim much knowledge of pt I'd be surprised to learn that it doesn't make the same gratis/libre distinction that fr and es do.
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13:33:42 <fell> It does have the distinction.
13:33:50 <fell> I mailed him.
13:35:51 <fell> (for me that languages are all latin dialects, ;-)
13:38:59 <jralls> Yup.
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14:37:23 <gnucashout> Wait, should a payment to a credit card from the checking account pay TO the liabilities or pay it down?
14:37:30 <gnucashout> Maybe I should mark that as an expense instead?
14:49:58 <jralls> gnucashout: paying it to and paying it down are the same. No, you already recorded the expenses.
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15:03:32 <palerider> So, I'm on a bug that Bob says he pushed a fix to 'maint'. Is there a way I can get that, and test it? I looked on sourceforge and couldn't find anything that looked like it had any fixes from today in it. I'm guessing there's a git repo somewhere?
15:09:49 <jralls> palerider, Depends on what OS. There are nightly Win32 and Flatpak builds at https://code.gnucash.org/builds, you want today's maint build. Otherwise you can build from source.
15:10:52 <jralls> palerider: Build instructions start at https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Building. There are pages for specific distros.
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15:15:04 <palerider> I'm running a built from source copy, but the gnucash.org/download.phtml only points to sourceforge, not to github, there doesn't seem to be any mention of github on the download page. That's why I was asking. :)
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15:17:15 <palerider> Thank you for the pointer.
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15:19:15 <gnucashout> jralls: I'm a bit confused by my own terminology, there. This card's account isn't from this bank; he's paying an Amex card with his BofA checking account. In that case, it isn't a liability that I should put into the an "Amex card" account in the liabilities section, right?
15:19:24 <gnucashout> It's just an expense?
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16:09:54 <skouwo> Hello, is it possible to save search filters ?
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16:50:18 <jralls> gnucashout, you should be recording the amex charges cr a liability account for that card and dr various expense accounts. When your client pays the bill you cr the bank account and dr the liability account.
16:50:26 <jralls> skouwo: No.
16:50:36 <gnucashout> Also, say I have a savings and checking account. On import, I have a transfer FROM my checking to my savings, but I'm importing my savings first. Do I properly mark that transaction as "to" checking?
16:50:48 <gnucashout> Also, I see, I see.
16:52:33 <jralls> gnucashout, for the transfer, yes. Then when you import the checking account the matcher should notice that it's the same transaction and offer to clear it.
16:52:52 <gnucashout> Yeeeee.
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16:59:56 <gnucashout> jralls: Can I just match two transactions together in the same account to obliterate them?
17:00:08 <gnucashout> Got some verify stuff for $0.71, then it was withdrawn
17:01:03 <jralls> What do you mean "obliterate"?
17:01:17 <gnucashout> Essentially mark them as resolving each other.
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17:03:00 <jralls> There is no such marking.
17:03:37 <gnucashout> Damn. I also just accidentally hit okay twice
17:03:43 <gnucashout> and so a window i didn't know about was just imported
17:03:45 <gnucashout> BUGGER
17:03:50 <gnucashout> is there any progressive undo
17:04:13 <gnucashout> is the best method to load the last autosave?
17:05:05 <jralls> Yes to the last.
17:05:12 <gnucashout> aight
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17:29:31 <gnucashout> Does the bayesian matcher in the transaction matcher match on the description or the memo?
17:29:41 <gnucashout> This bank shoves everything in the memo; the description is bereft, almost.
17:30:19 <jralls> It matches on the description.
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17:31:24 <gnucashout> No way to change that? So much more info in the memo
17:31:55 <jralls> It's hardcoded, sorry.
17:32:16 <gnucashout> No worries. Was that an active decision?
17:32:25 <gnucashout> I could always fork...;P
17:33:30 <jralls> Probably not that active, but it was written before I got involved in the project. You're the first user that I know of who's had a bank put stuff in memos.
17:33:56 <gnucashout> Oh, really? It's for mountain america, a utahn credit union
17:34:09 <jralls> You can indeed fork and change it. Should be only a few lines of code.
17:34:17 <gnucashout> the desc will be like "Intuit" and then the memo is like "WITHDRAWAL ACH I TYPE QUICKBOOKS CO INTUIT PAYROLL S"
17:34:20 <gnucashout> which tells me it's payroll
17:34:28 <gnucashout> i'll think on it if it gets too difficult
17:34:38 <gnucashout> the truth seems that for small businesses, people aren't as busy as they think they are :^)
17:36:10 <jralls> Putting "Intuit" in the description is seriously weird. Maybe they hired someone to write their exporter for them and they didn't really understand the spec. Which file format is it?
17:36:19 <gnucashout> that's totally possible: ofx
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17:37:28 <jralls> And you're downloading files, right? Not using OFX DirectConnect?
17:37:44 <gnucashout> Correct.
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17:38:25 <jralls> OFX is a plain-text format so you could write a little script to rename the tags.
17:38:59 <gnucashout> oh, that'd be interesting, too. it'd probably make the import a little faster--unfortunately, i waited too long, lmao
17:39:12 <gnucashout> i've got a big idea though, and i'll bring it up after i get some progress
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18:37:17 <gnucashout> jralls: How do I export the bayesian stuff to another computer along with my current accounts+data?
18:37:24 <gnucashout> I could just rtfm
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18:52:26 <jralls> gnucashout, The bayesian results are saved as part of the book file, so just copy it over. There are some other files you might want to copy too, see https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Backup.
19:10:14 <jralls> @tell gjanssens fell chris warlord Deleting the inst and build directories did the trick for the win32 master build.
19:10:14 <gncbot> jralls: The operation succeeded.
19:33:46 <gnucashout> cool cool; dude, this is incredibly useful
19:33:52 <gnucashout> this program makes the flow so much faster than i'm used to
19:33:56 <gnucashout> got like 8 months done in so little time
19:34:14 <gnucashout> just to be clear on operation, if I imported from january, i can take the balance my bank says it opened with and add that as an opening balance, right?
20:22:36 <chris> gnucashout: no. you can just add a manual transaction Equity:Opening Balances -> Asset:Bank. It'll be identical to the auto-opening-balance you get when creating a new account.
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22:48:41 <fell> chris:
22:48:42 <fell> The following tests FAILED:
22:48:43 <fell> 95 - test-invoice (Failed)
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22:51:43 <fell> Did you forget 'make check' before committing?
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