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05:28:06 <chris> there's both "Reconciled Date" and "Date Reconciled" in i18n strings. Does changing first to second violate freeze?
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05:57:48 <chris> CDB-Man: the rounding error is evident in XLS. N35=-8000, O35=-4.975, R35 = -12986.733333. Then S35 = N35-O35-R35 which results in 4981.7583333 -> 4981.76. a report error, it seems.
06:00:16 <chris> will try fix this soon before release.
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07:44:26 <warlord> .
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12:04:25 <jralls> chris, as long as both are already msgids it's okay to switch or to introduce new uses, just don't introduce new strings.
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16:50:39 <gnucashout> ahai
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19:35:44 <gnucashout> if a bank tells me the whole payment, not the interest payment, for a business vehicle
19:36:06 <gnucashout> am i supposed to split out the value so ONLY the liability account gets the principal payment or whatever?
19:36:30 <gnucashout> or is it all at liability, and then the expense acount sees the interest as a separate transaction? feels like double-dipping there
19:38:20 <jralls> gnucashout, it depends on how you structured the loan in your book. If the liability account balance reflects only the amount you borrowed then yes, you want to split the payments into principle that cr the liability and interest expense.
19:39:28 <jralls> For a business liability you certainly want to do that.
19:39:30 <gnucashout> I just set up the business defaults for the US, but I figured I'd simplify stuff by not importing the bank's loan account situation from the ofx because it was weird
19:39:44 <gnucashout> Is a truck a liability? I dunno how that term works
19:40:02 <gnucashout> For tax purposes in the US, is the full payment not deductible as an expense? Always interesting
19:40:08 <jralls> No, the truck is an asset. The outstanding loan on the truck is a liability.
19:40:21 <gnucashout> Mmmm.
19:40:45 <jralls> And no, the full payment is certainly not deductible.
19:40:54 <gnucashout> man, quickbooks pretends this is so much simpler than it really is; how do real accountants even use that shit usefully
19:40:59 <jralls> Sounds like you need to find a local accountant to help you...
19:41:08 <gnucashout> Yeah, though I assume the accountant will say
19:41:31 <gnucashout> i just want this guy who i'm helping to be able to send his data in to an accountant to file it every year
19:41:35 <gnucashout> but not pay the accountant for the data entry
19:41:38 <jralls> No, the accountant will say "pay me and I'll use my software". ;-)
19:42:03 <gnucashout> sure, though the accountant charges what, $150 an hour for that classification work, whereas I can do almost all of it automatically with good software like gnucash
19:42:56 <jralls> Sure, but then you have to learn the rules yourself.
19:43:22 <gnucashout> True, though I'm not adding the value of "legally signing my name to the books"
19:43:40 <gnucashout> I've done it a couple years for him through quickbooks until they went insane, and the accountant seemed to be okay with me doing it that way
19:43:46 <gnucashout> the bill was significantly smaller than paying him year-round
19:43:56 <gnucashout> though doing it even better would be nice
19:44:10 <gnucashout> i've considered going the CPA route, but you probably need a whole degree in beancounting, right?
19:44:50 <jralls> Worse, you have to get the degree and then pass a certification exam, like for practicing law or medicine.
19:45:04 <jralls> Or getting a PE ticket for engineers.
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19:48:21 <gnucashout> That's what the CPA is, right? Can you not just learn and take the CPA without the degree?
19:52:35 <jralls> Maybe, I don't know if the CPA exam requires a degree as a prerequisite; it might depend on the state.
19:53:17 <jralls> It would probably take a lot longer to learn the required material on your own.
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21:50:20 <gnucashout> jralls: What if you just teach me? ;D Jokes, slightly.
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23:14:30 <gnucashout> If you have a credit card account, is it a liabiilty account?
23:40:05 <fell> yep
23:41:15 <fell> it is a counter piece to bank account (asset)
23:43:47 <fell> https://code.gnucash.org/docs/C/gnucash-help/acct-types.html
23:44:16 <fell> But the german version is better. ;-)
23:44:50 <fell> https://code.gnucash.org/docs/de/gnucash-help/acct-types.html
23:48:13 <chris> fell/jralls renaming "Reconciled Date" to "Date Reconciled" is more accurate as well.
23:50:26 <fell> I am with both not happy. How about "Reconcile Date" or "Date of Reconciiation"
23:50:51 <fell> after String freeze lift
23:52:34 <chris> no, "Date Reconciled" is very much idiomatic english, exact same meaning as "date of reconciliation"
23:53:22 <fell> A translator could think the date was reconciled instead of the amount.
23:54:42 <chris> then the translator must learn english better
23:55:11 <fell> Almost notranslators are CPAs.
23:57:34 <chris> this has nothing to do with CPA. it's the same noun-adjective structure as "Quantity Used" vs "Used Quantity"
23:58:07 <gnucashout> I agree there. Date of Reconciliation makes sense, too, though. But Date Reconciled is fine
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23:58:15 <gnucashout> I like using prepositions, though
23:58:51 <fell> If it really is a standing term,it belongs into the glossary.
23:59:22 <fell> But i suspect it is more an abreviated column header.