2021-12-06 GnuCash IRC logs

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08:00:24 <warlord> .
08:48:38 <chris> merging maint to master will be a large commit...
09:05:06 <chris> warlord: pop quiz. testing your scheme skills. qif-to-gnc.scm#L404 seems to be an incomplete loop -- it doesn't process the last of the markable-xtns -- do you reckon this is a bug?
09:05:29 <warlord> chris, stdby.
09:10:24 <chris> this quiz has no countdown timer :)
09:11:09 <warlord> I am looking at it.. At first glance it does look like line 411 is incorrect. But I'm trying to look deeper.
09:12:05 <chris> O_o you have a guile compiler in your head...
09:12:27 <warlord> I've studied scheme since I was 18..
09:13:02 <warlord> I took SICP with Hal & Gerry!
09:14:33 * chris wonders how that class went...
09:14:37 <chris> ditto #L339
09:14:39 <warlord> No. it's not incorrect. The way it works is that you have a list of transactions and are looking for duplicates -- so you start at the first and look for dups in the rest. Then you take the 2nd and look for the rest. etc.
09:14:49 <warlord> By the time you get to the last one, there's nothing left to match against.
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09:16:32 <chris> hmm now it makes sense...
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10:02:40 <chris> CDB-Man: I figure this scenario is not covered by our truth table because it seems to handle >1 stock. https://old.reddit.com/r/GnuCash/comments/r7fnui/how_do_you_record_stock_cost_basis_adjustments/ and is best recorded as a SELL PARENT then BUY CHILD
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15:11:55 <jralls> chris, I do that by recording a split with the split assistant and then transferring the new shares to the child account.
15:12:38 <jralls> chris, I don't use the APR and so have no idea what it would do with a transaction like that.
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17:58:35 <fell> jralls, which commit did you use for gnucash-4.9-pre1.pot? We should msgmerge it into weblate,too.
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18:51:32 <chris> jralls: thx sounds "out of scope" for a basic stock assistant
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19:51:51 <jralls> fell, a private one, just to make the tarball have the right number and with the only change being to bump the version in CMakeLists.txt. I didn't make a gnucash.pot, TP make their own.
19:53:04 <jralls> chris, It's actually a pretty common occurrence, but it would probably make more sense to enhance the split assistant instead of adding it to your stock assistant.
19:53:34 <fell> But I had to msgmerge one into webblate.
19:54:22 <jralls> OK, make one and msgmerge it into weblate. I think both the PRs I merged on Friday have new strings.
19:55:19 <fell> As the only changes were in weblate related files, it was noproblem
19:56:18 <fell> over the weekend
19:56:42 <jralls> I mean the SEPA transfers and Jean Laroche's multi-stock-imports PRs.
19:57:08 <jralls> So new msgids that need a new gnucash.pot to msgmerge.
19:57:30 <fell> They had and partial no improvemnts. ;-)
19:59:19 <fell> BTW, I think, we can remove the old online banking->internal transaction.
20:00:25 <fell> Since PSD2 rules it should no longer work.
20:02:08 <jralls> That would be gnc_plugin_ab_cmd_issue_inttransaction?
20:06:01 <jralls> And all the code that uses SINGLE_INTERNAL_TRANSFER?
20:08:03 <jralls> fell, what about ABJobSingleTransfer_new? Is that also obsolete with PSD2?
20:08:52 <fell> I think that is S. Bayer's replacement.
20:09:22 <fell> cconforming with PSD stuff.
20:10:19 <fell> but perhaps ask S.Bayer or cstim.
20:11:56 <jralls> No, his PR added AB_Transaction_CommandSepaInternalTransfer. There's already AB_Transaction_CommandSepaTransfer that I suppose would correspond to ...SingleTransfer, and an AB_TransactionCommandDebitNote/AB_TransactionCommandSepaDebitNote pair.
20:13:47 <fell> Ah one job can contain 1 or multiple tramnsactions at once —cheaper.
20:15:28 <fell> AB_Transaction_CommandSepaTransfer is the normal transaction today.
20:16:29 <jralls> So we should in theory be able to remove the not-sepa commands, but probably better ask cstim or martin to be sure.
20:16:59 <fell> DebitNote is a reverse transaction: you ask to move money from your clietts accont onto yours.
20:18:07 <fell> yes or ask for experienced volunteers to clean up.
20:18:52 <jralls> Yeah, I know what it's for. The question is whether the not-sepa one is now obsolete.
20:20:36 <fell> If something is using bank routing number and account number instead of IBAN, it does no longer work in the SEPA.
20:29:46 <jralls> Is there anyone outside of SEPA who might be using the HBCI backend?
20:33:13 <fell> FinTS/HBCI is only offered by german banks.
20:34:19 <jralls> OK. I'll put it on my to-do list unless you can persuade S Bayer to do it.
20:34:33 <jralls> 980661
20:34:52 <jralls> Wrong window, darn it.
20:35:58 <fell> Also CH isin SEPA, so EBICS relies also on it
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20:40:18 <jralls> OK, does anyone outside of SEPA use EBICS? I just don't want someone from Kazakhstan complaining that we broke their AQB use because we took out the routing ID stuff, particularly since Martin seems not to have removed it from AQB.
20:43:55 <jralls> Oh, maybe the paypal backend uses that stuff...
20:45:50 <fell> Paypal is only download—like directOFX.
20:46:17 <fell> AFAIK
20:47:48 <fell> AT,CH, DE, FR are all in SEPA
20:50:16 <jralls> That's too bad, in theory one should be able to initiate transfers with it. One can from their REST API. Some time when I have time (hah!) I should set up AQB on my paypal account and see what it can do.
20:52:04 <fell> On my request Martin has updated https://aquamaniac.de/rdm/projects/aqbanking/wiki/AqBanking6#Aktueller-Status-der-Backends-in-AqBanking6
20:56:28 <jralls> Ah, good. Funny, Google Translate turns Umsatzabruf into "sales request". I guess that's supposed to be transaction download, right?
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20:56:44 <fell> yep
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21:43:08 <fell> It seems,I have to use the lags from https://docs.weblate.org/en/latest/user/glossary.html?highlight=glossary#glossary-terms to steer the glossary.