2021-12-05 GnuCash IRC logs

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10:56:30 <fell> Why must some weblate user today start to add terms to glossary?
11:10:44 <warlord> fell, did you just get those two alerts?
11:11:10 <fell> F.Serrador was at last busy—on all components.
11:11:57 <fell> yes, 16:44/52
11:12:33 <fell> But I saw the problem direct after my git push/pull
11:16:01 <fell> While I had worked on his first addition to the glossary he had added more terms.
11:17:11 <fell> Until now we hadno policy—did not know that—users can add terms.
11:23:28 <fell> warlord: https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash/pull/1208#issuecomment-986259392
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12:16:10 <warlord> ok
12:18:15 <jralls> fell, it's because https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash/commit/6236216d01d39f1f91b31d4b3a7d6c5161411eed happened after weblate had committed changes to the same files. ISTR there's a way to suspend weblate making commits so that you can make out-of-weblate edits to the translation files.
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12:20:21 <fell> Yep,since the collission Programandglossary are in mainenance mode. Francisco is now working on thewebsit. :)
12:21:48 <fell> I also watched, we didn:t get informed about his new glossary /es.po.
12:23:08 <fell> I am currently comparing the download formats to add it.
12:24:37 <jralls> There's a lag between weblate making commits to its repo and creating a PR, but even if there weren't you could create a race by making changes to translation files outside of weblate. The only way to avoid conflicts is to make your changes in weblate and let them flow through into a PR. Otherwise you'll sometimes have conflicts to resolve.
12:27:53 <jralls> I guess you could also put weblate in maint mode, flush the pending commits into a PR, merge all of the weblate PRs, then make your changes, push everything, and then take weblate out of maintenance mode. If weblate allows edits while in maint mode that might still create conflicts between the edits and what you eventually push.
12:29:00 <fell> Usually I refresh the weblate commits page before pushhing,but marking word to beadded to the glossary is faster
12:30:41 <fell> I wwill now add glossatry/es and then resolve the conflict.
12:31:56 <jralls> Refreshing the weblate commits page before pushing won't prevent conflicts.
12:33:02 <fell> The original file has the proper language initialization,the commented weblate comments.
12:35:50 <jralls> What does original file mean in this context? The version in the GnuCash Github repo?
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12:43:12 <fell> There are several download formats available @weblate
12:44:12 <jralls> OK, so original file means the version in weblate's repo at the moment of a download?
12:45:26 <fell> in our form.Onweblate you see also their comments.
12:45:42 <jralls> What form?
12:46:02 <fell> like our .po file
12:47:34 <fell> Now the conflicting suggestionis "due",bit IMHO we should add "due date" or?
12:47:50 <jralls> Line reference please.
12:48:57 <fell> Weblate appends new terms, msgmerge will sort them
12:50:10 <fell> from es.po:
12:50:11 <fell> msgid "due"
12:50:12 <fell> msgstr "vencimiento"
12:55:41 <jralls> That will create conflicts. Is there a way to do the sort in weblate?
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12:56:11 <fell> He will get
12:56:19 <fell> -, fuzzy
12:56:29 <fell> -|msgid "due"
12:56:58 <fell> msgid "due date" …
12:57:16 <fell> msgstr "vencimiento"
12:57:36 <jralls> There is no entry "due" in glossary/es.po.
12:58:13 <fell> in his pending version on weblate
12:59:32 <jralls> If it's still in weblate then you should comment on it there and come to an agreement with him.
13:00:31 <fell> It is also in thebuch of pending PRs,1 per language.
13:00:45 <fell> the bunch
13:03:07 <jralls> Because it has flowed through, I suppose. If you want to avoid conflicts then it's still best to resolve it on weblate so that you don't need to make commits to po files outside of weblate. That's where the conflict comes from.
13:04:18 <jralls> As for the entry itself, changing it to "due date" is probably not useful because "due" is used in msgids without date, e.g. "Amount Due".
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13:36:08 <fell> Then we have to add both. In de I will use different word.
13:36:16 <fell> words
13:37:27 <fell> On weblate I cannot change gnc-glossary.txt …
13:40:17 <jralls> OK. So change gnc-glossary.txt in git, push it, then make all of the changes to the glossary/*.po in weblate. Or put weblate's glossary in maint until you push the changes made in git. That's probably better because you can msgmerge them into the right order.
13:46:16 <fell> We do notprovide a pot file, so I hat to run msgmerge before pushing. But I will separate the source change from msgmerge.
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14:26:24 <fell> Weblate isunlocked again.
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15:03:11 <palerider> Hello good gnucashers, I've got a problem that I'm hoping someone can help me with.
15:03:18 <palerider> The quickpicker for accounts has ceased to work properly in my setup.
15:04:54 <palerider> I've got two files of accounts on one, when I try to type an account, I get one letter, and it hangs, but I can click the ^ to see the accounts list, if I don't type anything first.
15:05:05 <palerider> on the other file, I can't even use the ^.
15:11:51 <jralls> palerider, what version and os/distro?
15:14:09 <palerider> Hi. I'm running xubuntu 21.10, I was running the distro supplied 4.4, then I compiled 4.8 from source to see if that would fix it, it didn't.
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15:20:59 <jralls> Did you install 4.8 to /usr, /usr/local, or somewhere else? If not /usr did you uninstall 4.4 first?
15:21:25 <palerider> I installed 4.8 completely separately under /usr/local
15:21:35 <palerider> I did not uninstall 4.4
15:23:21 <palerider> To be clear, the problem started with the stock 4.4 install, and that was why I went looking to see if there were newer versions, (of course, there were), and there were so many changes in the change log, I figured I'd just try a newer version to see if it was a bug that'd been fixed.
15:24:10 <jralls> The problem is quite familiar, a number of users reported it.
15:24:32 <palerider> Ah, good, I'm not the only one. I hope there's a solution :)
15:25:01 <jralls> You're probably still running 4.4 because the dynamic loader is getting the 4.4 shared libs. Try uninstalling it.
15:26:07 <palerider> I'm not using 4.4, I can run either one directly, 4.4 is in /usr/bin/gnucash, and 4.8 is in /usr/local/bin/gnucash. I got the version numbers from the help/about screen. But I'm happy to try uninstalling 4.4.
15:27:42 <jralls> That's not how it works. All of the important stuff is in shared libraries and if you have two sets--as you do--you're at the mercy of which set the dynamic loader gets first.
15:28:28 <palerider> well, I'm removing the distro version now.
15:32:30 <palerider> root@tyr:~# dpkg -l|grep -i gnucash
15:32:30 <palerider> root@tyr:~#
15:33:08 <palerider> All 4.4 gone, configs purged, all dependencies from the package removed. 4.8 shows up in version, problem still exists.
15:34:14 <jralls> OK. I'm looking for the relevant bug report...
15:34:23 <palerider> Thank you.
15:42:02 <jralls> https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798266 seems similar to the problem with the second file, the reveal arrow doesn't work. He doesn't say anything about typeahead search.
15:43:31 <palerider> he says this: "When I try to type in that area, sometimes I am able to type the prefix of a category and it will auto-complete, and sometimes my keystrokes are ignored." Which happens with me, usually the first keystroke shows and then nothing.
15:47:36 <palerider> In answer to your last question in that ticket, checking "Only display leaf account names" changes what is displayed when I click the button for the category menu, but it does not change the behavior, I still don't get the list, and still can't type anything in the transfer spot.
15:52:27 <jralls> Please add that to the bug. I asked because there was a problem that Bob had already fixed where if account names were so long that the box wouldn't fit in the window it wouldn't display. That's the one I'm looking for.
15:52:50 <palerider> I
15:53:12 <palerider> I'll do that. I do have some accounts that are too wide for the box, but they still work fine.
15:57:24 <palerider> Done.
15:58:53 <palerider> I'm open to doing whatever I can to help resolve this, I can set up a zoom call and you can poke around on my system if you like.
15:59:54 <jralls> Two other issues that we think are fixed: Do you use accented or non-latin characters in account names and have you changed the separator character?
16:00:50 <palerider> I have no intentional non-latin characters, and I didn't even know you could change the separator character, so it's still :
16:01:32 <jralls> Good.
16:01:32 <palerider> Let me go double check on the non-latin characters. I will say that things had been working fine, no new accounts were added, and then I noticed the problem start showing up.
16:02:18 <jralls> Oh? Without a GnuCash or Ubuntu version change?
16:02:51 <palerider> Nope, nothing non-ascii in the account names.
16:03:42 <palerider> It ...might? have been when I upgraded to 21.10, but I'm not sure. It's been a problem for "a while", but I haven't had/taken time to investigate until now.
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16:04:30 <palerider> I compiled 4.8 on 23 Nov
16:05:11 <palerider> I've only been using gnucash for about 6 months.
16:28:09 <jralls> https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798162 is the bug I was looking for, but aside from it's being fixed I don't think it matches your symptoms.
16:28:42 <jralls> What distro were you on before? xubuntu 21.04?
16:29:12 <palerider> Yes.
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16:32:11 <palerider> The description on that bug fits. if I start typing in the transfer box, I get a single character, if I click elsewhere, I get a popup with "the account f does not exist, do you want..."
16:32:44 <palerider> if I say 'no', it takes me back to the transfer field, I'm not sure what's meant by the 'combo box' though.
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16:37:16 <palerider> I see a /tmp/gnucash.trace file that has this in it:
16:37:17 <palerider> * 14:29:47 WARN <IBUS> The owner of /home/mjm/.config/ibus/bus is not root!
16:37:18 <palerider> * 14:29:47 WARN <IBUS> Unable to connect to ibus: Unexpected lack of content trying to read a line
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17:10:44 <palerider> It seems that I have one file that matches the bug report in 798162 almost exactly, and another file that shows that behavior, plus it won't give me the .. combo box? at all.
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17:25:44 <jralls> A combo box is a GUI control that can display a list that you can select from or accept a typed-in value. This particular one is enhanced with the ability to filter the list based on what you type.
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17:26:43 <palerider> Ok, yes, with one file of accounts, I can get the combo box if I don't type anything, with the other file (much smaller), I can't get the combo box at all, no matter what I do.
17:29:16 <jralls> If you create a new file with File>New accepting all of the defaults in the New File Hierarchy Assistant, does the transfer account field work correctly in the new book?
17:29:44 <palerider> Let me try
17:31:40 <palerider> Yes, it works fine, I get the combo box, and I can type partial account names and it will find the match.
17:32:20 <palerider> eg: cloth results in Expenses:Clothes
17:36:07 <palerider> So I have three different behaviors in three different books.
17:38:46 <jralls> So there must be something about your files. If you export the accounts (File>Export>Export Accounts to CSV) then quit GnuCash and restart it with gnucash --nofile from a terminal window and import the exported accounts (File>Import>Import Accounts from CSV) does it work?
17:39:12 <palerider> Let me try that, it'll be a few minutes.
17:52:48 <palerider> which export option should I pick to get everything? there's 'account tree' 'transactions' and 'active register' all to csv, then there's 'export' but that looks to go to xml.
17:57:58 <palerider> Well, when I try to import them, it says they were imported, but nothing happens. I get a blank 'unsaved book'.
18:00:56 <jralls> To the first question, just the account tree. To the second, I guess you need to do View>New Accounts Page; from that you can double-click any account to get a register in which you can see if the Transfer Account field works.
18:04:04 <palerider> Ok, got the accounts page. the combo box still doesn't work. I can type two letters now, before it hangs, and when I tab, it brings up what matches (in this case "Income:Exam Fees" so it's slightly better.
18:04:42 <palerider> would you like me to zip up the csv export and put get it to you?
18:05:53 <jralls> I'd rather you save that accounts-only file and attach it to the bug.
18:06:05 <palerider> Ok.
18:06:31 <palerider> This one? https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798162
18:07:37 <jralls> https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798266 would be better, it's the one you commented on, plus it's open.
18:07:58 <palerider> Ok, will co.
18:12:16 <palerider> Done
18:27:51 <jralls> Unfortunately it works fine for me on macOS and Debian Sid.
18:28:49 <palerider> Of course, that's how these things are. :(
18:29:04 <jralls> What two letters are you typing?
18:29:07 <palerider> If it was easy to make it misbehave, it'd be fixed. :)
18:29:39 <palerider> My most frequent entry is 'Income:Exam Fees' so 'fee'
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18:35:45 <jralls> Rats. I got the selection with just 'f', typing fee didn't change anything.
18:36:26 <palerider> does the combo box work for you?
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18:39:10 <jralls> Yes, completely.
18:40:30 <palerider> Well then. as they say, bummer.
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18:40:45 <palerider> obscure bugs are so irritating.
18:40:59 <palerider> combo box doesn't work for me on that import.
18:41:38 <jralls> Not even clicking the reveal arrow?
18:41:49 <palerider> correct.
18:42:29 <palerider> the reveal arrow changes direction, and the background color from light to dark gray and back again, but nothing pops up.
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18:44:11 <jralls> Anything in the tracefile? Should be /tmp/gnucash.trace on most linux.
18:45:11 <palerider> * 17:37:32 WARN <GLib-GObject> invalid cast from 'GtkWindow' to 'GtkDialog'
18:45:11 <palerider> * 17:37:32 ERROR <Gtk> gtk_dialog_run: assertion 'GTK_IS_DIALOG (dialog)' failed
18:45:35 <palerider> I don't know what I was doing when that happened.
18:46:43 <jralls> I hope not trying to enter a transfer account, there shouldn't be any dialogs involved. Maybe the import.
19:01:26 <palerider> That was all that was in the file. so just one error.
19:20:03 <palerider> How can I provide you more information/access?
19:30:58 <jralls> I can't think of anything that would produce profitable results. If I could reproduce it locally I'd run it in the debugger and try to figure out why the popup part of the combo box isn't drawing.
19:31:39 <jralls> But I don't know of a good way to do that remotely on your machine.
19:31:59 <palerider> I can give you remote control in a zoom call, for instance.
19:32:18 <palerider> (I do a lot of zoom calls).
19:37:40 <jralls> Maybe, but not now, I have to go start making dinner in a few minutes. Tomorrow's pretty busy too.
19:38:57 <palerider> Well, I've been working around this for some time, so I'm not in a rush to get it fixed. Thank you for your attention to this, I'll be hanging around the irc channel :)
19:39:33 <jralls> OK.
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20:04:52 <warlord> palerider, maybe try installing a different distro?? ;-)
20:05:19 <palerider> er... not my first choice.
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