2021-11-23 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:11:54 <chris> jralls: https://wingolog.org/archives/2008/11/02/guile-bar-mitzvah -- Search for para starting "So it turns out" for background wrt set! -- this is why I removed most traces of it from code...
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03:42:21 <gjanssens> .
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05:57:34 <chris> warlord / gjanssens any views on restricting APAR register to enforce readonly? identical to placeholder?
05:58:43 <chris> this inhibits access doclinks which isn't ideal
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06:09:16 <gjanssens> chris: there are transactions that can currently only be modeled by directly manipulating the AR/AP registers. So enforcing read only would be preventing such transactions from being entered correctly
06:10:28 <gjanssens> What would be a good change IMO is to make them read-only by default and require an extra step (a button to click or a menu item to select) to make them editable (for the duration of the current session)
06:10:43 <gjanssens> Or until the register is closed again.
06:11:50 <gjanssens> Clicking the button or selecting the menu item can then pop up a warning to inform the user changing these registers directly is not recommended and done "At Your Own Risk"
06:12:18 <chris> and "there are transactions that can currently only be modeled by directly manipulating the AR/AP registers." contravenes warlord's law of APAR tampering!
06:12:28 <gjanssens> I would even consider the same for placeholder accounts as that would allow users a way to clean up if they made a mistake.
06:13:26 <gjanssens> I know, yet I have been in that very situation in the past... My memory is unfortunately vague on what the situation was back then.
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06:15:13 <chris> meanwhile I'm tempted to make new-owner-report wash over these P->I issues and handle them transparently. It'll assume TXN_TYPE_INVOICE & invoice=null to mean a payment.
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06:27:12 <chris> also a non-P and non-I denoted by "?" transaction may also have been modified into P or I by clicking on the ?
06:28:57 <fell> ArtGravity, file a bug with the details.
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08:01:28 <warlord> chris, there are valid reasons to edit APAR, like editing the auto-split transactions that move value from one lot to another.
08:02:56 <warlord> My rule is that one should not EDIT APAR. *deleting items* from APAR is allowed (and in some cases necessary)
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10:42:20 <chris> modifying new-owner-report is too difficult.
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10:43:54 <chris> I think these Txn-Type-Invoice with txn->Invoice=NULL should be scrubbed into Txn-Type-Payment
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11:58:51 <gjanssens> chris: I don't think that's sufficient. If they don't have an invoice, they should have an owner. If they don't, they're invalid business transactions and should be marked Txn-Type-None
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12:00:11 <gjanssens> Other than that, yes scrubbing can be used to ease the situation. At the very minimum it should reset the transaction into a state that can be fixed (meaning either Txn-Type-Payment or Txn-Type-None)
12:00:34 <gjanssens> And it's probably all we really can do.
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12:11:24 <andreas^> .
12:15:57 <andreas^> I'm not sure what to do anymore.
12:20:50 <andreas^> about this problem. gnucash doesn't save preferences, changing them dirties the book and when I open gnucash no splash screen is displayed and the last opened book is not opened.
12:23:00 <andreas^> even if I just go into preferences and close, the empty book is dirtied.
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12:56:33 <fredrik_> rHello, I am trying to automatically fetch prices to my GnuCash database. Preferably with docker/kubernetes. What is the correct way of connecting to my database using gnucash-cli? Gnucash-cli -Q get.. and then what
12:59:09 <andreas^> even if I just go into preferences and close, the empty book is dirtied.
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15:35:01 <jralls> chris, wingo has let his SSL cert expire. As for set! what he says there is also true of cons and append.
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15:48:23 <jralls> fredrik_ Then the path to your GnuCash data file or the url (starting with mysql: or postgreql: and including the database credentials) if you're using a database server.
15:49:44 <fredrik_> how shoudl i write the url? postgres:ip:port/database/user/pwd? - i dont use standard port
15:54:51 <fredrik_> postgres://user:password@ip-address:port/database did the trick! thanks so much. i just need to dockerise it and get it in my cluster somehow
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17:04:22 <Jeff999> Hi All, hopefully a simple question around Australian GST recording. Following info in Alternate Australian GST setup, what you do with the left over Cents when reporting GST. Examples all use whole dollars. What if I collected 180.30 GST and Paid 120.15 GST, I pay the ATO $60, but I then have $0.15 left over. Do I zero the GST account somehow, so it always shows a new running total? Or just leave it to accumilate? Thanks
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18:09:27 <fredrik_> is there a way of installing just gnucash-cli? I want to use it in a container. to run docker-cli -Q get command
18:14:17 <fell> Jeff999: In DE I would move it profit:extraordinary:tax rounding
18:50:44 <Jeff999> fell: Thanks, that makes sense. just now stuggling with the amounts seem to be going the wrong way. Just trying to get my head around basic Double Entry accounting. Thanks.
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19:10:59 <jralls> frederik_, Probably not, and certainly not easily.
19:16:24 <jralls> frederick, but you could try building -DWITH_AQBANKING=NO -DWITH_OFX=NO -DWITH_PYTHON=NO. That will leave off some shared libraries.
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19:19:21 <fredrik_> i have now a docker image with debian, and installed gnucash 4.4 - it ALMOST works. it just wants my alphavantage key. is there a way to set it from cli?
19:23:25 <jralls> Just set it in the environment: export ALPHAVANTAGE_AKI_KEY=12345678
19:23:35 <jralls> s/AKI/API
19:34:12 <fredrik_> Thank you very much!
19:36:42 <jralls> You're very welcome!
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