2021-10-31 GnuCash IRC logs

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02:35:36 <CDB-Man> hmm, is it just me, or does the date field on the reconciliation report do nothing to filter transactions
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05:29:07 <chris_> CDB-Man: the date refers to the reconciliation date. It's a bug fix that I wish I didn't implement.
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05:46:00 <Simon> it would be nice if the ending balance automatically updated based on the date
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06:19:20 <Simon> instead it seems to like guessing what the statement date should be and gives me a balance based on that...
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09:17:02 <CDB-Man> Ah, I remember that ticket now Chris
09:17:36 <CDB-Man> Perhaps we can make it a toggle option as an enhancement request, chris ?
09:21:55 <chris> Depends. Would be good to know exactly how an accountant defines a Reconciliation Report. No one on userlist has given a satisfactory/accurate answer.
09:28:35 <warlord> Simon, if you update the ending date in the reconcile dialog it updates the guessed ending balance automatically.
09:29:47 <warlord> CDB-Man, what kind of filtering would you expect it to do?
09:35:18 <chris> Warlord: I guess Simon expects (and I do too btw) the ending_balance to ignore splits after the statement_date
09:35:39 <chris> warlord: The reconcile report currently filters the dates according to reconcile_date rather than posted_date. mea culpa.
09:36:00 <warlord> It does -- or it *DID*.. The ending balance is supposed to be GetBalanceAsOfDate(ending_date)
09:36:31 <warlord> If you changed that, then you introduced a regression and should fix that!
09:38:12 <chris> warlord: not me m'lord. in window-reconcile.c: ending = gnc_ui_account_get_reconciled_balance(account,
09:38:14 <chris> data.include_children)
09:38:20 <chris> since 2001/2003
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09:44:55 <warlord> If you follow that code, "ending" there is printed in the "starting balance" field of the dialog.
09:45:08 <warlord> start_value = GTK_WIDGET(gtk_builder_get_object (builder, "start_value"));
09:45:08 <warlord> gtk_label_set_text(GTK_LABEL(start_value), xaccPrintAmount (ending, print_info));
09:45:32 <warlord> So that is correct.
09:47:02 <warlord> (we could argue that the variable name is incorrect for what it is displaying here)
09:47:49 <chris> lots of these incorrectitudes around lol
09:48:20 * chris will not touch this part of reconcile logic
09:49:00 <chris> #1178 has my current project
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09:56:14 <mauritslamers> hey all, I have a question about something I don't understand...
09:57:24 <mauritslamers> I am using Gnucash 4.6. I am booking from the bank account to a suspense account, but strangely the amount I book is taken either from both accounts at the same time, or to the same accounts at the same time.
09:58:05 <mauritslamers> When I ask to book from the bank to the suspense account, I would expect the money to go from the suspense account to the bank account, but the saldi on both accounts decrease
10:00:36 <mauritslamers> say that I have -66 on the suspense account, and I book 131 from the bank to the suspense account, I expect the suspense account to go to 65 and the bank account to decrease with 131
10:02:03 <mauritslamers> However, when I make the saldo correct for the suspense account (increase with 131) and indicate the bank account as account to take it from, the bank saldo increases
10:03:00 <Simon> warlord: looks like the balance updates but it's the wrong balance entirely
10:03:16 <Simon> it's not based on any property I can see (including cleared/non-cleared)
10:03:50 <warlord> Correct. It is the account's running balance as of the proposed reconcile date.
10:04:14 <Simon> it doesn't match anything relating to the account balance for me
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10:04:16 <warlord> It does not take any cleared-flag into account, because you may not have cleared transactions yet.
10:04:38 <warlord> Are you reconciling a single account or account tree?
10:04:52 <Simon> a single account
10:05:33 <Simon> if I click Reconcile for my current account it gives me today's date and the balance for today
10:06:12 <Simon> if I select any date it then gives me a balance that is below the last reconciled date balance and below any balance since then
10:06:20 <Simon> if I select today's date again the value doesn't change
10:07:21 <Simon> other accounts have similar problems but I'm sure this used to work
10:07:38 <Simon> there are no cleared transaction since the last reconciliation
10:08:11 <Simon> the balance corresponds to a transaction at the start of the month (which is before the last reconciliation)
10:08:24 <Simon> in fact it's the same for another account I tested
10:08:37 <Simon> the balance it changes to is for the 1st of this month
10:09:06 <Simon> I can reproduce that on other accounts too
10:10:01 <Simon> it doesn't matter what date I select, right now it always uses the last balance from 2021-10-01
10:12:38 <warlord> Ummmm..... THat's... odd.
10:12:41 <warlord> what version of gnucash?
10:13:43 <Simon> a5d101d1bef6939d029075a5863065b08cba9e05, which is between 4.6 and 4.7
10:17:03 <Simon> new_date = 1634770799 for 2021-10-20
10:17:19 <Simon> that looks correct
10:18:15 <warlord> Simon, check gnc_start_recn_date_changed()
10:18:37 <mauritslamers> I think I solved my problem, by changing the account type for the suspense account from "Liability" to "Asset" which brings me the right kind of numbers
10:18:54 <warlord> Oh, okay. Hmm.
10:19:21 <Simon> it thinks data->user_set_value is 1 but I didn't set it
10:19:49 <Simon> this is hard to debug because changing focus to gdb closes the date selection
10:19:56 * Simon puts a breakpoint at gnc_ui_account_get_balance_as_of_date instead
10:20:44 <warlord> Hmm.. it gets set if you make any changes to the number edit ...
10:21:25 <Simon> when I open it, it calls gnc_start_recn_date_changed with date=1635724799
10:21:28 <warlord> data->user_set_value = !gnc_numeric_equal (value, data->original_value);
10:21:48 <Simon> which is yesterday
10:22:21 <Simon> I type in 2021-10-20 and now it's date=1633129199
10:23:07 <Simon> but that's 2021-10-01
10:23:50 <Simon> it now thinks that the value has changed, but it shouldn't do
10:24:13 <Simon> it should only set user_set_value if I change the amount, not if I change the date
10:24:22 <Simon> but somehow it's also getting the wrong date
10:25:05 <Simon> I entered 2021-09-09 and it still decided that the date should be 2021-10-01
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10:33:16 <Simon> I think manually editing it means it's temporarily 2021-10- and therefore 2021-10-01
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10:33:48 <uvok> Hi. Small update regarding my GTK-Theme/Input problem yesterday. Installing the gnome-themes-extra and gnome-themes-extra-data packages installs the "Adwaita Theme" (although GTK2 according to the package description), which doesn't have the input problems either.
10:35:04 <Simon> 1. new_date=1633129199 data->user_set_value=0; 2. new_date=1634770799 data->user_set_value=1
10:35:35 <Simon> it is deciding that the date is 2021-10-01 and then because I've changed something and the value has changed, it won't change it again
10:37:21 <Simon> so there are two problems here:
10:37:24 <Simon> 1. the date is parsed wrongly
10:37:41 <Simon> 2. faaed371ed3f5bb1083284bd762e3d22d4b1216f introduced a change to gnc_start_recn_date_changed() so that it calls gnc_start_recn_update_cb() at the end
10:37:54 <Simon> gnc_start_recn_update_cb() sets data->user_set_value=1 preventing further date-based changes
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10:40:35 <Simon> there's no explanation for why that commit should do something on a date change
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10:42:13 <Simon> https://s85.org/bYBfxBCH
10:42:43 <Simon> as soon as I focus away from the date it triggers two date changes
10:42:59 <Simon> actually... 4 changes
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10:51:41 <Simon> for one date_focus_out_event call I'm getting 4 calls to gnc_start_recn_date_changed, https://s85.org/zKZpbjOy https://s85.org/LMvlyxV9 https://s85.org/XG7XB1RF https://s85.org/DanBs9l5
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10:53:53 <Simon> it doesn't matter what date I enter, it always calls it with 2021-10-01 first followed by the correct date 3 times
10:55:58 <Simon> removing these two function calls that were added by faaed371ed3f5bb1083284bd762e3d22d4b1216f avoids the problem of user_set_value=1 which means that date selection works despite temporarily using the wrong date: https://s85.org/n0N1g73s
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11:21:21 <Simon> https://s85.org/LIvKDI59 day_selected() is responsible for setting it to 2021-10-01 and some of the extra change events
11:24:28 <Simon> if I change it using the calendar UI, GTK is producing spurious calls to day_selected for 2021-10-01, 2021-10-31 before finally 2021-10-20
11:24:45 <Simon> even opening the window results in the date briefly being 2021-10-01 before 2021-10-31
11:27:20 <Simon> oh this is already fixed by https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798235 :|
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11:33:49 <CDB-Man> Warlord: I would expect the report to show only splits based on split date, as Chris said
11:34:43 <CDB-Man> Chris if you have the ticket number I'm happy to reply back to it, or if you think a new ticket is better
11:37:13 <jralls> chris, Not undo, replace with the gnc_list_length_less function I proposed. IMO it should go everywhere that you've used node->next. Hmm, a better name might be gnc_list_length_at_least, and I see I forgot to init i. Editing...
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12:05:17 <Simon> upgrading to the latest maint lost all my prefs... downgrading 4.8 causes it to crash on start
12:06:45 <jralls> Simon, uh-oh. gjanssens just committed yet another tweak to the prefs-update. Where's the crash?
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12:07:32 <Simon> https://s85.org/Vw5MKkyE
12:08:24 <jralls> Simon, re your comment in bug 798235 I suspect the day-selected signal fires every time you change the year, month, or day in the calendar control. Does that make sense?
12:08:40 <Simon> (I'm currently at https://github.com/nomis/gnucash/tree/sa 5f7b6d619bd940d825414786894c399544b3dae4)
12:08:59 <Simon> jralls: no, it's making multiple extra changes: https://s85.org/LIvKDI59
12:09:22 <Simon> it's something to watch out for in the future for anything based on selecting a date... you may get multiple date selections before the final one
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12:13:59 <jralls> Simon, day_selected gtk_calendar_get_date() = 2021-10-01 and day_selected gtk_calendar_get_date() = 2021-10-31 suggest that it is the calendar control sending multiple dates.
12:14:47 <jralls> WRT the crash the last line of the tracefile should be a message about what g_return_if_fail parameter failed. Can you retrieve that?
12:15:29 <Simon> yes but not right now, I'll be back in a few hours
12:15:33 <Simon> where are the prefs stored on Linux?
12:17:02 <jralls> In dconf, but it's opaque to users. When you get back to the crash please open a bug with the top 10 frames of the stack trace and the tail of the tracefile.
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14:44:50 <Simon> what tracefile?
14:45:28 <Simon> aah
14:45:59 <Simon> the tracefile is basically the one line that glib is crashing on
14:46:06 <Simon> https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798357
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14:55:22 <Simon> replacing the dconf user file while it's running causes a lot of problems :|
14:58:46 <BirdBrain847> Hi, I am trying to install Strawberry Perl in Windows 10 via the GnuCash 3.8 program folder script but it fails with error Could not find script file "C:\Windows\system32\getperl.vbs. Not sure what to try next.
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15:02:56 <BirdBrain847> This is the script to install online quotes
15:04:47 <Simon> there's some other reason why my build of 4.8 isn't starting
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15:38:15 <Simon> b3daeecb85fc3c70b13fb0348475cb2620ab7b5c is the first bad commit
16:03:07 <Simon> now I can't reproduce the other error :|
16:05:10 <Simon> so there's some kind of obscure issue caused by going from 4.6 to b3daeecb85fc3c70b13fb0348475cb2620ab7b5c that is solved by starting 4.8 successfully
16:05:37 <Simon> it's not very practical to downgrade my dconf file because gnome-terminal starts breaking badly
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16:16:37 <fell> BirdBrain847, you have read https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Online_Quotes#Installing_Perl_on_Windows?
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16:52:52 <CDB-Man> chris: looks like i already filed a ticket a while ago https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=797772
16:57:57 <BirdBrain847> Thanks fell for the link. I was following the procedure outlined there through running "Install Online Price Retrieval" command with admin privileges. I do have McAfee running, so I will try turning that off, if possible.
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17:03:49 <Simon> "WARN <dconf> failed to commit changes to dconf: Cannot autolaunch D-Bus without X11 $DISPLAY" well this is annoying
17:03:55 <Simon> all my cron jobs are now doing that
17:18:14 <BirdBrain847> McAfee got too complicated, I can't figure out whether it caused the problem or how to turn it off to try again
17:21:49 <BirdBrain847> The missing .vbs file error message has me puzzled
17:24:55 <fell> Perhaps you can tra to install it manually? Download in your browser …
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18:21:11 <chf> Workaround, Simon: set "DISPLAY=:0" at the start ot the crontab?
18:22:09 <chf> of
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18:31:32 <Simon> no...
18:31:47 <BirdBrain847> I got lost. I am back. I thought I would do a manual install of Strawberry Perl, but I am not sure if it is ok to accept all the defaults
18:51:06 <BirdBrain847> OK, installed Strawberry Perl, now trying to install quotes gets me to the error "Can't open perl script "gnc-fq-update": No such file or directory"
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19:16:22 <BirdBrain847> I found the gnc-fq-update script and started it manually per directions in wiki. It seems to have paused at C:STRAWB~1\c\bin\gmake.exe Oh, it continues....
19:23:05 <BirdBrain847> It's doing a lot more than verifying environment variavbles...
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