2021-10-29 GnuCash IRC logs

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11:51:34 <dani> Goodday! I'm having issues with auto-complete in descriptions - after entering two characters, the autocomplete ceases and inserts characters as of that point . It is exactly as described in this post : https://www.mail-archive.com/gnucash-user@gnucash.org/msg07353.html. I have recently upgraded laptops, and see no configuration issue between systems. Help resolving the autocomplete issue would be most appreciated!
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14:41:05 <jralls> dani, and are you also using GnuCash 3.2 as was the user in that 3-year-old email?
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15:56:28 <dani> jralls, no i am using gnucash v4.8 on archlinux. I just upgraded hardware, was working fine before and now not working. Tried downgrading to 4.6, 4.7, but to no avail. Checked out bug tracker on gnucash and couldn't find anything either
15:58:11 <jralls> Was the old computer also running 4.8 on up-to-date Arch?
15:58:31 <dani> I believe so. If not, it was 4.6.
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16:00:57 <jralls> I don't suppose it's still available. It seems very strange that hardware would make a difference as long as it's the same architecture.
16:01:54 <dani> I agree. I suspect a software issue, but I can't put my finger on it. My locale is set to en_CA, which I was reading may be problematic? Also, running on KDE.
16:03:46 <jralls> But both of those were true for the old system too, right? But just for drill try setting the locale to C. It shouldn't matter but since it's simple to rule out we should.
16:04:01 <dani> ok
16:05:10 <jralls> And if you run GnuCash from a terminal that will take the KDE desktop out of the loop as well.
16:05:27 <dani> right, just did. With LANG=C, still not working
16:06:18 <jralls> OK. Is this a pacman install, flatpak, or a self-build?
16:06:24 <dani> pacman install
16:08:14 <jralls> Just fired up my arch vm and started a pacman -Syuu. It'll take a few minutes...
16:09:13 <dani> no problem. most appreciated :)
16:40:55 <jralls> Naturally, I can't reproduce the problem. How new is the new computer? Is it a fresh install on new storage?
16:41:12 <dani> exactly, fresh install on new storage. complete blank slate
16:41:35 <dani> reading files from my old computer
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16:58:18 <jralls> Depending on what files from your old computer that's not quite a blank slate. I wonder if you might somehow have gotten one or more old gnucash libraries into a directory that ld is finding instead of the one in /usr/lib64?
16:58:54 <dani> when I say old files, I just mean the save files. Didn't bring over any system files.
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16:59:58 <jralls> Not even /usr/local or /etc/ld.so.conf?
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17:02:04 <jralls> You might try installing flatpak and GnuCash 4.8 from flathub. That provides a more restricted environment.
17:02:50 <fell> jralls, was there a typo in the bug nr. in https://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-user/2018-July/078018.html?
17:03:39 <dani> nope. no config files. just my local dot files. Did a diff on them with my current setup, couldn't find anything significantly different
17:04:17 <fell> You suggested removing gtk's immodules.cache there.
17:04:19 <jralls> fell, looks like it, since that's a doxygen bug.
17:04:47 <dani> I tried removing that as well, but it made no difference
17:05:53 <jralls> The right bug is https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=796734
17:06:37 <fell> This terrible dot! ;-)
17:07:37 <jralls> However that's a macOS bug.
17:11:09 <jralls> And we have a fair number of Arch users, so if this was a general problem I'd think we'd have heard about it before now.
17:11:47 <dani> yup, I know the problem is with me... any good debuggin options I can run? I'm not familiar with debugging gnucash
17:14:34 <jralls> Continuing on my misplaced library theory the first thing I'd do is `ldd /usr/bin/gnucash | less` and look through the list to make sure that it's finding everything where it's supposed to.
17:18:27 <dani> seems like it..
17:19:35 <jralls> Another possibility is the longstanding issue with the XIM immodule. It used to crash, but https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gtk/-/merge_requests/1194 prevents that without fixing its flakey behavior. Make sure that GTK_IM_MODULE="ibus".
17:19:38 <dani> son of a b - it was ibus settings
17:20:22 <jralls> Heh, the opposite of what I suggested! What setting was wrong?
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17:21:20 <dani> I had the correct ibus settings in my /etc/environment, but it wasn't started as a service for my user
17:22:03 <jralls> Interesting.
17:24:09 <dani> well, i am very sorry for taking your time, but thank you for all your help! Now I can use gnucash again in peace :)
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17:24:32 <jralls> NP, it's why we're here.
17:36:29 <dani> have a good one!
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