2021-10-11 GnuCash IRC logs

00:06:19 <CDB-Man_> chris: hmm
00:06:30 <CDB-Man_> it looks like i missed entering the 3rd country fx rate
00:09:58 <CDB-Man_> i will upload a new file
00:10:05 <CDB-Man_> also thinking about the split redemption one
00:11:18 <CDB-Man_> after giving it some thought, there is no functional differerence with ordinary sell
00:17:43 <CDB-Man_> chris: how do i load the candidate report again into my gnucash instance?
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00:32:55 <chris-phone> Cdbman: you'll need to copy and overwrite ifrs-report.scm
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00:53:04 <chris-phone> Cdb-man: thanks for confirming, it would seem the truth table is now complete and confirmed correct 🤗
00:54:39 <CDB-Man_> im checking the new report, but its like 1 am here so i may just give up and come back in a few weeks
00:55:24 <CDB-Man_> a quick check against one of my higher activity stocks and it matches my excel tho, so thats a good sign
00:56:57 <CDB-Man_> chria can you add vertical lines to separate the columns?
00:57:42 <CDB-Man_> a quick check agianst my low volume but high complexity ETF account and it looks good too
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01:46:17 <chris-phone> CDB vertical columns between each section, or between each numeric column? If the latter then it's much easier
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02:12:59 <CDB-Man_> each numeric column
02:13:04 <CDB-Man_> its just card to delineate
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02:21:37 <CDB-Man_> s/card/hard
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08:02:13 <chris> cdb-man: if you want table-cell with borders it's easy - edit > edit style sheet > default > edit > tables > table border width = 1
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10:25:43 * chris quite happy about the enhanced detail in the import matcher
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10:30:16 <chris> after sorting by Description, in 1 glance I can scan the RHS and confirm all similar splits were imported into desire acct
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10:46:28 <chris> I was experimenting with another build environment, and found this message: https://pastebin.com/raw/fK6qPSAx
10:46:53 <chris> hmm looks like an old boost
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12:15:29 <jralls> chris, dunno about old, but it's about a boost library using a deprecated function. Not something we need to worry about.
12:25:03 <jralls> chris, As for overloading the meaning of the return value of xaccSplitGetSharePrice to indicate a gain/loss split, it would be clearer to use a separate variable but it would have to be passed as a pointer argument to xaccSplitGetSharePrice or change the return value of that function to a struct containing the gnc_numeric and one or more flags.
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12:35:44 <jralls> chris, OTOH mathematically the 0/0 case can be argued to be 1: (lim n->∞((1 / n) / (1 / n))) = 1. So maybe a better way to make the register look right is to suppress the display of the price cell if amount == value == 0.
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13:33:26 <CDB-Man> chris: i typically use technicolor and your repport doesnt conform with it yet
13:33:57 <CDB-Man> with coloured cells and such
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16:59:03 <mapreri> Hi! I'm new to gnucash, and I'm trying to set up all my various assets. I actually managed most of everything, but I seem unable to get the quotes automatically for USD. I set the whole book to use EUR as my main currency, and I got all the quotes for all my various stocks in the various markets, but I just seem unable to get the quotes for bare currencies.
17:00:30 <mapreri> What I did: enable the "get online quotes" flag in the "security editor" window for USD (and EUR too is flagged). In the "price databse" I hit "add" and selected namespace:currencies, security:USD, currency:EUR. then hit the "get quotes" button.
17:00:54 <mapreri> it loads and refreshes other quotes, but nothing happens for the currencies, and no error appear.
17:01:13 <mapreri> would you happen to have a hint of what I could look at? :)
17:01:19 <mapreri> TIA!
17:02:52 <fell> mapreri: https://code.gnucash.org/docs/C/gnucash-help/fq-sources.html#fq-currencies you need an AV key.
17:03:13 <mapreri> fell: I already got that and set in its panel the settings.
17:03:18 <mapreri> sorry forgot to mention
17:04:40 <mapreri> ah, and my Finance::Quote module is version 1.51 here, if it was interesting.
17:08:13 <fell> Did you try the checks from https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Online_Quotes ?
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17:12:16 <fell> @tell gjanssens https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash/blob/e5e46fa50915f163f5461189dabbb1eabfbb357a/gnucash/gschemas/org.gnucash.GnuCash.deprecated.gschema.xml.in#L11 creates a message containing @PROJECT_NAME@. I doubt that was intended.
17:12:16 <gncbot> fell: The operation succeeded.
17:12:18 <mapreri> fell: you mean the output of `gnc-fq-dump currency USD EUR` ? In that case yes I did. and I get it.
17:13:37 <mapreri> also this:
17:13:37 <mapreri> mattia@warren ~ % echo '(currency "USD" "EUR")' | gnc-fq-helper
17:13:37 <mapreri> (("USD" (symbol . "USD") (gnc:time-no-zone . "2021-10-11 23:13:23") (last . #e0.8653) (currency . "EUR")))
17:14:57 <fell> '#e' looks strange
17:15:41 <mapreri> mh
17:17:38 <jralls> fell, something's wrong with your build. cmake replaces @PROJECT_NAME@ with 'gnucash' when it creates the file in the build dir.
17:18:35 <jralls> And the #e is to tell guile to convert 0.8653 to the exact representation, 8653/100000 instead of making it a floating-point number.
17:18:57 <fell> jralls, but 'make pot' searchs the source dir AFAIK.
17:19:19 <mapreri> (I was about to say that my gnc-fq-helper very clearly place the #e in the output, after scrolling by its code)
17:19:26 <jralls> Ah. That file shouldn't be translated.
17:20:48 <mapreri> is there perhaps some debug flag I could use (perhaps to gnucash-cli --get quotes?) so to see what it's thinking?
17:22:29 <jralls> I think you want `--log gnc.scm=debug`
17:25:00 <mapreri> well, that says it's there, but it just doesn't update ?!
17:25:04 <mapreri> https://paste.debian.net/plainh/147ad2f2
17:27:30 <jralls> There are no EUR->USD or USD->EUR quotes in the pricedb?
17:28:27 <mapreri> looking at the xml, I believe this is the relevant piece of pricedb (possibly?) https://paste.debian.net/plainh/778444a9
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17:29:43 <mapreri> or anyway, this is how it looks on the interface https://volatile.mapreri.org/2021-10-11/ce8751209666aa30268fc305a7d6a80c/2021-10-11_23-29.png
17:30:32 <jralls> Except that its 2021-10-11 19:30 UTC.
17:30:51 <fell> <price:source>user:price-editor</price:source> means this was added manually.
17:31:17 <mapreri> well, that was me creating the line 2 hours ago. but then clicking the "get quotes" or gnucash-cli --get quotes didn't add any other entry after it
17:32:45 <jralls> Do you have accounts in USD with parents in EUR?
17:33:08 <fell> And if you remove that entry?
17:34:22 <mapreri> jralls: yes. the leading "Assets" is EUR. So are Assets > Banks > BankName. Within BankName have an "EUR" EUR account and an "USD" USD account (and others). likewise in a few other places.
17:34:48 <mapreri> (the "and others" are all EUR accounts though, I've only got 1 USD there)
17:35:30 <jralls> Do you have any transactions with a split in EUR and a split in USD?
17:35:51 <jralls> That is, between one of the USD accounts and one of the EUR accounts?
17:36:40 <jralls> If not try making one and click Fetch Quote when it asks for an exchange rate. If so, right-click on it, pick Edit Exchange Rate from the context menu, and click Fetch Quote.
17:36:58 <mapreri> fell: mh, reading https://www.gnucash.org/docs/v4/C/gnucash-guide/currency_manual.html#currency_howto1 I was under the impression that there had to be at least 1 manual entry before hitting "get quotes". though I tried removing and re-adding multiple times I admit I didn't try to click it without any manual quote before.
17:37:34 <mapreri> jralls: mh I don't have any such transaction indeed. currently they are only between USD and stocks, not between USD and EUR
17:38:12 <mapreri> u.U but hitting "get quotes" after deleting a first manual one update it !
17:38:27 <mapreri> updated *
17:38:59 <jralls> What day does your computer think it is?
17:39:09 <mapreri> mattia@warren ~ % date
17:39:10 <mapreri> Mon Oct 11 11:39:05 PM CEST 2021
17:39:52 <fell> same time here
17:40:12 <fell> but in 24h format ;-)
17:40:14 <jralls> And the manual quote was for yesterday, though you said that you'd created it a couple of hours ago. Strange. GnuCash lets you have only one quote per day, and a user-created one takes precedence over all other sources.
17:41:00 <jralls> So if it had been dated today I'd have expected it to block new F::Q quotes. But it was for yesterday. Odd.
17:41:32 <mapreri> mh, could it be that it wouldn't refresh the quote if it was already from today?
17:42:04 <mapreri> I tried reproducing it. moving (from the interface) the date to yesterday made it pull a new quote
17:42:55 <jralls> But looking again I see that the screenshot date was today, it was the one in the file that was yesterday.
17:43:48 <jralls> Maybe you hadn't saved recently. So the problem was that the manually-created quote was blocking the one F::Q retrieved.
17:45:57 <mapreri> mh this seems to be consistent actually. on the interface I see today, but on the xml I read "2021-10-10 22:00:00 +0000" mh, this is just too head-scratching
17:46:03 * mapreri tries a new file
17:48:45 <mapreri> yes indeed
17:50:22 <mapreri> I did nothing but 1) enabling "get online quotes" in the security editor. 2) add a "useless" manual price in the pricedb interface (and didn't specify anything, didn't even touch the "date" field that said today). the produced xml has "2021-10-10 22:00:00 +0000"
17:52:19 <mapreri> and if I set 2021-10-10 as the date in the interface the xml shows:
17:52:23 <mapreri> - <ts:date>2021-10-10 22:00:00 +0000</ts:date>
17:52:24 <mapreri> + <ts:date>2021-10-09 22:00:00 +0000</ts:date>
17:53:51 <mapreri> forgetting what the time might mean, are you doing some off-by-one computation somewhere?
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18:02:36 <mapreri> well, I'll go afk now. Thank you for your help, it did make me find how to solve my problem! :)
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18:04:59 <fell> Maybe 00:00 summertime means 23:00 previous day standard time?
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18:21:57 <jralls> fell, It does, but that's not quite it. It's that 00:00 CEST is 22:00 the day before in UTC. I thought that we'd fixed the pricedb to use the *end* of the day.
18:24:00 <fell> mapreri, your gnucash version?
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19:36:44 <chris> jralls: a quick glanceover #1165 would be useful :) hiding price where amt=0
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20:25:39 * chris tried reconciling a stock account -- doesn't seem to work :)
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21:05:23 <jralls-m1> chris, I reconcile stock accounts without difficulty. What went wrong for you?
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21:22:17 <CDB-Man> Same here
21:22:37 <CDB-Man> (see also above reply on stylesheets
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21:36:08 <chris-phone> Didn't investigate reconciling stock accounts too much. Tried a couple of times with the complex 797796 data file only.
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