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05:38:14 <fell> chf1, can youupdate de/Flatpak from https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/index.php?title=Flatpak&curid=4175&diff=20261&oldid=20000
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08:09:14 <fell> just in case nobody fixes PR207, I have a revert branch for it.
08:10:52 <fell> The only issue I currently watch, is the broken pdf build for ru—something in the fonts.
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08:37:17 <usamimikamen_sk> Try using TTF instead of OTF.
08:37:43 <usamimikamen_sk> You can download the master font from https://www.gnu.org/software/freefont/.
08:37:52 <usamimikamen_sk> I have the same problem. But I can't understand why checks on the GitHub pass.
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08:46:46 <chris> jralls/gjanssens: I'm running latest maint. If I open gnucash which auto-loads datafile1, open datafile2, close, relaunch, it'll load datafile1. I suspect it's a regression?
08:49:52 <chris> gjanssens: I don't generally understand gsettings so I haven't done anything after the recent upgrade
08:56:07 <chris> If I'm right then it's an annoying regression
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10:08:57 <fell> usamimikamen_sk: Sometimes somebody forgets to run checks, so github will do it and we get an eary warning.
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10:10:45 <usamimikamen_sk> @fell: I created PR#228 to fix Russian PDF problem.
10:10:45 <gncbot> usamimikamen_sk: Error: "fell:" is not a valid command.
10:11:02 <usamimikamen_sk> fell: I created PR#228 to fix Russian PDF problem.
10:11:46 <fell> Thanks! with @you can send commandsto gncbot.
10:12:58 <fell> If I am offline you leave a message for me with '@tell fell text'
10:27:15 <chris> jralls: Transaction.c's xaccTransRollbackEdit g_list_free(orig->splits); is leaking splits which should be freed via xaccFreeSplit or g_object_unref but the latter clashes with your exhaustive tests in utest-Transaction.cpp...
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10:33:31 <chris> jralls: I've just confirmed that g_object_unref will do a decent job of freeing the split, but fails your tests.
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13:18:47 <fell> jralls: gnucash-docs/pull/228?
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14:01:40 <jralls> fell: Close it. And revert your revert of removing the Russian translation. I told you that was a bad idea.
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14:04:48 <jralls> fell Also you merged one of usamimikamen_sk's PRs out of order and now there's conflicts in the rest. Do you know which one that is?
14:08:52 <jralls> chris, Ouch. Happens for me too.
14:19:21 <jralls> Crud, it's in gjanssens's GSettings changes.
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14:54:05 <jralls> gjanssens Saving preferences seems to be broken so the new keys aren't getting written out.
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15:22:49 <jralls> gjanssens, No, they're getting written out OK, I was looking at the wrong file. The problem is that the old ones aren't removed so it re-migrates every time and overwrites any changes.
15:31:41 <gjanssens> jralls, chris: I'll look at that now. Are you both on Macos ?
15:32:05 <gjanssens> Sorry, missed your last message.
15:32:14 <gjanssens> That problem solves itself after release.
15:32:18 <jralls> gjanssens, already working it. And I think chris is on Debian.
15:32:33 <jralls> gjanssens, no it doesn't.
15:32:41 <gjanssens> Tell me why not ?
15:32:59 <gjanssens> The cutoff version for migration is gnucash 4.7
15:33:34 <gjanssens> As you haven't changed the version migration thinks your running 4.6 and will continue to do so until after you run gnucash 4.7 at least once
15:33:46 <jralls> Because the old keys are not removed from the gsettings so migrate runs every time, overwriting any changes.
15:33:53 <gjanssens> No
15:34:11 <gjanssens> I have code in place to check also in new settings for the proper last-run version
15:34:20 <gjanssens> That code will run first
15:34:46 <gjanssens> If you want to test, change the version in the three migrate-prefs-xyz.xml files to 4006
15:34:53 <gjanssens> That should stop the migration on restart
15:35:28 <gjanssens> You should change it for each <release > node
15:36:46 <gjanssens> I had added a comment to explain the code bit here:
15:36:50 <gjanssens> https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash/blob/2c069c3119f15d83822cbc67e5498f464a5b1a05/libgnucash/app-utils/gnc-gsettings.cpp#L753
15:38:37 <jralls> OK, that works. It's actually $builddir/share/gnucash/migratable-prefs.xml.
15:39:38 <gjanssens> Yea, that file is the combination of three source files: one in gnucash/gschema, and one for aqb and ofx separately (as those are optional modules)
15:40:53 <gjanssens> As for removal of the old settings, I plan to do that in a future major release.
15:41:38 <gjanssens> That allows users to still switch between different versions of 4.x should they have an insurmountable issue with gnucash 4.7 or more recent.
15:41:50 <jralls> OK. In between there's a bit of a compatibility issue because old and new will maintain separate preferences.
15:42:35 <jralls> Maybe we should make the various set_foo functions write to both paths.
15:42:37 <gjanssens> True, I am aware of that, but I thought it too much hassle to also cater for that option.
15:43:00 <gjanssens> Regardless, we can never fully cover all those cases.
15:43:37 <gjanssens> If a user switches back to say 4.5 and makes preference changes, a future upgrade to 4.7 will not automatically trigger a synchronisation either as it had already happened.
15:43:43 <jralls> Eh, true I suppose because <=4.6 can't write to the new paths.
15:45:04 <gjanssens> I went with the assumption that preference changes are relatively few once the user has settled in so we could accept minor out-of-sync situations.
15:45:40 <gjanssens> We could make note of this in the release notes ?
15:46:56 <jralls> We could accommodate it by reading and writing to both paths in 4.7 and using old if they differ. But there isn't time to implement and test that now, so yeah, I need to elaborate on it in the release notes.
15:47:23 <gjanssens> Re the assumption, especially I hope only very few users would require to drop back to an older version and if so they'd typically do it rather soon after testing 4.7.
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15:47:42 <jralls> The failure in that assumption is that the history list lives in preferences.
15:48:10 <gjanssens> True that's a weak spot.
15:49:41 <gjanssens> So for those users they risk the wrong file gets opened after they switch versions.
15:50:58 <jralls> And the file menu list looks wrong. So we need a big notice up top on the release notes about that. But I bet only the folks on the mailing lists will see it.
15:52:38 <jralls> And then there's the folks who don't read English. And there's no way to get an in-program warning translated.
15:56:18 <gjanssens> Alas, I hadn't considered that beforehand. So let's cross fingers no-one has to switch back from 4.7...
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15:57:05 <jralls> Or at least not anyone who doesn't read English and have more than one book.
15:57:28 <gjanssens> :-)
16:04:06 <jralls> gjanssens: How does https://gist.github.com/jralls/0a6a75bb6c2cb3597d5100aa26dcc9b2 look?
16:06:06 <gjanssens> The last bit about running multiple versions of gnucash can be a bit misleading.
16:06:42 <gjanssens> At least I assume you can only have one version of gnucash installed on your system, but perhaps on Macos that's not the case ?
16:07:57 <gjanssens> "Using both gnucash 4.7 and an older version" reads to me as if that's an evident thing to do - switch between older and newer version on the same system.
16:08:10 <jralls> Good point. It's totally not the case on macOS.
16:08:28 <jralls> It can be done on other systems but it's a PITA.
16:08:57 <gjanssens> Yeah, users that can pull that trick are not our target audience with this message.
16:10:07 <jralls> Flatpak's another case where it can be done easily: /usr/bin/gnucash and /var/run/flatpak/bin/gnucash.
16:11:03 <gjanssens> True, but that's a different story. The flatpak creators *want* host and flatpak sandbox to behave as different machines so it's to be expected preferences drift between those two.
16:11:28 <gjanssens> That's why they removed the dconf access a few releases back and replaced it with a one-time migration.
16:12:19 <jralls> Interesting. Incidentally I noticed the other day that F34 is distributing some apps as flatpaks.
16:12:34 <gjanssens> Ah, such as ?
16:13:01 <jralls> Meaning that if you install e.g. The Gimp from the Gnome Desktop software tool it installs in a flatpak.
16:13:32 <gjanssens> Oh, I didn't know that to be actually the case.
16:14:05 <jralls> I discovered it in the course of the discussion with fell about where help files end up.
16:14:07 <gjanssens> gimp on my machine is still the rpm one.
16:14:37 <gjanssens> But I have been upgrading the system using dnf system-upgrade for years and I have had gimp installed all that time.
16:14:39 <jralls> Maybe I remembered that wrong and it's Inkscape. Half a second...
16:15:06 <jralls> Yeah, Inkscape. Gimp still goes to /usr.
16:15:30 <gjanssens> Same deal. Still rpm on my system.
16:15:58 <gjanssens> IIRC the preferred installation source can be selected in Gnome Software
16:16:29 <gjanssens> I'm starting it up right now to check, but it's stalling on on obsolete flatpak repo I still have lingering around (an old gnucash devel repo...)
16:16:40 <jralls> Probably because it's an old install. I generally create a new VM from the ISO to have more than one version available for testing.
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16:17:38 <jralls> I'm still using F33 for doing releases because I haven't gotten all of the extra baggage installed for docs.
16:17:59 <jralls> Onto F34 that is.
16:18:07 <gjanssens> Sure, there's no rush.
16:18:40 <gjanssens> And it's as I remembered. In Gnome Software you can select your installation source in the top-right corner when on an application page.
16:19:25 <gjanssens> I guess it defaults to flatpak now, in particular "Fedora flatpak" for those apps that are in their repo as well.
16:21:52 <jralls> I wonder if that's a hold over. On a software page (I'm on calibre ATM) there's only an X in the top-right, no hamburger. The hamburger on the Explore page just has Software Repositories and Update Options.
16:23:22 <gjanssens> It seems the installation source option only appears if there actually are multiple versions to choose from.
16:23:58 <gjanssens> ...and apparently that source dropdown only appears after a while
16:24:30 <jralls> Ah, that makes sense. Yes, when I go to Inkscape I see the Source dropdown with flatpak and rpm.
16:24:56 <gjanssens> On calibre I now have the option of Fedora(RPM) or Flathub. But perhaps you didn't enable Flathub ?
16:26:49 <jralls> Flathub, not the Fedora(flatpak) I see on Inkscape? Huh. Where would I enable Flathub? Is it considered a 3rd-party repo?
16:30:25 <jralls> Nope. And disabling Fedora Modular didn't take the flatpak option away from Inkscape, though may since it's installed already that's not a good test.
16:32:08 <gjanssens> Interesting, so you have Flathub in the list but not Fedora (flatpak) ? I don't know where Fedora (flatpak) comes from on my system. I can't remember doing anything to install it.
16:32:34 <gjanssens> But that's probably of little importance right now :)
16:32:34 <jralls> Anyway, back to the release notes. Does "go back and forth between GnuCash 4.7 and an earlier version" sound less presumptive that both are installed at once?
16:33:00 <gjanssens> Yes
16:33:03 <gjanssens> That sounds better.
16:34:28 <jralls> No I have Fedora(flatpak) on the list for Inkscape and no Flathub option for that or calibre.
16:37:45 <gjanssens> Ok, got it. So I did explicitly enable Flathub at some point. That makes more sense as it's a repo external to Fedora.
16:38:05 <gjanssens> enable*d*
16:38:39 <jralls> But not on the list of external repos in the source repositories dialog. Curious.
16:40:20 <gjanssens> No I believe I followed the instructions on the Flathub webpage.
16:40:41 <gjanssens> Back then there was no such thing as a Fedora flatpak repository, only Flathub
16:41:21 <gjanssens> Once configured it will appear in the list of source repositories.
16:43:22 <jralls> Ah, I see on their page "download and install the flathub repository file".
16:43:52 <gjanssens> Yep
16:44:26 <jralls> And now for calibre I have a choice of Fedora(RPM) or Flathub(Flatpak).
16:44:51 <gjanssens> Yay :)
16:45:02 <gjanssens> You should now also find Gnucash both in rpm and flathub
16:46:01 <jralls> Yup. Amusing GnuCash appears on the top line of Editor's Picks. I don't think it did before I added Flathub.
16:46:32 <gjanssens> We're popular on Flathub ;-D
16:46:36 <jralls> It would be nice if they'd show the version for each one.
16:47:32 <jralls> Considering how deadly boring accounting is for most people I think we're pretty popular in general. We get darn near 100,000 downloads for every release.
16:48:06 <gjanssens> The version shown in the Gnucash info page changes based on the source you select.
16:48:20 <gjanssens> For flatpak it currently shows 4.6+, for rpm it shows 4.5
16:48:41 <gjanssens> I'm surprised it's not at 4.6 in the rpms
16:49:00 <gjanssens> Bill usually keeps up with us, unless he has moved on to another job ?
16:49:06 <jralls> Age Rating Early Childhood???
16:49:21 <jralls> I don't see a version anywhere.
16:50:38 <gjanssens> Hang on, I'll send a screenshot
16:55:20 <gjanssens> jralls: https://imgur.com/a/gvurZwm
16:56:01 <jralls> Interesting, mine doesn't have that version box.
16:56:17 <gjanssens> That's odd indeed
16:58:21 <gjanssens> And interestingly I don't seem to have the age rating you refer to...
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17:02:02 <gjanssens> I *am* running this all under KDE. I assume you are under gnome given you have started from the default image. Perhaps that has some impact (weird though)
17:02:08 <jralls> Yours looks quite a bit different from mine: https://imgur.com/a/B3WmQeu
17:03:13 <gjanssens> It does indeed. Mine is Software version 40.2.
17:03:18 <gjanssens> Eh 40.4
17:03:50 <gjanssens> And a newer version is available on my system.
17:05:16 <jralls> I just upgraded.
17:06:01 <gjanssens> Really weird...
17:07:28 <jralls> But the Software version is still 40.4, so weirder still.
17:10:26 <gjanssens> Yeah. I also tried to run with LANG=C, but other than an untranslated interface nothing changes.
17:10:52 <jralls> BTW, dnf info gnucash reports 4.6.
17:11:26 <jralls> Actually 4.6-2, no indication what Bill needed to patch.
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17:16:48 <gjanssens> There's "dnf changelog gnucash" to get more details on why it was repackaged
17:17:17 <gjanssens> Apparently Bill has been backporting a few fixes with references to our bugs
17:18:55 <gjanssens> I have no idea where Gnome Software gets its version information for rpms and why it still shows 4.5
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17:22:59 <jralls> One would think it would be aimed at the same dnf database.
17:31:26 <gjanssens> Indeed.
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21:27:42 <chris> @tell gjanssens thanks the datafile load issue is gone with 4.7
21:27:42 <gncbot> chris: The operation succeeded.
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