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05:48:51 <chris> fell/jralls whether this matters, in my ubuntu the tip of the day came up the first time I run current maint.
05:50:49 <fell> chris, that could be related to gjanssens' recent changeset.
05:52:13 <fell> But it does not crash on startup?
05:56:30 <chris> no crash
05:56:40 <chris> nothing on tracefile either
05:57:00 <chris> but i did have to rebuild the build dir
05:57:13 <chris> otherwise: "/home/chris/sources/gnucash/maint-build/share/glib-2.0/schemas/org.gnucash.dialogs.business.gschema.xml:3:1 Error on line 3 char 1: <schema id='org.gnucash.dialogs.business'> already specified. This entire file has been ignored."
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09:02:11 <chris> gjanssens: some fallout from gsettings... see log. nil serious from my end!
09:07:38 <fell> gjanssens: Also in a clean build I get the crash on startup under tumbleweed.
09:09:01 <fell> But now—like John—on flicker, before on dialog import hbci
09:12:17 <gjanssens> Ok, I'll have a look. The ofx and hbci settings are in a separate directory from the others. I may have missed adding them to the deprecated options list.
09:12:17 <gncbot> gjanssens: Sent 10 hours and 24 minutes ago: <jralls> Looks like we need a check for the old schemas existence before trying to migrate them (I think g_settings_schema_source_lookup will work) because on a clean install maint crashes on g_settings_new(org.gnucash.dialog.foo).
09:12:18 <gncbot> gjanssens: Sent 10 hours and 23 minutes ago: <jralls> It's not clear if that's fell's issue though, he seems to have the old files in place and is getting a different crash.
09:14:28 <fell> yes, import is special. Perhaps warlord can explain why?
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09:20:26 <gjanssens> It was my decision to keep those fully optional when I removed most of the gnc-modules.
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09:20:35 <gjanssens> Not everybody needs ofx of aqb
09:21:40 <gjanssens> By keeping their gschema files within the module, we could maintain them as truly optional. Otherwise they would leak through on systems that didn't install aqbanking or ofx.
09:22:14 <gjanssens> Anyway, the mystery is quickly solved. I missed adding the deprecated paths for the aqb and ofx gsettings to the deprecated list.
09:23:02 <gjanssens> I didn't get a crash as the old settings files were still in my build directory and this particular issue would go undetected by a distcheck build.
09:23:21 <gjanssens> I'm in the process of adding them as I write.
09:23:30 <chris> is the tip-of-the-day appearing again intentional (doesn't bother me!)
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09:26:11 <gjanssens> Perhaps tip of they day is loaded before settings are migrated ? I could advance migration to settings initialization. Perhaps that's a saner approach.
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09:32:04 <gjanssens> fell, chris, jralls: my most recent commit should fix the crash due to missing settings
09:32:37 <fell> I will test it …
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09:39:26 <fell> [4/522] Generating ../../share/glib-2.0/schemas/gschemas.compiled
09:39:28 <fell> FAILED: share/glib-2.0/schemas/gschemas.compiled /home/frank/git/gnucash/src/maint/build/Debug/share/glib-2.0/schemas/gschemas.compiled
09:39:29 <fell> cd /home/frank/git/gnucash/src/maint/build/Debug/gnucash/gschemas && /usr/bin/cmake -E env /usr/bin/glib-compile-schemas --strict /home/frank/git/gnucash/src/maint/build/Debug/share/glib-2.0/schemas
09:39:31 <fell> /home/frank/git/gnucash/src/maint/build/Debug/share/glib-2.0/schemas/org.gnucash.dialogs.business.gschema.xml:3:1 Fehler in Zeile 3, Zeichen 1: <schema id='org.gnucash.dialogs.business'> wurde bereits angegeben. --strict wurde angegeben; Abbruch.
09:39:32 <fell> [6/522] Generating ../../lib64/guile/3.0/site-ccache/gnucash/deprecated/migrate-prefs-user.go
09:39:34 <fell> wrote `/home/frank/git/gnucash/src/maint/build/Debug/lib64/guile/3.0/site-ccache/gnucash/deprecated/migrate-prefs-user.go'
09:39:35 <fell> [7/522] Generating ../../lib64/guile/3.0/site-ccache/gnucash/deprecated/migrate-prefs.go
09:39:37 <fell> wrote `/home/frank/git/gnucash/src/maint/build/Debug/lib64/guile/3.0/site-ccache/gnucash/deprecated/migrate-prefs.go'
09:39:38 <fell> [8/522] Generating ../../lib64/guile/3.0/site-ccache/gnucash/deprecated/gnucash/report/report-system/report-collectors.go
09:39:40 <fell> wrote `/home/frank/git/gnucash/src/maint/build/Debug/lib64/guile/3.0/site-ccache/gnucash/deprecated/gnucash/report/report-system/report-collectors.go'
09:39:41 <fell> [9/522] Building CXX object libgnucash/engine/test-core/CMakeFiles/gnc-test-engine.dir/test-engine-stuff.cpp.o
09:39:43 <fell> ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.
09:40:44 <fell> gjanssens ^
09:41:20 <fell> duplicate org.gnucash.dialogs.business
09:41:35 <gjanssens> fell: you will have to remove all files in <build-dir>/share/glib-2.0/schemas
09:41:50 <gjanssens> The error you get is because the old schema files are still there
09:42:15 <gjanssens> I can't fix that as these files are copied while running cmake, but cmake will not remove files.
09:42:27 <gjanssens> A ninja-build clean won't affect these files
09:42:31 <fell> Oh, I cleaned Install, but not build
09:42:31 <chris> I just rm -rf the build dir
09:42:49 <gjanssens> chris: that should work fine as well :)
09:44:55 <gjanssens> chris: did you get the tip of the day dialog also the second time you start gnucash ?
09:45:33 <gjanssens> If my theory is correct you shouldn't
09:46:07 <chris> before your two commits, the tip of the day appeared only once
09:46:43 <chris> before your two very-recent commits, the tip of the day appeared only once
09:48:49 <gjanssens> Ok so effectively the query to determine whether or not to show tip of the day was done before migration.
09:49:35 <gjanssens> That means the query would find the default value of that setting (now in the new location due to my source code changes) before the migration could set the proper new value.
09:49:43 <gjanssens> My very last commit should fix that.
09:50:02 <gjanssens> Thanks for beta testing my work :)
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09:51:30 <fell> I wonder how the nightlies behave …
09:53:58 <fell> Oh, flatpak: Can't find fop. (in the docs)
09:54:43 <gjanssens> I don't remember off-hand whether the nightlies clear the build directory or not. I thought we do so on Windows. Flatpak always builds in a new empty build directory.
09:55:34 <chris> oh flatpak... I wish I knew how to set up a flatpak or docker "dev environment"
09:55:59 <fell> Why do we want Mobi in the flatpak?
09:56:47 * chris believes if there was a Dockerfile within the repository it'll ease any new dev onboarding process
09:56:52 <fell> chris, just read https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash-on-flatpak#readme
09:59:55 <fell> https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash/tree/maint/.github/workflows#readme could be a starting point for docker
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10:07:40 <chris> hmm thx will try the next time i use a blank machine
10:09:28 <fell> both nightlies try to build the docs with mobi. Gjanssens is it the default in CMake?
10:10:58 <gjanssens> fell: probably
10:11:27 <fell> BTW, warlord, thanks for switching the build toolchain!
10:11:49 <gjanssens> fell: no, mobi should be off by default
10:13:27 <fell> Hm, win: *** Error during phase configure of gnucash-docs-git: ########## Error running cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/c/gcdev64/gnucash/maint/inst -DCMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR=lib -G'MSYS Makefiles' /c/gcdev64/gnucash/maint/src/gnucash-docs-git *** [15/16]
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10:14:34 <warlord> eh? fell - -what build toolchain did I change?
10:15:04 <fell> of the nightlies?
10:15:29 <fell> autotools->Cmake?
10:17:02 <fell> gjanssens: No the error was CMake Error: File /run/build/gnucash-docs/COPYING does not exist.
10:17:28 <gjanssens> The nightlies have been cmake for quite a while (my doing)
10:17:48 <gjanssens> The missing COPYING file is another matter. I'll look into it.
10:17:55 <fell> Ah, OK, thanks!
10:18:52 <warlord> The nightly doxygen build is cmake-aware. The nightly gnucash-docs build is NOT.
10:20:04 <fell> Now I confused the nightly bundels and docs.
10:20:06 <gjanssens> warlord: what do you need to change this
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10:20:53 <gjanssens> fell: the "nightlies" you refer to are the windows and flatpak builds. Those use cmake as I have changed their build scripts to do so a while ago
10:21:24 <gjanssens> Aside from that, warlord also maintains nightly docs builds for our online documentation
10:21:35 <gjanssens> That build is still autotools as it appears.
10:21:59 <fell> and it still works. ;-)
10:22:00 <gjanssens> The changes should be minimal, but it requires some effort on behalf of warlord to make the switch
10:22:25 <gjanssens> It still works, but is blocking a few PRs :(
10:22:56 <fell> Lets first merge the content and later play
10:23:08 <warlord> The doxygen build isn't blocking it, but the gnucash-docs build will break.
10:23:23 <gjanssens> Right. I was only talking about the latter
10:24:02 <gjanssens> The switch to cmake for the nightly gnucash-docs build can happen independently of content merges.
10:24:46 <gjanssens> And personally I'd prefer to see that happen rather sooner than later. But I understand it requires time from warlord and I don't know his availability...
10:24:48 <fell> Currently I need 2-3 days to comment on a forcepush of a docs-PR
10:25:19 <gjanssens> I don't understand that message ?
10:25:47 <gjanssens> You mean you are working on a review for a force-pushed docs-PR and need 2-3 days of time for that ?
10:26:08 <warlord> I might need some help to implement that. For one thing, code doesn't even have cmake installed! That's an easy fix, but I need to ensure that I call cmake correctly.
10:26:28 <gjanssens> warlord: I'm available for guidance.
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10:26:41 <gjanssens> And I may have some more moments in the coming days
10:26:56 <gjanssens> As you say installing cmake will be easy
10:27:13 <fell> We are learning a PR "Review chapter X" is too large - at least withh all the ideas.
10:27:27 <gjanssens> If you can tell me which autotools commands you currently run I can translate them to cmake and friends for you
10:27:58 <warlord> gjanssens, I'll email you the script, okay?
10:28:04 <gjanssens> warlord: sure
10:28:28 <warlord> (I'm going to be traveling from this afternoon through friday night, so might not have a chance to install an update... but you never know -- I might have time from my hotel)
10:28:42 <gjanssens> ok
10:29:06 <gjanssens> fell: my last docs commit should fix the nightly error
10:30:12 <fell> Gjanssens, after you coached warlord, I would recommend to coach aquamaniac. ;-)
10:30:36 <fell> the aqbanking guy
10:30:38 <warlord> gjanssens, sent
10:30:44 <gjanssens> fell: :)
10:30:53 <warlord> lol
10:30:55 <gjanssens> Are they in the process of migrating to cmake as well ?
10:31:26 <gjanssens> By the way, the docs build error on flatpak is the same: a missing COPYING file.
10:31:58 <gjanssens> Both logs mention mobi file support is disabled so we're not building mobi for either.
10:32:20 <fell> He had broken the win build by his own hand written build extensions
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10:38:59 <warlord> I build MOBI on code.
10:54:37 <gjanssens> warlord: I see. The adapted script has been sent your way.
10:55:02 <warlord> Thanks.
10:55:17 <warlord> I'll look and try to install it this morning.
10:56:00 <gjanssens> Cool
10:56:27 <gjanssens> I'll be around for about one more hour today
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11:32:52 <warlord> gjanssens, okay, code updated and cmake installed. NB I haven't tried it, yet.
11:33:29 <gjanssens> warlord: can you run it once, just to eliminate bugs I may have missed ?
11:34:21 <warlord> sure.
11:52:21 <warlord> Well, it's working on it. It's made it into the "make" portion, so....
11:52:51 <gjanssens> That looks good
11:53:30 <gjanssens> Worst case we can debug on Saturday or Sunday
11:54:19 <fell> together with the release?
11:54:36 <gjanssens> Even together with the release.
11:54:58 <gjanssens> It's not about source changes, we have plenty of successful builds already
11:55:20 <gjanssens> It's only about the build script warlord is using and tweaks I may have to do for that to work properly.
11:56:44 <warlord> Er, error at the end:
11:56:46 <warlord> tar: C/gnucash-guide: Cannot stat: No such file or directory
11:56:46 <warlord> tar: C/gnucash-guide.pdf: Cannot stat: No such file or directory
11:56:46 <warlord> tar: C/gnucash-guide.epub: Cannot stat: No such file or directory
11:56:46 <warlord> tar: C/gnucash-guide.mobi: Cannot stat: No such file or directory
11:56:51 <warlord> (and many more)
11:56:56 <warlord> Did I miss a change?
11:57:14 <gjanssens> But I'm happy we're finally all cmake. After release this weekend I think first action for me will be to drop autotools (partial merge of PR#217)
11:57:20 <gjanssens> Let me check...
11:59:26 <warlord> Looks like CMAKE puts the output into share/doc/{lang}/
12:00:48 <gjanssens> Ah, right.
12:01:08 <fell> yyoshino, no updates on https://hosted.weblate.org/projects/gnucash/gnucash/ja/ ?
12:01:42 <gjanssens> So the final copy commands have to be adjusted still
12:01:48 <warlord> yes.
12:01:52 <warlord> let me go do that.
12:02:53 <gjanssens> You can probably just make an integral copy of share/doc
12:03:25 <gjanssens> It's formatted in the same way as on the code website.
12:03:58 <gjanssens> All the noise we had in autotools is in other subdirectories of the build directory
12:07:01 <warlord> gjanssens, I pretty much did that, although not quite exactly.
12:07:19 <gjanssens> Your way is as good as mine :)
12:07:38 <gjanssens> Did you restart the script to test ?
12:08:20 <warlord> Yes.. But... it doesn't clean out the builddir...
12:08:27 <warlord> Not sure if that's going to be a problem.
12:08:38 <gjanssens> No, did your previous script do that ?
12:09:10 <gjanssens> I didn't see any command to that effect.
12:09:16 <warlord> Sort of -- it did "git reset hard"
12:09:37 <gjanssens> That doesn't clear out the build. It just resets files that are under source control
12:09:45 <gjanssens> source revision control
12:10:04 <warlord> Oh, maybe I only did the clean in the doxygen build.
12:10:08 <gjanssens> If you want you can simply add an "rm -rf $builddir" right before creatint it
12:10:20 <gjanssens> That would ensure a clean build each time
12:11:07 <warlord> Do we need a clean build? We would if we ever remove or rename files.
12:11:28 <warlord> I feel like the git reset --hard did remove build artifacts.
12:14:05 <gjanssens> It doesn't. It won't touch files that are not managed by git
12:14:50 <gjanssens> I don't think we require a clean build. We could trigger one manually if we find builds are failing or files get reshuffled by simply removing the build directory manually.
12:25:32 <gjanssens> warlord: while we're at it, can you check if you have package docbook-style-xsl installed on your build system ?
12:25:59 <gjanssens> If so, you're ready for PR#217
12:27:19 <warlord> I do
12:33:58 <gjanssens> Great
12:37:50 <fell> I see several changes of filenames and directories coming.
12:38:13 <gjanssens> Sure, but not in PR#217
12:41:02 <fell> I have updated images for the in between merged PR 198, which include also a new datadir because I am tired to redo the whole tutorial chapter to refresh an image.
12:43:56 <fell> I fear that would require changes in other PRs, right?
12:45:08 <gjanssens> Perhaps. Did you make changes to the build system for this ? That would affect other PRs currently pending.
12:46:49 <fell> No, but it is missing in their moves and renames.
12:47:36 <gjanssens> Does your new datadir have data that should be in the dist tarball ? If so, you should make changes in the build system.
12:47:38 <fell> BTW: Install license files COPYING and COPYING-DOCS failed all tests
12:47:55 <gjanssens> Yeah, COPYING was missing.
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12:49:03 <fell> Not it contains only a set of gnc files to regenerate the screenshots.
12:49:38 <fell> I see no reason to put them in the tarball or?
12:51:06 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o jralls-m1
12:51:12 <fell> all following commits failed, too
12:52:02 <fell> Ah, on the switch we have also to ajust the yaml files.
12:52:21 <fell> CMake Error: File /home/runner/work/gnucash-docs/gnucash-docs/COPYING does not exist.
12:52:33 <gjanssens> Odd it fails, but I see what you mean. I'll have to check later. My time is up now.
12:53:22 <gjanssens> Oh, I added a link instead of the original file :(
12:53:32 <gjanssens> Feel free to correct otherwise I'll do it later.
12:53:59 <warlord> gjanssens, if we think files are going to move around, I should probably rm the builddir
12:54:04 <fell> Ok, Let's have a break. Mom wants some food…
13:10:15 <jralls-m1> warlord, gncbot is down.
13:11:11 <jralls-m1> building mobi requires calibre, but aren't we going to drop it since Amazon has?
13:12:20 <jralls-m1> warlord, to get a clean repo with git use `git clean -fdx`.
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13:25:14 *** warlord sets mode: +o gncbot
13:25:23 <warlord> jralls, what do you mean "down"?
13:26:06 <jralls> I meant not here. He wasn't then but now he is.
13:26:26 <warlord> odd, didn't disappear for me..
13:38:01 <jralls> Maybe my client burped? The only leave/enter was at 00:11. But he didn't replay the at-tell messages I left for gjanssens yesterday.
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14:35:48 <warlord> jralls, maybe he wasn't op'd? I've noticed (s)he has had some issues authenticating to NickServ, but not sure why. When I force it, it works. But sometimes it clearly hiccups.
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15:06:21 <gjanssens> fell: gnucash-docs tests are fixed.
15:06:54 * fell is just returning :-)
15:08:42 <fell> jrall, sometimes gncbot has no voice.
15:09:14 <fell> if it lost the privilegs.
15:11:01 <fell> If you get no success answer, op it!
15:14:08 <fell> gjanssens: GPL3?
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15:26:08 <gjanssens> fell: I have taken what the COPYING file on my system was linking to. If that's wrong, please provide the proper one.
15:27:33 <fell> Do we really need copying (*GPL*) in docs?
15:27:59 <fell> For the bash scripts?
15:33:58 <fell> Another reason to drop autotools
15:35:30 <gjanssens> I'll leave licensing discussions for those that know that matter better than I do.
15:35:40 <gjanssens> If we don't need it, it can easily be removed.
15:35:45 <gjanssens> Got to go now...
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17:42:48 <jralls> fell, IIRC autosomething insists that there's a COPYING file in the directory but you can pass an argument to get it to shut up about it. Another option would be to name the FDL file COPYING. But with autotools gone we can just leave it out.
17:45:46 <jralls> OTOH without a GPL in the directory and the GPL notice in each file our scripts and Cmake files are in a weird state. Technically it's not permissible for anyone (like distros) to redistribute them; practically they'll get treated as public domain and anyone who wants to use them in a commercial product would be able to.
17:46:33 <jralls> But I don't see that as a significant real-world problem.
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21:35:55 <chris> so... I don't have a recent libofx in ubuntu so OFX_INVBANKTRAN doesn't exist
21:36:36 <chris> libofx in apt is 1:0.9.15-3build1
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