2021-09-14 GnuCash IRC logs

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11:23:12 <fell> jralls, was the version bump intended in yor last commit?
11:23:29 <jralls> fell, Crud. No.
11:30:25 <jralls> Restrored.
11:31:06 <fell> thanks!
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12:59:42 <jralls> Simon, I'm working on https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798237. I don't quite follow you on the minimum output log level idea.
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13:48:00 <Simon> jralls: if there is a *global* minimum log level (i.e. "info") then you can have a fast path in the code that ignores debug log messages entirely, instead of trying to look up the log level for the current module
13:48:23 <Simon> when you have at least one module actually configured for debug logging, you lower that minimum level
13:49:52 <Simon> all you'd need to do for that is iterate through all the configured module log levels whenever one is changed and find out what the lowest level is
13:50:01 <jralls> Simon, OK, that's what I thought. Neither that nor switching from string to string_view makes any difference in the profile.
13:50:21 <jralls> Were you using gcc prof instead of a sampling profiler?
13:51:13 <Simon> I was using cachegrind, but a couple of the log statements were half the execution time so those were measured with "time"
13:51:36 <Simon> https://github.com/nomis/gnucash/commit/8801b3d1f2a5c9a494f1cefc0c3cecb705d05e26
13:52:08 <Simon> the "#if 0" part isn't necessary, I was just removing everything I could get away with
13:53:02 <Simon> how quickly does it get from DEBUG() to returning based on a minimum log level?
13:54:04 <Simon> half the time was spent on checking prices for duplicates too
13:54:43 <jralls> That commit hasn't been merged into gnucash. There aren't any logging entries in the Apple Instruments profile trace at all.
13:55:15 <Simon> I know it hasn't, because I don't expect you to remove logging calls
13:58:11 <Simon> 25.6s to load... I think I have the wrong code installed because it should be under 10s
13:59:02 <Simon> back down to 8.9s now
13:59:15 <jralls> Eh, not quite true that there's no logging calls. There's no qof_log that shows up. There's 2 seconds out of 12.5 in g_log called from sixtp_sax_end_handler.
13:59:21 * Simon reverts https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash/commit/e901adf97abe06ca145c3c7f0b1ae04fd18b98a1
13:59:25 <jralls> How big is the file, uncompressed?
13:59:41 <Simon> 61MB, and it is stored uncompressed
14:00:28 <jralls> And mine is 53M, so comparable.
14:00:34 <Simon> 12.2s if I re-enable logging
14:00:45 <Simon> I'll try reverting https://github.com/nomis/gnucash/commit/8801b3d1f2a5c9a494f1cefc0c3cecb705d05e26 now
14:01:34 <jralls> Again comparable to my 14s; the profiler slows things down a bit.
14:02:00 <Simon> now it's 27s
14:02:36 <jralls> Interesting. Try switching to the latest maint.
14:04:13 <Simon> I've also got https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash/commit/3173f9043f6b8ac491dba554fd4fe4aee12c3c3e that made 2.6 faster but has no measurable impact on 4.6; I bought a faster CPU since then though
14:09:17 <jralls> Interesting that it doesn't affect 4.x. I really hated having to put that in but we were getting crashes from bad copy-and-paste operations inserting partial UTF-8 codepoints.
14:14:33 <Simon> rebased against 574f567b625d3a175ba153bb1c63a0d14e8dd75a; 8.8s, with logging 12.3s, without commented out xml logging 17.s
14:15:33 <Simon> 1299 accounts, 24416 transactions, 45465 prices
14:18:06 <jralls> Is it actually logging anything?
14:18:19 <Simon> I've updated my sa branch so those commits will have moved; sa-2021-08-24 is the old one
14:18:39 <Simon> not during file loading, no
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14:19:08 <Simon> before I rebased I was getting error log messages so I should really have logging enabled... but it slows down the loading
14:19:30 <Simon> 9the errors were after file loading had finished)
14:20:05 <Simon> 19:01:48 ERROR <gnc.engine> [xaccSplitCommitEdit()] Account lost track of moved or deleted split. <-- but this is gone now
14:20:31 <Simon> I think that's in the book end process, which differed slightly in my branch
14:24:36 <jralls> No, it's part of xaccTransCommitEdit. It gets called for every transaction in dom_tree_to_transaction.
14:25:37 <Simon> in any case, it's a gui app so I'd never normally see the log messages
14:26:22 <Simon> although the python code will email me from cron
14:26:40 <Simon> 40% overhead on loading to be able to see log messages is a significant amount of itme
14:26:42 <Simon> time*
14:27:57 <jralls> You don't have to look at them for them to take time. But it's weird that you're seeing that logging overhead when I see so little.
14:34:49 <Simon> you see no difference in total time at all?
14:34:58 <jralls> Heh, just figured out why qof_log_check changes make no difference on load: It's used only for the ENTER/LEAVE macros.
14:35:38 <Simon> are you sure? it's called by log4glib_handler
14:36:29 <Simon> do you get a difference in load time if you apply either of my two commits?
14:36:54 <Simon> the number of prices probably has an impact on total XML function calls
14:37:04 <jralls> Well, I got a 2 second saving from commenting out https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash/blob/574f567b625d3a175ba153bb1c63a0d14e8dd75a/libgnucash/backend/xml/sixtp.cpp#L569.
14:41:10 <jralls> I just got your sa branch, I'll build that and profile it.
14:43:42 <jralls> 10.19 secs with your branch vs. 14.13 with unmodified maint.
14:45:39 <jralls> That's total run time of qof_session_load_from_xml_file_v2_full.
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18:47:11 <Simon> jralls: this looks unintentional? https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash/commit/74d0630867c6cfbb509db2f4ca7edb722db82956#diff-5dd0479d237691832584ffaf7bbecc6ef34f02419be0208f9d4c4dfd2e3348cbL96-R96
18:50:30 <Simon> the comments in qoflog.h too
18:51:21 <jralls> Simon, thanks, yes, a sed regex that got away.
18:51:48 <Simon> qoflog.h needs a reword since it states a preference for using glib functions
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18:59:16 <jralls> Simon, done.
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19:13:53 <Simon> jralls: gnc_scm_loDEBUG exists elsewhere in the code too
19:14:11 <Simon> libgnucash/core-utils/gnc-glib-utils.c:gnc_scm_loDEBUG(const gchar *msg)
19:14:14 <Simon> libgnucash/core-utils/gnc-glib-utils.h:void gnc_scm_loDEBUG(const gchar *msg);
19:14:22 <Simon> I'll try the modified logging code tomorrow
19:14:57 <jralls> Simon, thanks.
19:18:37 <chris> jralls: how about PWARN old fns like DxaccAccountSetCurrency and friends and remove in 5.x
19:20:41 <jralls> chris, I don't think that the runtime message does anything for us and we don't yet guarantee API stability for C/C++. If they're not swigged they can just be deleted.
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20:57:55 <chris> DxaccAccountSetCurrency is swigged unfortunately
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21:35:47 <chris> sugar...
21:40:12 <chris> jralls: ok i'm not sure why CI fails past few commits, I hope it's not caused by mine
21:40:29 <chris> no time for me to invx gtg now
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