2021-09-09 GnuCash IRC logs

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07:51:47 <chris> warlord: isn't it high time to remove all references to gnc_QUERY_v1 from code? :-P
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07:56:53 <warlord> You're asking the wrong person, chris
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14:48:14 <zoid> Anyone available for an accounting question?
14:48:39 <jralls> zoid, don't ask to ask... but do be patient.
14:49:02 <zoid> How do I go about recording gambling transactions?
14:50:34 <jralls> The bets or the results?
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14:58:59 <jralls> zoid?
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15:45:15 <zoid> Both
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16:12:45 <zoid> I’d like to record the money leaving, and the money coming back (if any).
16:13:12 <jralls> OK, I'm not an accountant but something like this should work. Create 3 accounts: Assets:Bets, Income:Winnings, Expenses:Losses.
16:15:06 <jralls> When you make a bet transfer from wherever to Assets:Bets. When the bet finishes transfer any returned money Assets:Bets->wherever. If you came out ahead the difference is balanced by income:winnings, if behind expenses:losses.
16:16:31 <jralls> And if you lost the whole bet just transfer from Assets:Bets->Expenses:Losses.
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16:41:35 <gjanssens> .
16:41:59 <jralls> Hullo gjanssens!
16:42:09 <gjanssens> Hi there jralls
16:42:42 <gjanssens> I had a few spare moments so I thought I'd stop by
16:43:22 <gjanssens> gnucash is moving a lot faster than I can follow these days, but that's actually a good thing :)
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16:45:11 <gjanssens> While I don't contribute much, it's still on my mind frequently
16:45:34 <gjanssens> Lately I've been pondering the flatpak preferences issue and it keeps bothering me.
16:45:35 <jralls> Doesn't seem that fast to me, but I'm happy that chris has taken on the memory leaks.
16:45:55 <gjanssens> yeah I love his memory leaks work
16:46:59 <gjanssens> Simon also seems to bring in some welcom low level fixes
16:47:32 <jralls> Isn't the flatpak prefs problem a flatpak problem rather than a GnuCash one? Or is there something--Apple calls them entitlements--that we can set that would let the flatpak user have access to gsettings?
16:48:33 <gjanssens> The flatpak prefs problem is that flatpak is rigid about what preference prefixes are allowed and I unfortunately chose a prefix that's not accepted.
16:48:38 <jralls> Yes, Jeanl too when he can restrain himself from trying too much at once.
16:49:04 <gjanssens> It bothers me the flatpak community is not very responsive to my issue.
16:49:58 <gjanssens> So I'm inclined to temporarily downgrade to an older sdk that didn't have this problem until we or flatpak comes up with a better solution.
16:50:44 <jralls> That's hard. Flathub only supports the current stable and old-stable.
16:51:23 <gjanssens> I don't want to tell each [name your flatpak-loving distros here] user that happens to land on a flatpak version they have to manually redo their settings.
16:51:50 <gjanssens> Oh I didn't even know that.
16:52:40 <gjanssens> That would make it hard indeed.
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16:54:19 <jralls> It caused a bit of scrambling last march. The SDK had gotten updated in gnucash-on-flatpak but I hadn't known to copy that over to flathub and a build got rejected for a too-old SDK.
16:55:11 <gjanssens> Yeah, so that's one idea I can drop then.
16:55:57 <gjanssens> The other option I was evaluating is to change our prefix to align with what flatpak expects.
16:56:11 <gjanssens> I'd have to do it of course in a way that doesn't affect non-flatpak users
16:56:43 <gjanssens> Which means providing a migration path for everyone.
16:56:53 <jralls> I suspect that's what we'll have to do along with an import script like when you moved the Windows user files around.
16:57:31 <jralls> I doubt that the Gnome folks are going to change the flatpak rules to accommodate us.
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16:58:29 <NoobAlice> zoid: jralls gives good advice. If you are in the USA, do NOT use a mixed gambling wins and losses account. Make them separate accounts. For tax purposes, they are not reported net. Gambling wins and losses are reported in different parts of the return, and the rules surrounding whether you get a deduction for your losses has been changing recently with the itemized deduction laws. Remember that you must report all wins, even
16:58:29 <NoobAlice> u don't get a tax form. If you are not in the USA, you should look into your local tax laws. :) Sorry for the late answer!
17:01:02 <gjanssens> jralls: something like that yes, though this time it's probably easier as we don't swich settingsbackend, just the prefix.
17:01:03 <Simon> and unless you're doing the whole "one file per year" thing, put them in a separate account per tax year
17:01:44 <gjanssens> I will try to work on this as time permits. Ideally the first part should go in 4.7, so that not much time left.
17:02:13 <gjanssens> I'm about to leave again. K came home.
17:02:33 <jralls> OK, bye. String freeze on Saturday.
17:02:36 <NoobAlice> Simon: Regarding the gambling? Why?
17:02:56 <gjanssens> Bye
17:03:11 <Simon> NoobAlice: so that you can look at the total balance applicable to each tax year
17:03:20 <Simon> I suppose some people might use a report
17:03:38 <jralls> Or close their book.
17:03:41 <NoobAlice> Yeah, I just use reports. Using accounts by year would just make my chart of accounts super messy.
17:03:42 <Simon> I also want to see if I've accidentally been putting taxable things in the old year
17:03:46 <zoid> jralls: and NoobAlice thank you both!
17:03:56 <Simon> the report won't catch continuing to use the old year because of auto-completion
17:04:29 * Simon is up to 1298 accounts
17:04:30 <NoobAlice> Simon: I just have date autocompletion set to a rolling period that doesn't go back very far.
17:04:37 * NoobAlice chokes
17:05:16 <Simon> it's usually a problem the first month of the tax year when adding savings interest... which I often do by duplicating the previous month
17:05:20 <NoobAlice> I copy and paste balance sheets and income statements into a spreadsheet to get a decent cash flow etc, so having account name changes every year would be a right pain for VLOOKUPs
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17:05:59 <NoobAlice> Hmm, interest is usually a simple-enough transaction that it just auto-fills nicely.
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17:06:12 <NoobAlice> I think I only tend to copy-and-paste for using up prepaids.
17:06:23 <NoobAlice> Err, duplicate, not copy-and-paste.
17:07:31 <Simon> I suppose if you have only one account the date will be different; I still want to be able to see the totals without having to look at what report would do it
17:07:42 <Simon> I usually have a separate account for each thing generating interest too
17:08:08 <NoobAlice> Simon: Well, to each his own.
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