2021-08-28 GnuCash IRC logs

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21:54:33 <Stephan> Hello - I'm wondering if I can get some guidance on tweaking my QIF import settings?
21:54:52 <Stephan> I've played around with a number of variations but they don't really seem to make a difference
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22:02:59 <warlord> what seems to be the issue?
22:03:35 <Stephan> I get a lot of single line confirmations where I can see the date, memo and amount are identical but the import still wants me to flag as a match
22:08:36 <warlord> the qif importer will never automatically match a QIF transaction to an existing gnucash transaction automatically.
22:14:45 <Stephan> Sometimes it ticks some of them for me - but I don't understand how or when that occurs
22:15:40 <Stephan> The importer setting talk about yellow and red zones, but I couldn't find any documentation of what it is referring too
22:16:49 <Stephan> I've played around with those settings but no real difference - every QIF import ends up with ~50 transactions per calendar year I have to manually check every match box for, even when there is only one choice with exacte date, memo and amount fields. It doesn't make sense.
22:24:09 <warlord> That's not the QIF importer, that's the "generic" importer (used for everything else)
22:24:30 <warlord> When you import QIF, make sure you don't overlap.
22:26:06 <Stephan> Yeah so now I'm manually editing my QIF files to do one year at a time otherwise I have to go through 100's of transactions which sometimes crash GC. I'm trying to migrate from MS Money but it's a painful process unfortunately.
22:35:50 <warlord> Your other option is to go cold turkey. Bring over opening balances as of, say, Jan 1, 2021, and only use 2021 transactions in GnuCash.
22:36:10 <Stephan> Yeah I think that would have been a better option in hindsight
22:37:30 <Stephan> I used to use GnuCash back in 2004 for about 3 years.
22:42:22 <warlord> Why stop?
22:45:00 <Stephan> I had a business then and was using it for that. I didn't touch any finance software until 2014 when I started doing my home finances on MS Money. But it's come to the crunch now I have to move off that too and I'm trying to bring all that data across with me to GC
22:45:47 <warlord> You *SHOULD* be able to bring it over in one import, but you may need to play with it a bit to "get it right"
22:46:59 <Stephan> It's one QIF per account unfortunately. I did try and load them all up at once, but then there are 1000's of transactions that look identical but I still have to match flag anyway.
22:47:26 <Stephan> So what I've reverted to is annual account history reports - and I just do year by year, make sure the closing balances match before moving on
22:47:40 <Stephan> I'm up to 2017 :D
22:49:33 <warlord> With multiple QIFs loaded simultaneously, *IF* it has proper L[] settings, such that the QIF Account names are matched, it SHOULD notice A->B and B<-A are the same
22:52:41 <Stephan> I don't think I'm manually matching *every* transaction - but I'm not sure what triggers those that look identical but I need to manually match.
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23:13:07 <warlord> It's ... complicated.
23:13:18 <warlord> A lot of it depends on what the QIF looks like, and of course how you install it.
23:14:01 <warlord> Note that the filename(.qif) *matters* -- it defines the *local* account name. So "foo.qif" and "Foo.qif" are actually different, defining qif account foo vs Foo.
23:15:00 <Stephan> Ok I'll keep that in mind
23:26:26 <Stephan> Gotta go - thanks for the help
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