2021-08-25 GnuCash IRC logs

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06:46:01 <chris> fell: documentation being in xml is a major turnoff IMHO
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07:27:13 <warlord> .
07:28:04 <warlord> chris, translating docs to a new format (MD/AsciiDoc/etc) would be a significant undertaking, and whatever format we desire we need to ensure we can convert to all the same output formats we currently provide.
07:29:46 <chris> warlord: I know; just saying it's very awkward to write new documentation
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07:31:16 <warlord> Having recently written an RFC using their XML template, I'm not sure I really agree that it is awkward. Any markup language is going to have its own "rules" about how to do things, that authors need to learn. And pretty much any ML is going to require tools to convert to visible.
07:31:30 <warlord> Although I do believe there are some WYSIWYG editors for docbook.
07:40:54 * chris thought RFCs were always plaintext... :-P
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07:55:19 * gour dos also believe that docbook is not very user-friendly when it comes to writing although XML could be used for transfer etc.
07:57:30 <gour> *does
07:57:52 <gour> ...still, i understand the possible pain of converting to something else...
08:10:54 <gour> i want ot stay with GC and not going to some plaintextaccounting app and therefore trying to start using budgets...playing with some simple budget, but cannot understand how is the 'Transfer' row at the bottom of budget calculated?
08:11:59 <gour> does it maybe come into play when different currencies are used or something else?
08:15:18 <gour> hmm, it seems it is activated upon providing estimation of Liabilites (besides Income/Expenses)
08:17:05 <gour> however, the main point is that it seems that GC can do whatever we need besides having superior proceures for entering transactions and performing reconcilation...
08:17:20 * gour is at 4.4 (Debian Sid)
08:23:22 <warlord> Huh? What's wrong with entering transactions and performing reconciliation?
08:23:36 <warlord> (I never use the budget features, so cannot comment on that)
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08:35:14 <gour> warlord: it is perfect in GC, but tedious in plaintextaccounting apps :-D
08:36:36 <warlord> AHHH
08:37:31 <warlord> I guess I didn't understand the "i want to stay with gnucash"... juxtaposed with "it seems that GC can do whatever we need besides having superior procedures for entering transactions and performing reconciliation."
08:37:44 <warlord> That seems to imply that GC does NOT have good procedures for those functions.
08:39:28 <gour> yeah, wrong wording from my side :-(
08:40:10 <warlord> ok
08:40:16 <warlord> Phew :)
08:40:21 <nitpicker> ubuntu 20.04, gnucash 4.6, Build ID: Flathub 4.6-0 How to print a single transaction with all its split details? Within "Reports" - "Account Report - Single Transaction" I can't find an option to show all the partial amounts. Any suggestions welcome.
08:40:38 <gour> since entering txns is the most common task, GC is way superior in comparison ;)
08:41:00 <warlord> gour, okay
08:42:36 <warlord> nitpicker, set the account into an expanded view first, then select that report.
08:47:39 <nitpicker> warlord View - Transaction Journal :-) Thank you! that answered the question.
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08:53:41 <warlord> enjoy!
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11:57:47 <jralls> warlord, there are wysiwyg docbook editors but none are free, never mind Free. There's a plugin for LibreOffice but it's old, unmaintained, and doesn't work very well.
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11:59:46 <warlord> jralls, are there wysiwyg editors for asciidoc? markdown?
12:05:05 <jralls> Lots for markdown, a couple that claim to be for asciidoc.
12:13:02 <jralls> A big problem with docbook is that it presents an enormous number of tags and very little guidance about what to use where. We've compounded that with a bunch of entities, with more added in the recent set of PRs; also undocumented.
12:19:07 <jralls> The wiki (eventually) offers https://www.linurs.org/linux/Docbook.html as a "nice introduction". It isn't.
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12:42:48 <warlord> :-/
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15:44:33 <fell> cris et.al. Codesmythe made a nice https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Documentation_Requirements
15:47:34 <fell> and we have currently 2 active contributers: https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash-docs/pulls
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21:29:24 <fell> jralls: win32/build-logs/maint/2021-08/build-maint-2021-08-25-03-01-02.log: ninja: error: failed recompaction: Permission denied
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