2021-08-23 GnuCash IRC logs

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11:36:53 <chris> jralls: I think I've completed the GValue string work. If it's done, it will plug leaks. I'd think this is a good step forward? I have no idea how to move kvp to backend.
11:38:08 <jralls> chris, more like a step sideways, but if it plugs some leaks it's good anyway.
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11:48:07 <chris> it's not easy to debug!
11:49:36 <jralls> How so?
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11:51:08 <chris> the basic is ok - doesn't crash, valgrind will be happier; it'll be (1) ensure all char* are freed correctly (2) handle object cloning and other functions eg equality/sorting
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11:53:22 <Jeanl> Hi guys, I'm almost done with setting up my mac for building.
11:54:04 <chris> as of now #1117 will complete the gnc-commodity work already started
11:54:10 <Jeanl> I ran into another error having to do with Boost: the tar file that's being downloaded isn't found. I manually downloaded the right one and let the script do the rest
11:54:16 <jralls> chris, On the one hand both of those issues would be resolved by doing the load/save in the backends.
11:55:01 <jralls> Jeanl do you mean that the URI for boost isn't right?
11:55:25 <chris> jralls: agree, but no idea how it's done :)
11:56:25 <Jeanl> jralls, yes, that's correct.
11:56:34 <Jeanl> Final (hopefully) error:
11:56:37 <Jeanl> https://pastebin.com/jJ3auRq1
11:56:50 <Jeanl> *** Error during phase build of webkit2gtk3: ########## Error running ninja *** [78/78]
11:56:56 <jralls> chris Yeah, and you'll have to learn about XML and SQL programming to know.
11:57:01 <Jeanl> It's a C++ compilation error, which seems weird to me.
11:57:49 <chris> "you'll have to learn about" ... O_o
12:00:45 <jralls> Jeanl I thought there was a patch for that. The error itself is obvious, it's asking for a std::abs<float> and the compiler thinks libc++ doesn't provide one.
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12:28:07 <Jeanl> The fix isn't obvious. It's not related to boost is it? Just std... Perhaps I have a stale version of webkit2gtk3?
12:29:14 <jralls> No, I think something else is going on. It's clearly an error, std::abs is defined only for integer types int, long, and long long. noise2D returns a float.
12:31:44 <jralls> But looking at my recent build it doesn't look like that file, FETurbulence.cpp, is included in the unified sources: grep -rl noise2D DerivedSources/WebCore/unified-sources returns nothing.
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12:37:11 <jralls> But it's not at all clear to me why not.
12:43:12 <jralls> Now I'm confused: https://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/numeric/math/abs says that abs is defined only for integer types, but https://www.cplusplus.com/reference/cmath/abs/ says that it's defined only for float and double but c++11 adds overloads for integer types.
12:44:39 <chris> gtg soon if #1107 can receive comentary it'll be welcome
12:44:58 <jralls> chris, OK, but probably not today.
12:48:24 <jralls> Jeanl, curiouser yet. grep -rl noise2D Source/WebCore/ returns Source/WebCore//CMakeFiles/WebCore.dir/__/__/DerivedSources/WebCore/unified-sources/UnifiedSource-3c72abbe-34.cpp.o so it is getting compiled. Maybe a compiler bug in 10.14?
12:54:39 <Jeanl> > Maybe a compiler bug in 10.14? Isn't that super unlikely?
12:56:55 <jralls> It is, but it builds OK on macOS 11 and 12 so something's compiler-related.
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12:59:07 <Jeanl> I'm going to try to update Xcode...
13:01:58 <jralls> Save the one you have if you have disk space for it. You may have to start from scratch.
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14:16:57 <Jeanl> Well I have the latest Xcode I can use for my version of the OS. crap
14:20:12 <jralls> I've started a build on my 10.14 VM but it will take a while to get to WebKit.
14:29:03 <jralls> You could clone gtk-osx and revert c678f20e. That updated webkit from what you successfully built last spring.
14:30:47 <jralls> You'd also need to clone gnucash-on-osx and change the include line in gnucash.modules to point to your local gtk-osx, use the commented out include line as an example. Also edit jhbuildrc-custom to point to your local gnucash.modules.
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14:39:56 <Jeanl> Or I could hack ColorComponent.h to make it compile
14:40:25 <Jeanl> For example replacing std::abs() with fabs()
14:44:21 <jralls> I think that won't work because I suspect there's a type conflict in the map template, but it's a simple change so worth a try.
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15:13:45 <Jeanl> Well that fixed the error, but I'm getting another one... that should not happen either
15:13:58 <Jeanl> /Users/Shari/gnucash/src/webkitgtk-2.32.0/Source/WebKit/Platform/IPC/unix/ConnectionUnix.cpp:287:65: error: use of undeclared identifier 'MSG_NOSIGNAL'
15:13:58 <Jeanl> ssize_t bytesRead = recvmsg(socketDescriptor, &message, MSG_NOSIGNAL);
15:13:58 <Jeanl> ^
15:14:00 <Jeanl> /Users/Shari/gnucash/src/webkitgtk-2.32.0/Source/WebKit/Platform/IPC/unix/ConnectionUnix.cpp:536:50: error: use of undeclared identifier 'MSG_NOSIGNAL'
15:14:02 <Jeanl> while (sendmsg(m_socketDescriptor, &message, MSG_NOSIGNAL) == -1) {
15:14:25 <Jeanl> I suspect there's something fishy with the version of webkit2gtk3 that I have
15:17:12 <jralls> https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gtk-osx/-/blob/master/patches/WebKit2Gtk3-2.30.1-Fix-Socket-signal-defines-for-Darwin-and-maybe-BSD.patch
15:17:51 <jralls> What version of webkit2gtk3 is it building?
15:18:48 <jralls> Because IIRC that was one of the patches that I sent upstream and it was incorporated into 2.32.0.
15:19:35 <Jeanl> how do I find the version it's building?
15:20:53 <jralls> Silly question actually, because you told me already: "/Users/Shari/gnucash/src/webkitgtk-2.32.0/"
15:23:10 <Jeanl> How do I make sure I downloaded the right version?
15:23:23 <jralls> And interesting, I remembered incorrectly, it's not in 2.32.0 but it compiles on macOS 11 anyway.
15:24:12 <jralls> It's physics: The dirname is incorporated into the tarball so unless you did something really goofy you've got 2.32.0.
15:25:18 <jralls> So go ahead an apply that patch and see if it resolves the issue.
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15:32:57 <Jeanl> Funny I added essentially the same lines as in your patch
15:33:03 <Jeanl> It compiled
15:33:28 <Jeanl> SO I'm set apparently
15:49:55 <jralls> Yay. On to GnuCash.
15:54:26 <Jeanl> yep!
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16:13:57 <Jeanl> Well bGC build succeeded!
16:25:28 <Jeanl> And I'm able to run GC, so that's awesome! Thanks for all the help jralls
16:25:41 <Jeanl> Now on to the OFX issue...
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