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13:43:14 <Jeanl> Hi guys, still trying to build on mac, now seeing this issue when running jhbuild bootstrap-gtk-osx
13:43:29 <Jeanl> https://pastebin.com/gFfhnQQm
13:43:52 <Jeanl> Error during phase checkout of gtk-osx-docbook: file hash is incorrect (expected fcf497688a1d531b192301bd09c55adefda5a662729a58eb8a895166e38ef219, got 0019dfc4b32d63c1392aa264aed2253c1e0c2fb09216f8e2cc269bbfb8bb49b5) *** [12/15]
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13:46:19 <Jeanl> Looks like there's a new version of that on jralls' github but the hash hasn't been updated.
13:47:33 <jralls> Jean1, No, the expected hash is the new one. What does ls -l path/to/gtk-osx-docbook-1.3.tar.bz2 report?
13:58:52 <Jeanl> hold on
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13:59:30 <Jeanl> -rw-r--r-- 1 Shari staff 9 Aug 22 10:51 gtk-osx-docbook-1.3.tar.bz2
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14:00:31 <Jeanl> Shari@Teds-iMac:~ $ more gtk-osx-docbook-1.3.tar.bz2
14:00:32 <Jeanl> Not Found
14:00:43 <Jeanl> So I'm attempting to download something that does not exist
14:01:08 <Jeanl> Apparently https://github.com/jralls/gtk-osx-docbook/releases/download/gtk-osx-docbook/gtk-osx-docbook-1.3.tar.bz2 no longer exists
14:02:33 <jralls> Oh, I see the problem: Wrong file extension in the URI. Just a minute...
14:02:49 <Jeanl> yep
14:02:52 <Jeanl> you have gtk-osx-docbook-1.3.tar.xz
14:08:07 <jralls> Yeah, fixed. Try jhbuild bootstrap-gtk-osx again.
14:08:21 <Jeanl> Thanks!
14:08:44 <Jeanl> Success!
14:09:04 <Jeanl> On to jhbuild build
14:09:11 <Jeanl> wish me luck!
14:09:42 <jralls> Yay! Good luck. How old is your mac?
14:10:39 <jralls> Did you replace python3 with pygments in jhbuildrc-custom?
14:14:27 <Jeanl> yes
14:14:51 <Jeanl> not a very old mac, but definitely underpowered
14:14:57 <Jeanl> On Mojave
14:15:17 <Jeanl> Processor Name: Intel Core i5
14:15:18 <Jeanl> Processor Speed: 3 GHz
14:15:18 <Jeanl> Number of Processors: 1
14:15:19 <Jeanl> Total Number of Cores: 4
14:15:37 <Jeanl> And only 8GB of RAM :(
14:15:47 <Jeanl> That's all I have to play with at this point...
14:19:01 <jralls> Sounds just like my MacBook Pro. 8 GB ram is plenty for building as long as you don't want to do anything else for the next 4 or 5 hours.
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14:20:36 <jralls> A user was complaining about slow redraws last week (on a different project). Turns out the new Intel MacBook Airs have a 1 GHz i3. *That* underpowered!
14:20:49 <jralls> s/That/That's/
14:23:29 <Jeanl> 1 GHz i3.= holy crap!
14:24:37 <Jeanl> next error: ../../../../gtk/source/gtk+-3.24.30/meson.build:402:0: ERROR: Dependency 'pango' is required but not found.
14:24:47 <Jeanl> *** Error during phase configure of gtk+-3.0: ########## Error running meson --prefix /Users/Shari/gtk/inst --libdir lib -Dquartz-backend=true -Dx11-backend=false -Dmedia=none --wrap-mode=nofallback /Users/Shari/gtk/source/gtk+-3.24.30 *** [25/30]
14:25:07 <Jeanl> Still, 25/30, not bad!
14:25:33 <Jeanl> Run-time dependency pango found: NO (tried pkgconfig, framework and cmake)
14:25:33 <Jeanl> Not looking for a fallback subproject for the dependency pango because:
14:25:33 <Jeanl> Use of fallback dependencies is disabled.
14:25:42 <jralls> Yeah it is, because something went wrong with pango.
14:27:36 <jralls> Scroll back up your output and find out what.
14:30:17 <Jeanl> Loading .env environment variables...
14:30:18 <Jeanl> W: gtk+-3.0 has a dependency on unknown "pango" module
14:30:18 <Jeanl> W: gdk-pixbuf has a dependency on unknown "pango" module
14:30:19 <Jeanl> W: gtk+-2.0 has a dependency on unknown "pango" module
14:31:28 <Jeanl> So, right at the start of jhbuild jhbuild, it complains about pango
14:31:38 <jralls> That's even weirder. Found it, a quote got lost on the pango module.
14:31:46 <Jeanl> ah ah ah
14:32:18 <Jeanl> Do I need to re-run jhbuild bootstrap-gtk-osx
14:32:41 <jralls> No, the mistake is in gtk-osx.modules.
14:32:46 <Jeanl> ah ok
14:33:46 <jralls> That's really weird. It was in my local and got pushed with the bootstrap change a few minutes ago.
14:34:30 <jralls> Fixed and pushed, try again.
14:35:02 <Jeanl> exit jhbuild? or rerun phase configure?
14:35:33 <jralls> You'll have to exit jhbuild and start over. The problem is that pango didn't get built.
14:35:39 <Jeanl> ok
14:35:41 <Jeanl> doing that
14:36:29 <Jeanl> it's building pango now, so good!
14:38:47 <warlord> .
14:47:46 <Jeanl> jhbuild jhbuild finished successfully! Wow
14:51:37 <Jeanl> To build main, is the command still
14:51:39 <Jeanl> cmake -G Xcode -D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$PREFIX -D GTEST_ROOT=$SRCROOT/googletest $SRCROOT/gnucash-git
14:53:44 <jralls> That was fast. Were you updating your build from last spring?
14:54:12 <jralls> Oh, and yes, nothing has changed about building GnuCash itself.
14:54:56 <Jeanl> no, I was rebuilding the build env from scratch. Seems too fast indeed
14:57:08 <jralls> What was the last package it built?
15:01:43 <Jeanl> *** Checking out adwaita-icon-theme *** [32/33]
15:01:43 <Jeanl> *** Skipping adwaita-icon-theme (package and dependencies not updated) *** [32/33]
15:01:43 <Jeanl> *** success *** [33/33]
15:03:49 <jralls> OK, so you built meta-gtk-osx-gtk3. That's the default jhbuildrc-custom that gtk-osx-setup.sh installs. You said yesterday that you'd downloaded the jhbuildrc-custom from gnucash-on-osx. Where did you put it?
15:04:48 <Jeanl> ~/.config
15:05:52 <jralls> Does ~/.jhbuildrc-custom exist?
15:07:47 <Jeanl> no
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15:14:29 <jralls> Curious. What does line 20 in ~/.config/jhbuildrc-custom say? The default is `modules = _modulesets_stable`, though you'd want `modules = _moudles_deps` so that you don't build with Ninja first.
15:15:17 <jralls> I don't suppose you have either $JHBUILDRC_CUSTOM or $XDG_CONFIG_HOME defined...
15:16:09 <Jeanl> no, no such defined
15:17:16 <jralls> And the modules statement?
15:17:19 <Jeanl> I don't know what happens
15:17:22 <Jeanl> happened
15:17:55 <Jeanl> My jhbuilrc-custom does not look at all like what it was before (when I edited it).
15:18:30 <Jeanl> It does not have the modules= line... Argh
15:18:43 <jralls> Does it look like https://github.com/jralls/gtk-osx-build/blob/master/jhbuildrc-gtk-osx-custom-example?
15:19:15 <Jeanl> yes, exactly
15:19:51 <jralls> OK, that's what gtk-osx-setup.sh installed. Just download the gnucash-on-osx one again and replace it.
15:20:01 <Jeanl> Ahhh ok that makes sense
15:20:46 <Jeanl> Where do I download it, I didn't download it yesterday, simply used the one I had.
15:21:30 <Jeanl> got it
15:21:34 <Jeanl> curl -O -L https://github.com/gnucash/gnucash-on-osx/raw/master/jhbuildrc-custom
15:22:03 <jralls> Right.
15:22:46 <Jeanl> Then re-run jhbuild jhbuild I guess?
15:25:26 <jralls> Yes, though you may want to change the modules line to modules = _modules_deps so that it doesn't build GnuCash and GnuCash docs for you.
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16:38:45 <Jeanl> mmmm now I get an immediate failure in jhbuild build:
16:38:51 <Jeanl> Loading .env environment variables...
16:38:51 <Jeanl> jhbuild build: A module called ''meta-gtk-osx-python-gtk3'' could not be found.
16:41:34 <jralls> Ah, it's now meta-gtk-osx-python3-gtk3. Change line 9 of jhbuildrc-custom.
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16:51:49 <Jeanl> ok
16:54:20 <Jeanl> does not find that either... jhbuild build: A module called ''meta-gtk-osx-python3-gtk3.'' could not be found.
16:54:33 <Jeanl> Do I need to re-run something else ?
16:56:07 <jralls> That's odd: https://github.com/jralls/gtk-osx-build/blob/b7af67ed2744c96e564a36bc6c9f8f0141aab127/modulesets-stable/gtk-osx-python.modules#L28
16:56:38 <Jeanl> What should I do with that?
16:56:50 <jralls> Oops, https://github.com/jralls/gtk-osx-build/blob/b7af67ed2744c96e564a36bc6c9f8f0141aab127/modulesets-stable/gtk-osx-python.modules#L40
16:57:38 <jralls> It means that meta-gtk-osx-python3-gtk3 should be defined.
16:58:17 <Jeanl> Wait, I'm using modules = _modules_deps
16:58:23 <Jeanl> maybe that's why
16:59:08 <Jeanl> yep, if I change that line back to its normal value I start building...
16:59:25 <Jeanl> So perhaps that's missing from models_deps
17:01:04 <Jeanl> ooops no, it was my bad
17:01:16 <jralls> That's because modules_stable builds gnucash instead of gnucash-git and the gnucash module doesn't require meta-gtk-osx-python3-gtk3 modules.
17:01:26 <Jeanl> I had a typo in _modules_deps....
17:01:55 <Jeanl> So it's OK to build _modules_deps only, as you suggested, right? It's building now...
17:01:58 <Jeanl> Thanks for the help
17:03:06 <jralls> Yes, you want _modules_deps because it doesn't build gnucash. Then you'll clone gnucash if you haven't already and set up a build directory that you'll run that cmake line on to get your xcode-project file.
17:04:36 <jralls> Unless of course you can bring yourself to use a better ide. Xcode works OK for native Apple projects, not so well for anything else.
17:06:27 <jralls> And it doesn't help any that cmake's xcode generator is 9 versions out of date.
17:08:16 <Jeanl> well, on the mac, I believe xcode is pretty much the only option... I don't use emacs...
17:08:27 <Jeanl> Thanks for the help
17:10:10 <jralls> Not at all. Eclipse, CLion, and even Visual Studio are all available for macOS. Also VSCode and BBEdit, while not strictly IDEs have some build-system integration.
17:17:22 <Jeanl> Well, I used eclipse in the past (java) didn't like particularly. The one thing that I need in an IDE is the ability to lookup symbols in the code, go to definitions etc
17:18:03 <Jeanl> (and of course, breakpoints for debugging). Xcode isn't *too* bad in that regard. You can even move the execution point if you need to, that's sometimes super useful
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17:32:59 <Jeanl> OK next error:
17:33:02 <Jeanl> configure: error: OpenSP includes not found
17:33:03 <Jeanl> *** Error during phase configure of libofx: ########## Error running /Users/Shari/gnucash/src/libofx-0.10.2/configure --prefix /Users/Shari/gnucash-stable *** [43/78]
17:38:29 <Jeanl> *** Installing OpenSP *** [42/78] ran succesfully apparently
17:42:59 <Jeanl> https://pastebin.com/Bj30vpNF
18:50:47 <jralls> Jeanl: Apparently not, otherwise libofx would have found the includes. Look through the install record to see what went wrong. The OpenSP includes should be in $PREFIX/include/OpenSP.
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19:01:30 <jralls> Jeanl: But I see that I have append_autogenargs("libofx", "--with-opensp-includes=" + prefix + "/include/OpenSP --with-opensp-libs=" + prefix + "/lib") in my jhbuildrc-custom and that it's not in the one in gnucash-on-osx.
19:03:28 <Jeanl> ah ok I'll try adding that then?
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19:07:00 <Jeanl> Yep, that seems to have fixed it
19:07:58 <Jeanl> Next error: https://pastebin.com/wYC3G9np
19:08:16 <Jeanl> *** Error during phase build of libdbi: ########## Error running make -j 5 *** [55/78]
19:08:26 <Jeanl> ld: unknown option: --version-script=/Users/Shari/gnucash/src/libdbi/src/libdbi.map
19:09:23 <Jeanl> FYI /Users/Shari/gnucash/src/libdbi/src/libdbi.map does exist
19:09:32 <Jeanl> ld is complaining about the option...
19:13:04 <Jeanl> I'm reading that this option isn't supported on the mac?
19:13:08 <Jeanl> @(#)PROGRAM:ld PROJECT:ld64-450.3
19:13:08 <gncbot> Jeanl: Error: "(#)PROGRAM:ld" is not a valid command.
19:13:09 <Jeanl> BUILD 18:16:53 Apr 5 2019
19:13:09 <Jeanl> configured to support archs: armv6 armv7 armv7s arm64 arm64e arm64_32 i386 x86_64 x86_64h armv6m armv7k armv7m armv7em
19:13:10 <Jeanl> LTO support using: LLVM version 10.0.1, (clang-1001.0.46.4) (static support for 22, runtime is 22)
19:13:12 <Jeanl> TAPI support using: Apple TAPI version 10.0.1 (tapi-1001.0.4.1)
19:21:21 <jralls> Interesting. Last week I changed libdbi and libdbi-drivers to clone the git repos and do autoreconf to fix exactly that problem.
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19:24:13 <Jeanl> ah... What do you suggest then?
19:25:07 <jralls> Dunno yet. It worked for me at the time but I just tried again now and it failed. Hang on a minute, let me try something...
19:27:16 <Jeanl> sure
19:27:31 <F14t_Looks> I can no longer import data from QFX files. I've had to import all my account data from CSV for some time now.
19:27:31 <F14t_Looks> Any idea where I should start troubleshooting? Doesn't look like this is a known issue in v4.4 (which I'm on).
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19:31:53 <F14t_Looks> Sorry. I dropped off for a minute. Any thoughts on gnucash 4.4 failure to import data from QFX?
19:31:53 <F14t_Looks> I get no error message. Just...no new transactions. And this import feature worked flawlessly for me for years.
19:33:28 <jralls> Fl4t_Looks, there have been reports on the user mailing list about malformed OFX/QFX files from some banks. You can run GnuCash with --log gnc.import.ofx=debug and then look at the tracefile to see if there are any useful errors. You can also try using ofxdump on the file to see what errors it reports.
19:34:38 <F14t_Looks> I'll try debug. Does that log to the same directory it's run in (working directory)?
19:35:33 <jralls> No, it logs to $TMPDIR, the value of which depends on your OS. See https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Tracefile for more info.
19:38:01 <jralls> JeanL try editing src/libdbi/src/Makefile.am, removing the --version-script clause from libdbi_la_LDFLAGS, then rerun autoreconf -fis in src/libdbi
19:38:46 <F14t_Looks> ah. that's why I ask these dumb questions. Thanks. I'm looking over my ofxdump output now...
19:39:58 <jralls> Jeanl Actually you can just edit and then pick 7 Go to phase "configure", that re-runs autoreconf.
19:41:18 <jralls> Jeanl I expect you'll have to do the same for libdbi-drivers.
19:41:33 <Jeanl> ok I''l do that
19:44:18 <Jeanl> You mean in configure?
19:45:28 <Jeanl> oh sorry, that's in src/Makefile.am ok
19:48:58 <Jeanl> That fixed it, but indeed I have an error in libdbi-drivers
19:49:13 <Jeanl> configure: error: Invalid libdbi directory - include files not found.
19:49:18 <Jeanl> Not quite the same problem
19:53:12 <F14t_Looks> jralls, this QFX issue affects all of the financial institutions I import data from. Looks like it started around February 2021 (based on when I started downloading other file formats).
19:53:12 <F14t_Looks> ofxdump messages from pre- and post-February QFX files look identical.
19:53:12 <F14t_Looks> Does GnuCash match the "Account #" or "Account ID" value in the QFX to the account number set in the Gnucash account prior to import?
19:53:50 <Jeanl> https://pastebin.com/bbf4tMuv
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19:54:56 <jralls> Fl4t_Looks, yes. You can review those in Tools>Import Map Editor on the Online page.
19:55:28 <F14t_Looks> Interesting. I don't have an Account Code set in any of my accounts...
19:56:26 <jralls> Then GnuCash should ask you what account to use when the import starts.
19:56:27 <F14t_Looks> "There are 35 invalid mappings" it says. OK. Seems like a good place to start...
19:57:10 <F14t_Looks> It used to happily import to the account I currently had open (on top). Now I get no prompt at all. It just fails silently.
19:57:20 <jralls> The invalid mappings are about the transfer account matching. That's different, you haven't gotten that far.
19:59:25 <jralls> Jeanl another customization from my jhbuildrc-custom: append_autogenargs("libdbi-drivers", "--with-dbi-incdir=" + prefix + "/include --with-dbi-libdir=" + prefix + "/lib")
19:59:41 <Jeanl> Ah, let me add that then
19:59:49 <jralls> And with that it's time to go.
19:59:53 *** jralls is now known as jralls_afk
20:00:04 <Jeanl> ok yhsnk
20:00:06 <Jeanl> thank
20:01:34 <Jeanl> Looks like that fixes it indeed.
20:18:27 <F14t_Looks> Fun. When I run gnucash with the ...ofx=debug option, importing a QFX file appears to work.
20:18:27 <F14t_Looks> It opens the expected "Generic import transaction matcher" window, with all the transactions shown.
20:18:27 <F14t_Looks> But it doesn't even try, when I launch gnucash normally (from a Windows shortcut).
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