2021-07-31 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:16:09 <finster> hello. using gnucash 4.6 on macos 11.5.1. i'm using the default "advanced portfolio" report. when I try to print the report to a file, the date format of the resulting file is using american style date formatting (month/day/year). can I influence that somehow?
03:16:28 <finster> generally, my gnucash and macos system is localized in german (de_DE)
03:16:46 <finster> thank you in advance
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06:50:50 <fell> finster, is only advanced portfolio affected?
06:54:26 <fell> and how is it displayed?
07:01:30 <fell> I just printed the report empty and the title date was in de_DE format.
07:05:32 <fell> Beearbeiten->Einstellungen->Zahl…->Datumsformat?
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10:23:11 <Daniel> Good afternoon folks - please excuse me if it has been asked before but is there a Report that will give me a running balance for one account for a "month ahead" taking into consideration active Scheduled Transactions?
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10:25:41 <Daniel> The reason I am asking is that I was a former user of Home Accountz and used its "View One Month Ahead" function to keep an eye on my main current account. I could then see the lowest balance forecast in the month and decide when to pay a bill or move money to savings.
10:25:57 <Simon> I just have my scheduled transactions set to be created 90 days in advance
10:27:46 <Daniel> Is that the normal way to do it in gnucash then? We do have a fairly decent number of weekly and fortnightly transactions and that might make the main view a little cluttered.
10:28:09 <chris> Daniel: use the "Balance Forecast" report.
10:28:45 <chris> it's the only one with good use of SX forecasts
10:29:17 <Daniel> Presumably I would have to customise the period of the report and make it run on only the account I am interested in?
10:29:35 <chris> yes
10:29:54 <warlord> @tell habs you should think of an Invoice as a single transaction, and each Line-item in the Invoice is a unique Split. So the way to do what you want is to have multiple line-items in the Invoice, one for each piece.
10:29:54 <gncbot> warlord: The operation succeeded.
10:30:36 <Daniel> Thank you chris - I will check the wiki for making a custom report
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10:32:21 <warlord> Daniel, no report will look at future SXes; but you get tell the SX to fire early (you can set how many days ahead).
10:32:46 <warlord> (except the Balance Forecast, apparently ;)
10:33:46 <chris> warlord: and the Future Scheduled Transactions Summary :)
10:33:54 <warlord> ok
10:37:33 * Simon really needs "Jump" to be able to find the highest value split instead of doing nothing on multi-split transactions
10:38:08 <Simon> I'm entering lots of stock purchases and it's really inconvenient to go to the other account and reconcile the new totals
10:38:39 <chris> Simon: you can set up Keyboard accelerators for "Split" and "Jump" - I use ^L and ^J myself
10:54:40 <Simon> yes you keep offering workarounds that involve more clicks or key presses :|
10:55:15 <Simon> I know how to use the UI to do it the slow way, it's easier to go via a report that lists all of them than split and unsplit
10:59:57 <chris> No, I offer workarounds that would not annoy the vast majority of users by changing the UI to accommodate one person
11:02:39 <Simon> in what way would it annoy the vast majority of users to have the "Jump" button do something on transactions with more than 2 splits, instead of doing nothing?
11:07:13 <chris> many users resist any change. how would the behaviour be consistent if I have a txn with 5 splits - Sales, Sales VAT, Purchase, Purchase VAT, Net
11:07:53 <chris> -1000 Sales, -100 Sales VAT, 200 Purchase, 20 VAT on Purchase, 880 Net
11:08:37 <chris> from the Sales VAT split, should it jump to the 880 Net split? from the 880 Net split should it jump to the -1000 sales split?
11:12:31 <chris> If I were to implement Jump for a multisplit, I'd pop up a dialog with all transaction splits, and ask the user to select which one to jump to, *and* ensure all splits have a keyboard shortcut 1-9a-z
11:14:32 <chris> ^ this could be done
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11:16:13 <chris> (there's already similar popup when r-clicking a payment transaction which pays multiple invoices/bills)
11:16:44 <chris> (there's already similar popup when r-clicking a payment transaction which pays multiple invoices/bills, and select "Jump to associated invoice")
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11:26:47 <NoobAlice> chris: Thanks for that hotkey tip! I never thought to set it up for things like that. That will make my workflow better. :)
11:30:14 <Simon> I still want Jump to go to another register without any further selection; it could be configurable
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11:51:20 <warlord> Simon, how do you know that the largest split is the one I want to jump to?
11:51:54 <warlord> maybe I want to go to the first one alphabetically? Or the lowest? Or the un-reconciled one? Or...
11:52:02 <warlord> There's just no way to know.
11:52:34 <warlord> Now, I would consider something with a popup that asks whether to auto-expand the transaction and then you can select the split to jump to....
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12:19:37 <jralls_afk> Simon GnuCash is all volunteer and your priorities aren't necessarily shared by anyone else. If you want the enhancement, write it. You can keep it to yourself or offer it as a pull request.
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