2021-07-23 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:16:26 <jralls> nhrdis You can use Tools>Import Map Editor to remove the invalid matches, then retrain the matcher. As always several small imports works better to train the matcher.
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06:37:01 <duelle> Hi, I use GnuCash 4.5 and would like to know whether it is possible to display the sum (and possibly the evolution of the value) in filtered bookings. So if I filter for a timeframe I would like to see the evolution of the value and the final sum of only the filtered values. Is there an option to achieve that?
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08:26:42 <duelle> Hi, I use GnuCash 4.5 and would like to know whether it is possible to display the sum (and possibly the evolution of the value) in filtered bookings. So if I filter for a timeframe I would like to see the evolution of the value and the final sum of only the filtered values. Is there an option to achieve that?
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09:10:41 <warlord> duelle, no, the balance column isn't based on only the visible transactions.
09:11:35 <warlord> also, no need to ask your question multiple times -- we'll get to it if you stick around, especially at 6:30am EDT.
09:12:25 <duelle> Okay, thanks for the input warlord Are there other means of accumulating such information as the sum of the filtered entries?
09:13:06 <warlord> @tell nhrdis (from jralls) You can use Tools>Import Map Editor to remove the invalid matches, then retrain the matcher. As always several small imports works better to train the matcher. (from me) Also, if the matcher gets it wrong, you *MUST* re-assign it in the import matcher otherwise it'll get it even *more* wrong later.
09:13:06 <gncbot> warlord: The operation succeeded.
09:13:43 <warlord> duelle, you can run an account report on the view, and it will give you a total sum of the visible transactions.
09:15:26 <duelle> Thanks warlord , I'll check it out
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15:24:54 <fell> warlord, editing the wiki is slow. I would expect it after midnight, but now?
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15:50:52 <warlord> Zero load on code...
15:52:20 <warlord> network only at 10Mbps..
15:52:35 <warlord> Are you hitting v4 or v6?
15:52:44 <warlord> and what does mtr or traceroute show?
15:55:40 <warlord> Okay, now at 60Mbps. So utilizing 6% of my capacity.
15:56:48 <fell> mtr looks fine, 135 +/-1
15:57:37 <fell> no loss, v6
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16:00:43 <chf> Can I help with „scanning“? Then tell me which IPs. I'm on Nettaachen/Netcologne.
16:00:56 <fell> https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Special:RecentChanges shows the last 2 commits. I had each time over a minute to wait to complete
16:01:58 <chf> BTW, automatic identifying by Nickserv doesn't work reliably here.
16:02:15 <warlord> chf, no control over Nickserv, sorry.
16:03:08 <fell> chf, the connection seems OK. But I have the impression, if bots are visiting code.gnucash.org they consume too much
16:03:24 <chf> Might be a Pidgin issue, warlord.
16:04:13 <fell> Last maintenance of wikki's DB?
16:06:18 <fell> In Aachen benutze ich auch gern NetAachen.
16:07:51 <chf> Ping is fine, 111ms.
16:08:43 <chf> Nicht Freifunk, fell? Da bin ich Mitglied im hiesigen Verein.
16:09:17 <chf> 2620:131:f009:ca54::c0de
16:11:01 <fell> Wäre auch eine Möglichkeit. Wenn ich denn öfter dort wäre.
16:12:32 <chf> Ping from Paris, Poneytelecom/OneProvider, since I've running downloads here.
16:18:02 <chf> Downloads complete, 150 ms on average from Aachen.
16:20:11 <chf> This, however, probably doesn't measure any impact of bots visiting the server.
16:23:02 <chf> Google & Consorten per Iptables rauskanten?
16:24:48 <fell> Naja bei Google wollen wir schon gelistet sein. Hlft doch auch bei Problemen.
16:26:14 <chf> Ist halt eine Abwägung – wer einen zu sehr ausbremst, fliegt raus.
16:27:02 <fell> Drosseln scheint vernünftiger.
16:27:53 <chf> In der Tat, war ich in der Eile gar nicht drauf gekommen.
16:29:32 <fell> Die Wurm ist neulich nicht übergelaufen?
16:30:08 <chf> Leider wohl, ALLE Bäche und Flüsse hier sind übergelaufen.
16:30:30 <fell> Wie hoch?
16:30:52 <fell> Ich kenne nur die Bilder von der Vicht.
16:31:24 <chf> Weiß ich gar nicht, aber zu hoch – das diesjährige Inde-Hochwasser in Kornelimünster hat die Marke von 1906 geknackt.
16:32:41 <fell> Aber du bist jetzt nicht geschädigt?
16:33:22 <chf> Ja – das war verheerend dort, in Vicht, dem namensgebenden Ort, hatte meine Verwandschaft keinen Strom, keine Verjkehreverbindung, alles platt.
16:33:49 <warlord> fell, I optimized the mysql databases; not sure if that'll help or not.
16:33:56 <chf> Kaum, hier hat es in den Keller reingeregent, lächerlich im Vergleich.
16:34:10 <chf> Was sind schon aufgeweichte Kartons?
16:35:40 <fell> Thanks, warlord!
16:36:25 <warlord> I honestly don't see anything that could cause the slowness. code isn't busy.
16:36:34 <chf> Wir haben Leute in der Gegend, die komplett abgesoffen sind – kaum was zu retten.
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16:37:16 <warlord> Plenty of RAM. No load. plenty of network space.
16:37:36 <warlord> Next time if you see the issue, try mtr to see if there's a network hiccup somewhere in the middle.
16:37:45 <warlord> I don't see anything from this end.
16:39:08 <chf> What should I test for, warlord? I've only read the end of this conversation.
16:39:27 <fell> I would suspect the google bot is greedy and needs perhaps throttling.
16:42:32 <warlord> Maybe, but I'm not seeing load on code that would justify throttling.
16:42:42 <warlord> Can you make a change now and see if it's fast or slow?
16:44:28 <chf> If fell's suspicion is true, I'd DEFINITELY file a complaint to Google (or whoever causes the slowness).
16:45:59 <chf> If they don't even know what they are doing, no change whatsoever can be expected.
16:48:22 <fell> Currently no delay
16:49:14 <fell> They are usually gone after an hour.
16:50:21 <fell> BTW I see the delay usually only on saving, not on refresh preview.
17:07:43 <chf> What about setting up a cron job to record a recurring event?
17:08:50 <warlord> It's certainly possible the database just needed an optimize..
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22:41:33 <jralls> .
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