2021-07-19 GnuCash IRC logs

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06:01:04 <chris> CDB-Man: thanks that's perfect. (1) Missing Txn Type: Ordinary Buy/Sell during Long and Short. (2) Capgains is allowed to be zero :)
06:04:40 <chris> CDB-Man: I'm sure you appreciate the truth table will be used as a strict "filter" - if a stock txn does not satisfy the truth table, then it's an invalid txn.
06:05:24 <chris> Conversely it'll serve as template to the stock-assistant which must always generate correct txns
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06:06:58 <chris> next questions: Cash/Proceeds == ACCT_TYPE_CASH/BANK, Fees(Expense) == ACCT_TYPE_EXPENSE, Dividend Income & Capgains == ACCT_TYPE_INCOME. Are these restrictions *obligatory*?
06:07:22 <chris> And are they allowed to have a currency other than the stock's parent currency?
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08:12:50 <chris> CDB-Man: also notice the FEES are all zero except regular BUY/SELL - is this intentional?
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09:00:51 <warlord> chris, I would think that any cash/proceeds would be paid in the brokerage currency (NB you may have the same stock from different brokerages denoted in different currencies).
09:01:50 <warlord> by cash/proceeds, do you mean due to a sale? NB, sometimes dividends are automatically reinvested, sometimes they are paid in currency.
09:06:22 <CDB-Man> Generally fees are only for buy sell... But I suppose it can be made optional for the others
09:07:21 <CDB-Man> Currencies can absolutely be different for all splits
09:07:36 <CDB-Man> Accounting for that is a pain though
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09:31:36 <Simon> I've had dividends paid in GBP on EUR stock via a US bank before
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10:11:00 <chris> CDB-Man: if it's optional for others, would it belong in the STOCK or EXPENSE acct? ==> Being picky because I had these decisions during UI
10:11:04 <chris> design
10:11:21 <CDB-Man> "it depends" lol
10:11:30 <CDB-Man> Would have to give it more thought
10:11:43 <chris> lol
10:11:54 <CDB-Man> But generally anything that increases # of shares, probably goes into stock account
10:12:13 <CDB-Man> And this is really where it starts being country dependent
10:12:27 <CDB-Man> IFRS mainly talks about purchases
10:13:06 <CDB-Man> I will add those missing transactions... Maybe tonight if I have time
10:13:50 <CDB-Man> Can't you drop all these additional questions into the ticket so I don't lose it, I think you already pasted a couple there
10:13:51 <chris> ok this shows my design choice "capitalize_fees" being binary is a correct approach... ultimately you can't partially capitalize and partially expense fees.
10:14:01 <chris> Sure of course
10:14:32 <CDB-Man> The only surefire expense is on sale
10:14:54 <CDB-Man> And then then apparently there may be a jurisdiction that doesn't do this
10:15:04 <CDB-Man> And even then*
10:15:35 <chris> ^ this confirms capitlization must be modifiable during input
10:16:04 <CDB-Man> The stock assistant should probably have it as a tick box
10:16:16 <CDB-Man> "capitalize for this transaction"
10:16:39 <CDB-Man> And the general program settings your can set defaults perhaps
10:19:26 <chris> and the last kicker stock-acct txn-type we haven't mentioned is liquidation, ie price becomes zero! what happens then?
10:21:06 <CDB-Man> Ugh lol
10:21:37 <CDB-Man> Zero dollar sale, with or without fee paid
10:21:55 <CDB-Man> Probably
10:22:10 <chris> lol
10:22:46 <CDB-Man> Perhaps we need to also add a disclaimer
10:22:48 <chris> gnucash cannot handle it in reports because a price of zero is returned when the price is missing. ping warlord!!!
10:23:36 <CDB-Man> "should you encounter a transaction type not covered by this report, file a bug. Note not all transaction types will be implemented as we only aim to cover common transactions"
10:23:42 <warlord> How/why would there be a PriceDB entry of 0?
10:23:52 <CDB-Man> Delisted
10:24:20 <chris> when you try to convert GBP to EUR and the pricedb is empty
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10:26:26 <warlord> Oh, hmm...
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12:14:31 <jralls> Sell it off for .01 booked to an equity account.
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14:21:38 <CDB-Man> I would book it to a P&L account actually, as a capital loss
14:21:53 <CDB-Man> You take the write down in the year of recognition
14:22:30 <CDB-Man> Canada has a specific income tax act provision, section 50, for this. I'm sure the IRS has similar, just don't know the reference
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14:42:19 <jralls> CDB-Man, the G/L split goes to Income:CapitalGains (the P&L account). The sale would normally go to Assets:Investment:Broker:Bank but you didn't really get that penny so it has to go somewhere else.
14:42:40 <jralls> s/sale/proceeds/
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14:47:20 <jralls> chris, I found where the default budget gets set, so now only test-ifrs-cost-basis and the two test-owner-reports fail.
14:48:44 <CDB-Man> In Canada they are required to pay you the penny
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14:50:51 <jralls> They might be here too, but that only works if you have the stock in street name. If it's a ledger entry account at the company (the kind where they used to issue you a certificate) then when the company goes bust there's nobody to give you the penny.
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16:03:10 <jralls> chris, I've figured out the problem with at least the customer option, a pointer is getting lost somewhere. I see how the option is supposed to be set.
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17:31:55 * Simon could do with a way to make the "Jump" button prefer Stock accounts when there are two options, instead of doing nothing
17:32:10 <Simon> many of these transactions have an extra split for tax/fees
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19:00:31 <jralls> Simon, click split to open up the transaction then select the split you want to jump to and click jump.
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20:37:45 <chris> jralls: np I'll cross it from my TODO list?
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20:39:38 <jralls> Yup. It wasn't really a todo anyway, it was a question.
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