2021-07-09 GnuCash IRC logs

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07:43:43 <Simon> so book_end for Transaction was the last time qof_begin_edit() is called where the editlevel goes from 0 to 1
07:44:18 <Simon> xaccTransDestroy() calls xaccTransBeginEdit() which calls qof_begin_edit() and the editlevel is then 1
07:44:47 <Simon> xaccTransDestroy() then calls xaccTransCommitEdit() which expects the editlevel to be 0? I don't understand how that is supposed to work
07:45:41 <Simon> it then calls qof_instance_increase_editlevel() but never calls qof_instance_decrease_editlevel()
07:46:19 <Simon> oh, qof_commit_edit() sets it to 0 again
07:48:10 <Simon> trans_cleanup_commit() should put the editlevel back to 0 but somehow it's 1 when the book_end for Account runs
07:48:24 <Simon> presuambly I need to track 0->1 transitions everywhere, not just qof_begin_edit()
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07:58:27 <Simon> which then shows that the last 0->1 is in qof_instance_increase_editlevel() from xaccTransCommitEdit()
07:58:41 <Simon> https://s85.org/50vOzqT1 it's not changing back to 0 for some reason
08:02:31 <Simon> of course, when I add "g_assert(qof_instance_get_editlevel(trans) == 0);" it never fails...
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08:30:41 <Simon> gnc_account_end_handler() made the last call to xaccAccountBeginEdit()
08:31:17 <Simon> at the end of qof_session_load_from_xml_file_v2_full() the editlevel of the root account isn't 0
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08:33:33 <Simon> gnc_account_foreach_descendant() only runs for descendants, not the account itself, so it calls xaccAccountCommitEdit() on everything *except* the root account
08:36:03 <Simon> it's the same with the other backends, the root accounts aren't committed
08:36:26 <Simon> so book_end for Account can never do anything because the root account is already being edited
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08:38:56 <tddpirate> I use GnuCash for my bookkeeping. Most of my expenses are repeating with changes only in receipt ID and the actual monetary amount. So I would like to customize the UI for entering transactions. I understand that GnuCash (I have version 3.4, from Debian Buster) is scriptable using Guile and Python. However I did not find guides for actually writing and running Guile scripts. Where can I find such a guide? Thanks!
08:39:33 <tddpirate> (sorry for duplicate messages - 1st attempt did not go through well)
08:39:36 <tddpirate> I use GnuCash for my bookkeeping. Most of my expenses are repeating with changes only in receipt ID and the actual monetary amount. So I would like to customize the UI for entering transactions.
08:39:52 <tddpirate> I understand that GnuCash (I have version 3.4, from Debian Buster) is scriptable using Guile and Python. However I did not find guides for actually writing and running Guile scripts. Where can I find such a guide? Thanks!
08:42:14 <Joc> this might help https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Python_Bindings
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08:59:25 <tddpirate> Thanks, Joc.
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09:17:36 <chris> gjanssens: maint->master merge conflict in libgnucash/tax/Cmakelists.txt -- I'll defer to your expertise. the test-owner-report is a simple addition of 6 lines.
09:20:45 <chris> nordigen.com -- gives freemium openbanking api - with promise of free Transactional data forever
09:24:17 <chris> (I connected and confirm it works)
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09:36:53 <gjanssens> warlord: do you remember why you chose "Username" rather than "Employee name" back when you implemented the business features ? "Username" suggests some kind of login reference.
09:46:06 <warlord> gjanssens, I think the idea was that we would eventually implement multi-user and perhaps have per-user ACLs on access.
09:46:44 <gjanssens> Ok, that clearly never happened :)
09:46:57 <warlord> clearly.
09:47:10 <warlord> But 20 years ago, I thought it would ;)
09:48:17 <gjanssens> I'm asking as I'm reviewing PR#1075 and there the choice of username seems to suggest to the author that's a less common term to search for. And perhaps due to this relation with logins users may indeed perceive it as a less useful identifier.
09:48:34 <gjanssens> On the other hand, I believe username is a mandatory field, no ?
09:49:16 <gjanssens> I think in the interface I'll suggest to simply go for consistency and use "Name" everyhere rather than company name vs vendor name vs customer name vs username.
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10:08:18 <neoweb> When I post a payment for an invoice to an equity account, it turns the balance negative?
10:16:38 <warlord> This is a Customer Invoice? How (why?) are they paying you in Equity? It should be going to an Asset. NB: Equity is a "reversed" account, so balances are reversed by default.. This means debiting equity would decrease it.
10:16:46 <neoweb> Thanks!
10:17:02 <warlord> Normally you'd use Equity as an Opening Balance, so you credit equity and debit Asset and both "go up"
10:17:12 <neoweb> The tutorial on youtube told me to do it, and I just did what you told me in the end. I don't know why he was moving the stuff to equity.
10:17:23 <warlord> That makes no sense to me.
10:17:27 <neoweb> Yeh I get it now.
10:17:32 <warlord> great
10:17:38 <neoweb> thanks warlord
10:18:31 <warlord> I think it's useful to have XX Name in there. But you could change "Username" to "Employee Name"
10:18:42 <warlord> gjanssens, ^^
10:25:23 <gjanssens> My suggestion would be to change the group name to "XX Identification" and inside the group only use "Name" (and "Number")
10:25:57 <gjanssens> The group name should make it clear that way what name or number we're talking about.
10:26:50 <warlord> THat could work, I guess
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11:01:05 <warlord> sorry about that network blip -- I think my ISP reset the upstream router and it took a few minutes for my equipment to recover.
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13:25:04 <fell> Ah, thanks!
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13:25:57 <warlord> grr....
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14:04:34 <fell> Now I end in many broken tests by SWIG_Guile_scm2newstr
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14:49:41 <gjanssens> fell: it looks like GNC-COMMODITY-NS-CURRENCY is actually a function. So you should use (GNC-COMMODITY-NS-CURRENCY) instead of GNC-COMMODITY-NS-CURRENCY
14:51:21 <gjanssens> If you want to be able to use it straight away that requires more conversion magic in the swig interface files.
14:51:48 <gjanssens> Search for SET_ENUM in engine.i for example to see how that's typically done.
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15:06:19 <fell> SET_ENUM requires also updates in engine.i on each change. I tried to avoid that.
15:13:16 <gjanssens> fell: np, just use brackets around GNC-COMMODITY-NS-CURRENCY as I suggested first.
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17:35:57 <warlord> Found another bug in my network scripting..
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17:42:10 <neoweb> /msg NickServ CONFIRM NFaEhHuFW
17:42:22 <neoweb> wtf
17:42:37 <neoweb> its too late hackers
17:42:49 <neoweb> i already confirmed
17:42:49 <neoweb> i am legit now
17:43:41 <warlord> Don't put a space before the slash -- and go change your password now.
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17:52:19 <warlord> jralls, fell, chris -- sorry about the "extended" outage just now.. There was a bug in my script such that if the network dropped it would clear a table, but if it came back with the same upstream mac address it wouldn't put the table back in place... OOPS. So I've updated the script to capture that situation.
17:52:36 <warlord> Alas, I still seem to be having 20-30% packet loss when pulling significant data.
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18:09:38 <warlord> Dammit -- my magic box is dying when I have heavy bursts of traffic..
18:09:45 <warlord> Need to find a better solution :(
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18:49:27 <neoweb> magic box?
18:49:29 <neoweb> warlord: ?
18:49:36 <neoweb> what is your magicbox?
18:49:51 <neoweb> ahh
18:49:52 <neoweb> https://www.sprint.com/en/shop/services/magic-box.html
18:50:10 <neoweb> no better internet?
18:50:58 <neoweb> Are you having a states problem?
18:51:07 <neoweb> too many states, and the router dies?
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20:03:00 <warlord> neoweb, sorry, wrong magic box..
20:03:35 <warlord> neoweb, http://blog.0xpebbles.org/Bypassing-At-t-U-verse-hardware-NAT-table-limits
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21:22:44 <chris_> fell: I'd add SET_ENUM for consistency with all other enums
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