2021-07-02 GnuCash IRC logs

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02:53:40 <Simon> Except that I don't use the import features in gnucash
02:54:42 <Simon> I have two scripts that add transactions; one is using exact times to the second from the bank and the other increments date-entered by 1s for each transaction
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03:16:35 <gjanssens> .
03:16:35 <gncbot> gjanssens: Sent 11 hours and 20 minutes ago: <warlord> I don't think that was mirrored, but I guess we'll figure that out shortly.
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04:34:40 <Simon> two of these transaction pairs happened in the same second, which is why they have the same times
04:36:16 <Simon> one of them has a side with 5 splits, maybe it's possible to get the same date-entered by adding/removing splits to get two separate transactions?
04:36:31 <Simon> although that shouldn't be possible
04:41:24 <Simon> for the remaining two there is no credible reason for why they would have the same date-entered
04:42:07 <Simon> although it was in 2006 when I was first entering transactions so it's not impossible that I imported them
04:43:22 <Simon> for the 157 transactions that have a date-entered of 2008-03-17 19:08:46... these are scheduled transactions
04:45:25 <Simon> the last one has a date-posted of 2021-09-24 and would have been created on the 26th of June
04:52:49 <Simon> I expect to have more scheduled transactions created in 2-3 days so I can check what date-entered they have
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08:17:26 <warlord> Simon, did you create an SX that fired off 157 instances at once? That would also "do it".
08:17:36 <warlord> jralls, yeah, didn't quite think about importing..
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10:43:54 <Simon> warlord: no, this is a monthly SX and it (v2.6) has been reusing the date-entered of the SX template transaction
10:44:23 <Simon> not sure if 4.6 has created any SX yet but when it does I can check the date-entered on them
10:45:05 <warlord> Oh.. Hmm... That seems like a bug to me!
10:45:53 <warlord> Although the date-posted should be different, and that takes precedence..
10:46:32 <Simon> except when I have more than one of them for any reason
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10:46:53 <Simon> it should really use the current time
10:49:11 <Simon> and probably increment it by 1s for each transaction in the same SX
10:51:24 <Simon> 4.6 is doing it too
10:51:50 <Simon> I have a new transaction with date-entered in 2014 because that's the SX template
10:53:46 <warlord> please file a bug on that.
10:58:23 <Simon> done; https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798224
10:58:41 <warlord> thx
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11:44:00 <gjanssens> chris: looks like your guile modularization effort has left us with several circular dependencies in guile sources. Those cause issues while trying to compile from scratch.
11:45:49 <gjanssens> The ones I ran into today for example: (gnucash report commodity-utilities) depends on (gnucash report report-utilities) depends on (gnucash report html-acct-table) depends on (gnucash report commodity-utilities)
11:46:37 <gjanssens> And (gnucash report report-utilities) depends on (gnucash report html-acct-table) depends on (gnucash report report-utilities)
11:47:25 <gjanssens> You can't do that as guile will choke on those in a clean build directory, particularly if the build concurrency is 1 (that is, only one file is built at once).
11:48:14 <gjanssens> Same issue in the qif importer
11:48:53 <chris> ugh. what's the cli commands to highlight these errors?
11:52:02 <gjanssens> In my case it was running ninja-build in a clean working directory.
11:52:32 <gjanssens> It got stuck at about 202 files left to build.
11:54:09 <gjanssens> Where it gets weird is that if I run a 'cmake .' in the same directory after the build failure, suddenly the next build does work (after 'cmake .' there were about 320 files to rebuild)
11:54:43 <chris> odd that the 1000 odd files have never failed to build for me
11:56:13 <gjanssens> Right, perhaps I'm jumping to conclusions.
11:56:53 <chris> I think you're right though. these 3-level module names are not typically imported, so, an easy hack is to combine them, at the cost of less fast recompilation
11:57:20 <gjanssens> After the successful build I did another 'ninja-build clean; ninja-build' and this time it worked flawlessly. Go figure.
11:57:43 <gjanssens> Which brings me to what happened right before the build attempt.
11:58:53 <gjanssens> That is, I pulled most recent maint from the upstreram gnucash git repo, built it (by running ninja-build) and when executing the freshly built gnucash most reports were missing.
11:59:11 <chris> now, reports are expected to (use-module (gnucash report)) rather than (gnucash report commodity-utilities), so, I guess it's safe to move functions around
11:59:58 <gjanssens> That's a frequently recurring pattern on my system and I have not found the cause yet.
12:00:16 <gjanssens> So after that I do a ninja-build clean; ninja-build
12:00:47 <chris> (IIRC your ninja-build = my ninja)
12:00:51 <chris> (IIUC your ninja-build = my ninja)
12:02:55 <chris> Another way to fix these dependencies is to remove (use-modules) but allow some code duplication e.g. small utility functions
12:03:06 <gjanssens> Which only removes about 858 files rather than 962. That is weird. So I'll assume these files that didn't get removed are breaking things.
12:03:33 <gjanssens> You understand right. The name of the tool is distro dependend
12:03:58 <chris> I typically just trash the build dir
12:03:59 <gjanssens> But for the life of me I don't understand why that happens from time to time.
12:04:50 <gjanssens> I prefer to save time by not doing so. And it usually works fine, except sometimes it doesn't.
12:05:39 <chris> gtg now....
12:05:51 <gjanssens> Anyway, the oddity on my side is clearly not a reason to reorganize files. Perhaps my tax fix from a few days back was reduntant as well
12:05:53 <gjanssens> Bye!
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12:50:35 <jralls> gjanssens I've run into these problems and complained to chris about circular dependencies before, but the problem pre-dates him. The hackish work-around is the symlinked .scm files in the builddir. That works because guile can resolve its symbols from them as well as from the .go files.
12:51:46 <gjanssens> jralls: ok. I brought it up with chris as I traced these changes back to his modularity work. But apparently there's something else odd going on.
12:52:59 <gjanssens> Probably your suggestion to the symlinks is the ugly but real solution.
12:53:04 <jralls> Yeah, it has to do with making and removing those symlinks. Sometimes ninja clean removes them but then ninja doesn't put them back. Running cmake again fixes it somehow.
12:53:46 <jralls> It's not a suggestion, it's been there for at least 10 years, maybe longer.
12:54:08 <jralls> As for ugly, definitely.
12:54:18 <gjanssens> Right.
12:55:22 <gjanssens> Got to bo again, though the hint at symlinks/ninja-build/cmake is an interesting one. I may try to dig deeper into that bit later.
12:55:31 <gjanssens> s/bo/go/ ...
12:55:41 <jralls> ;-)
12:56:07 <jralls> The simplest way to avoid the problem is rm -rf * && cmake && ninja.
12:57:25 <jralls> You only need that when switching branches or after a big pull. There's another reason to do it too: Swig files also have dependency tracking problems.
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14:58:09 <Simon> this fixes the Ambiance theme's rounded inset border on the register cells: .gnc-class-register-foreground { border: none; background-image: none; border-radius: 0; }
14:58:34 <Simon> and this finally makes it make possible for me to see the text on account tabs with dark colours...: notebook box label { color: black; background-color: rgba(255,255,255,0.35); }
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17:41:15 <jralls> 4
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22:46:21 <chris> @tell gjanssens do test 797596 - it's also in my branch bug797596 and the payment->payment analysis is still "unstyled"
22:46:21 <gncbot> chris: The operation succeeded.
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