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05:07:48 <gjanssens> .
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09:19:48 <warlord> I'm going to clean out some of the old win32 builds on code. /home is 93% filled.
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10:00:59 <warlord> FYI, I have deleted all the win32 3.x maint nightlies and all the 3.x and 4.0 master nightlies.
10:03:48 <warlord> Now /home is down to 64% :)
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11:04:26 <Robert8471> In release 3.8 the CSV transaction import created transactions that did not have a transfer account thus were incomplete. Check and repair did not fix one of them. Is this a known issue and has it been fixed in the 4.6 release?
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11:08:33 <Robert8471> When I tried manually adding a transfer account it wanted it to be Orphan-Commodity instead of the correct (Locale) currency
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11:11:49 <Robert8471> If I fail to find and delete all of these, what will the consequences be?
11:14:08 <warlord> Robert8471, did you actually apply the "other" account during import? If you don't manually assign it, they will go to Imbalance.
11:16:16 <Robert8471> no, the importer said the transactiions were in balance and it did not give me an opportunuty to assign a transfer account
11:17:13 <Robert8471> they did not go to imbalance either
11:20:10 <warlord> The importer doesn't know anything about "in balance". You right-click in one of the columns to assign the "other" account. Where did they go?
11:21:24 <Robert8471> I did save the import settings and the CSV file However, I am not sure how to migrate the settings to 4.6 in a Linux environment. The transactions do not have any transfer or "other" account
11:23:37 <warlord> Huh? You're saying the transactions literally only have a single split? I .... don't believe that. The transaction scrub function requires balancing.
11:24:26 <Robert8471> That is why I am asking for help
11:25:45 <Robert8471> as I said, Check and Repair does not do anything to add a transfer account either
11:26:32 <warlord> Can you post a screenshot of the account register where you imported the transactions?
11:27:32 <Robert8471> It will take a while, I tend to fumble with that sort of thing.
11:28:48 <warlord> But going back -- during the import you can (and should) absolutely assign proper "other" accounts for the transactions.
11:30:17 <Robert8471> It said it was already in balance so I couldn't add a transfer account
11:30:46 <warlord> I.... okay, maybe gjanssens needs to pipe up here about what's "new" about the CSV importer.
11:30:51 * warlord never imports anything
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11:32:06 <Robert8471> Working on thte screenprint...
11:33:33 <gjanssens> warlord, Robert8471: I can't remember the importer could generate imbalanced transactions
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11:51:07 <Robert8471> I have made an image. How can I show it to you?
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11:55:06 <warlord> you can upload it to imagebin, imgur, etc.
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13:31:04 <Robert8471> I finally got the image posted to Imgur. Here is the link: https://imgur.com/sOswKcb
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13:32:40 <Robert8471> Both transactions were among the CSV import. the second one is the one with no transfer account
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13:49:33 <Robert8471> now if I try to assign an income account for the transfer it wants to know the exchange rate to the comodity even tho there is no commodity shown
13:49:49 <jralls> Robert8471 The CSV importer doesn't run the matcher. You have to provide a transfer account in the CSV file.
13:54:04 <Robert8471> The import file did have a commodity in that line but it disappeared from my view by the time the matcher saw it. I suppose that is why the matcher said it was balanced.
14:00:19 <warlord> The "Purchase of RBC" transaction, the one you have selected, is balanced. But it looks like the "American Tower Dividend" is not.
14:03:25 <Robert8471> Yes, there are several "Dividend" transactions where the commodity is missing from view but apparently linked somehow to generate an exchange rate request if I try to edit it.
14:04:38 <jralls> Are you trying to create an empty split on the commodity account so that the advanced portfolio report can see the dividend?
14:06:48 <Robert8471> Ultimately, yes. someting is not working, tho
14:09:46 <Robert8471> I have been making those transactions with the scheduled transaction editor which works fine. I dont think the matcher was able to match these imports to the existing transactions so I was expecting to manually match after checcking the dividend amounts
14:22:50 <Robert8471> I just tried editing one of those transactions by adding an income account and it eventually created an imbalance commodity split line as well, which I could re-assign to the correct brokerage commodity account. There I found that it purchased shares instead of just linking the cash dividend to the commodity
14:24:35 <jralls> You might be able to get there with a multi-split CSV. Export a similar transaction with File>Export>CSV, selecting account and making the date range the day of the desired transaction. Model your import on that.
14:25:42 <jralls> To do a one-liner, just do the dollars part with the asset and income currency accounts, then add the empty split later in the GUI.
14:31:57 <Robert8471> Sounds like I need to fine tune my import method, but it also seems like the matcher should have either kicked those transactions out, insisted that they be 'fixed', or added a line assigning them to Imbalance-whatever.
14:34:46 <Robert8471> My original question was Does 4.6 work the same way or will I find something different when I finally upgrade?
14:40:58 <gjanssens> jralls: the csv importer can also run the matcher if no proper transfer account is found.
14:41:13 <gjanssens> That's all I have for now. Got to run...
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14:41:39 <jralls> gjanssens, Ah, OK.
14:43:32 <jralls> Robert8471, the matcher doesn't do any of those things, it just looks to see if there's a matching transaction and if there's no transfer account to allow you to select one.
14:44:19 <jralls> Robert8471 did the matcher in fact run, and if so did it show that transaction in green or yellow?
14:50:51 <Robert8471> That was hours ago, I dont remember details other than that I made every transaction new and assigned an account to each one that didn't already have one. I know there were no yellow or red ones when I finished, I can repeat it on a copy of my data file if it would help
14:53:15 <Robert8471> I usually remember to check if the transfer account is what I am expecting it to be, but this was a big file, so I may have forgotten to check that time
14:53:27 <jralls> OK. Seems you somehow fooled the matcher into thinking that that transaction had a transfer account but the split got discarded because of the zero amount.
14:54:03 <Robert8471> Aha!
15:04:58 <Robert8471> When I manually edited the transaction and it wanted to purchase shares it does not show the dividend amount when viewed in the security account and the income amount is the same as the number of shares, not the number of dollars
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15:11:22 <Robert8471> With enough patience I can fix them, but I will look for a better way.
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15:51:11 <gjanssens> Another short note - warlord, it may be that you have to do the cleanup on the build server rather than the web server. The build server uses rsync to mirror the full web layout to the web server. At least the flatpak build does, and I meant to replicate the on the windows build. I don't recall whether I eventually did finish that part. Just figured to let you know to check.
15:51:21 <Simon> for these two transactions that swap order, is it possible for one of them to be a "closing transaction"?
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15:55:18 <warlord> gjanssens, I don't think that was mirrored, but I guess we'll figure that out shortly.
15:55:47 <warlord> @tell gjanssens I don't think that was mirrored, but I guess we'll figure that out shortly.
15:55:47 <gncbot> warlord: The operation succeeded.
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16:05:18 <Simon> https://s85.org/zKiYgkYT the only way I can see these swapping order is if one or the other is somehow marked as "closing" but that shouldn't happen
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16:08:18 <Simon> I think I need to add some debug for the relevant guids and find out exactly what it's doing each time
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17:19:13 <Simon> Jul 1 22:15:03 rincewind gnucash[31002]: xaccTransOrder(c94fd02aca604344f41e6e15d9e1c683, (null), 52f3790408f58e281818775e826b7180, (null)) = 11
17:19:20 <Simon> Jul 1 22:18:25 rincewind python3[31669]: xaccTransOrder(c94fd02aca604344f41e6e15d9e1c683, (null), 52f3790408f58e281818775e826b7180, (null)) = -1
17:19:28 <Simon> so that's not consistent at all...
17:20:50 <Simon> and "11" means it thinks one of the times is different
17:25:27 <Simon> actually it does > comparisons for those...
17:30:22 <Simon> "11" comes from sorting by description
17:31:31 <Simon> and so is "-1" so this doesn't make sense
17:32:38 <Simon> I suspect this is going to become some kind of "one of them doesn't have the description loaded yet" issue
17:35:57 <Simon> Jul 1 22:33:27 rincewind gnucash[41741]: xaccTransOrder_num_action2: sort on description (ta->description=`eBay ...`, tb->description=`PAYPAL ...`)=-11
17:35:59 <Simon> Jul 1 22:33:27 rincewind gnucash[41741]: xaccTransOrder(52f3790408f58e281818775e826b7180, (null), c94fd02aca604344f41e6e15d9e1c683, (null)) = -11
17:36:01 <Simon> Jul 1 22:34:01 rincewind python3[41945]: xaccTransOrder_num_action2: sort on description (ta->description=`PAYPAL ...`, tb->description=`eBay ...`)=-1
17:36:03 <Simon> Jul 1 22:34:01 rincewind python3[41945]: xaccTransOrder(c94fd02aca604344f41e6e15d9e1c683, (null), 52f3790408f58e281818775e826b7180, (null)) = -1
17:36:10 <Simon> that's illogical (I've truncated the descriptions)
17:40:13 <Simon> it returns -11 if the locale is set and -1 if not
17:40:53 <Simon> (with the order swapped)
17:42:33 <Simon> this will be because I'm not calling setlocale() when using gnucash from Python
17:43:03 <Simon> it behaves the same if I do that
17:49:48 <Simon> presumably these are used to sort the display order too because it has no other way of doing it, so really I want to make the timestamps unique...
17:52:19 <Simon> it might make sense to sort these without the locale, otherwise it could vary if the locale does
17:53:23 <Simon> it would help if I didn't have hundreds of transactions that have the exact same date-entered
17:53:52 <Simon> although not necessarily also the same date-posted
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18:00:54 <warlord> Same date-posted is okay, but should have a different date-entered.
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18:04:06 <Simon> I think date-entered is the same if I duplicate them?
18:04:39 <Simon> in one case I have over a hundred transactions with the same date-entered
18:06:01 <Simon> there are 5 instances where I have a paid of transactions with the same date-posted and date-entered
18:06:04 <Simon> pair*
18:07:22 <Simon> https://s85.org/poYRh7lt
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19:22:09 <warlord> Umm.... Hmm. Date entered should not be duplicated, IMHO.
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21:02:04 <jralls> warlord, If you're importing a file all of the transactions will get the same date-entered. We only have 1-second resolution; a computer can suck in a lot of transactions in 1 second.
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