2021-06-28 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:11:13 <CDB-Man> Hmm, where is GNC bot?
00:11:33 <CDB-Man> @tell Chris I use AP and AR invoicing
00:11:33 <gncbot> CDB-Man: The operation succeeded.
00:11:44 <CDB-Man> Or did I get the syntax wrong
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00:16:19 <NoobAlice> CDB-Man: Maybe try again all lowercase? @tell nick message looks correct.
00:18:36 <CDB-Man> @tell chris I use AP and AR invoicing
00:18:36 <gncbot> CDB-Man: The operation succeeded.
00:18:39 <CDB-Man> Nope
00:20:31 <NoobAlice> gncbot: Are you sleeping?
00:20:31 <gncbot> NoobAlice: Error: "Are" is not a valid command.
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00:25:24 <cjh> new feature request : Store data in beancount format
00:25:24 <gncbot> cjh: Sent 7 weeks, 3 days, 22 hours, and 37 minutes ago: <fell> Did you see Plans in https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Wiki_Localization#Wiki_Configuration? Installation and configuration has to be done by warlord with our assistance.
00:25:40 <cjh> This makes us easier to collaborate with the developers of the beancount project to maintain the open source accounting software ecosystem
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07:26:00 <warlord> chris, gncbot appears to be here..
07:26:20 <warlord> @tell chris testing gncbot
07:26:20 <gncbot> warlord: The operation succeeded.
07:26:24 <warlord> worked for me?
07:46:11 <chris> .
07:46:11 <gncbot> chris: Sent 19 minutes ago: <warlord> testing gncbot
07:46:15 <chris> ack
07:59:25 <warlord> Not sure what was going on around midnight last night when you were trying to talk to it.
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10:11:22 <chris> CDB-Man_ thanks. This gives me confidence that the business module will undergo expert scrutiny :)
10:11:52 <CDB-Man_> Well only the 2 that I use!
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10:28:30 <CDB-Man_> I don't use any of the other features
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11:23:50 <chris> Tidbit: APAR have a report "hook" -- Report > Account Report. *MAYBE* STOCK accounts can hook into IFRS report :-/
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14:40:22 <Simon> I'm trying to upgrade from 2.6 but it wants to rewrite all of the transaction/price timestamps to remove the +0100 time zone
14:41:03 <warlord> Wow, 2.6?? I presume you are stepping through 3.x before jumping to 4.x?
14:41:26 <Simon> that's going to make some things be technically in the previous date, even if it happens to display correctly because of my time zone
14:41:39 <Simon> I tried 4.6 and then 3.8b but the result is the same
14:42:21 <warlord> jralls, do you recall the removal of TZ data in priceDB entries?
14:42:40 <Simon> it happens to all of the transactions too
14:47:24 <warlord> We have changed from a timestamp to a Date. Have you verified that GnuCash is reporting it on the wrong day? Or are you just assuming that based on changes to the datafile?
14:47:51 <Simon> like I said, GnuCash is displaying it correctly but that's only because I am in that time zone
14:48:23 <Simon> it is fundamentally wrong for those prices and transactions to now be associated with a different date, so there's a loss of that information
14:49:38 <Simon> I don't really want my transactions to change date if I open the file in another time zone, when the original transaction is associated with a specific date (and no time)
14:49:41 <warlord> I'll let jralls respond to that criticism. He is closer tied to the changes.
14:51:02 <warlord> My understanding is that it shouldn't do that except in one particular corner case with particular TZ very far from GMT.
14:51:06 <Simon> this mostly causes a problem for all my prices because my script has been entering them for 00:00:00 +0100, I can rewrite those to be less ambiguous
14:51:23 <warlord> What do you mean "script entering them"?
14:51:41 <warlord> If you're setting your OWN PriceDB timestamps when all bets are off.
14:51:52 <warlord> GnuCash's default times should all work fine across timezones.
14:51:58 <warlord> But if you override that.....
14:53:18 <Simon> I wrote my own price script in Python because of https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=796969
14:53:35 <Simon> but the prices GnuCash entered would do the same thing if it happened to run at midnight
14:55:33 <Simon> the date-posted is moving from 11:59:00 +0100 to 10:59:00 +0000
14:56:02 <Simon> which may be wrong if GnuCash is trying to use a time that is in the middle of the day but will probably work ok
14:57:14 <Simon> I don't think my date-entered times should change, aren't those still a date with a time?
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14:59:15 <warlord> My transactions are dated 10:59:00 (and I'm in GMT-4) so..
15:00:11 <Simon> ok so I just need to fix my prices
15:00:22 <warlord> But you are right that the PriceDB entry seems to be more wonky -- I see one in there for 17:00
15:00:26 <Simon> do you have a recent price added by GnuCash, what does it look like?
15:00:52 <Simon> the older ones from before I started doing it have times corresponding to when it ran from cron
15:00:58 <warlord> <price:time>
15:00:59 <warlord> <ts:date>2021-04-23 16:00:00 +0000</ts:date>
15:00:59 <warlord> </price:time>
15:01:24 <warlord> Another one says:
15:01:25 <warlord> <price:time>
15:01:25 <warlord> <ts:date>2021-03-15 17:00:00 +0000</ts:date>
15:01:25 <warlord> </price:time>
15:01:37 <Simon> those are oddly specific to the hour
15:01:48 <Simon> the 2.6 to 4.6 change is:
15:01:50 <Simon> - <ts:date>2021-06-28 00:00:00 +0100</ts:date>
15:01:52 <Simon> + <ts:date>2021-06-27 23:00:00 +0000</ts:date>
15:02:04 <Simon> but it's displayed ok in the UI
15:02:08 <warlord> converting to UTC
15:02:18 <Simon> I assume those should really be 10:59:00 +0000 too
15:03:00 <warlord> 1600 UTC is 12 noon localtime on 4/23 -- and 1700 UTC is 12 noon localtime on 3/15
15:03:22 <Simon> aah.
15:05:46 <Simon> I have some other UI problems too, like the text entry doing a 3D recessed edit box when editing, and some of the colours being dark grey on light grey... perhaps it's failing to find some GTK configuration
15:06:14 <warlord> ISTR some conversation on the mailing list about dark mode.
15:06:40 <Simon> it's only the tabs that have this problem
15:07:03 <Simon> the recurring problem of "black on a dark account colour" becomes "grey on any account colour is unreadable"
15:08:03 <Simon> where is the "currently open tabs" data stored?
15:08:12 <warlord> the gcm file
15:08:21 <Simon> for some reason it's in a different place between 2.6 and 3.8b/4.6 and I'm reverting back to an earlier version
15:09:30 <warlord> Yes, the file locations moved. Check the wiki
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15:25:36 <Simon> when I read the prices using the Python API I only get the date, so maybe the problem is because I'm providing a datetime when I set it
15:27:45 <jralls> Simon, there are two kinds of prices. The kind that is derived from a split's amount and value and the kind that you create or import into the pricedb.
15:29:13 <jralls> The latter are most commonly imported with Finance::Quote. Those should have a time and a timezone, but few of the F::Q modules provide a timezone so GnuCash assumes that they're in the computer's current timezone.
15:29:40 <Simon> you're missing the part where I use Python to do this
15:31:10 <jralls> Not missing anything at all. If you're writing transactions then the price is the first kind; if you're writing to the pricedb then the second.
15:32:34 <jralls> Regardless, if you're bypassing GnuCash's logic then it's up to you to create correct timestamps.
15:38:50 <jralls> How are you creating the timestamps and what GnuCash function are you using to write the prices into the pricedb?
15:39:27 <Simon> https://github.com/nomis/gnucash-prices/blob/master/gnucash-prices.py#L158-L174
15:42:02 <jralls> Looks like you're mirroring GnuCash's logic: If the price
15:42:54 <jralls> price's time has a tz you use it, otherwise you use the local one.
15:47:07 <jralls> The not-transaction sort of prices do have a time. If the market on which a stock trades is open then the last price changes with every trade-which for a really popular stock could be thousands of times per second--and the bid/ask prices will change too independently of the trade prices, but generally correlated to them.
15:48:08 <Simon> I've tried using a date, and a datetime with 12:00:00... gnucash still ends up with midnight local time
15:48:20 <Simon> (but this is still gnucash 2.6, I need to fix the existing data first)
15:49:18 <Simon> yes I know there's a time associated with them but for usability I just need it to have a date, and one that is going to be somewhat consistent with my time zone :|
15:50:43 <Simon> afaict I am using this properly but it's ignoring the time so I have no way to set it
15:51:07 <Simon> which is a problem if I want to script a fix using the API
15:52:28 <jralls> What the heck are you doing calling Scheme functions from Python?
15:54:11 <Simon> which part are you referring to?
15:54:33 <Simon> I'm reusing gnc-fq-helper so I'm processing the data in that format
15:54:44 <jralls> quote_lookup starting at line 186.
15:57:48 <jralls> You have a somewhat mangled reproduction of GnuCash's Finance::Quote retrieval. What's the point of that?
15:58:19 <Simon> it was how GnuCash got quotes so I reused it, the alternative would be to figure out how to access Finance::Quote from Python
15:58:39 <jralls> Why not just let GnuCash get the quotes?
15:59:22 <jralls> As in gnucash --get-quotes /path/to/my/book.gnucash
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16:02:50 <Simon> because some of my quote source data for funds can take a while to update with today's closing price
16:03:04 <Simon> if I get quotes at 18:00 then those will be missing
16:03:27 <Simon> if I get quotes at 04:00 then those should be present but now I risk missing some if they fail
16:03:48 <Simon> if I get quotes multiple times unnecessarily I expect to get blocked by the providers
16:04:15 <Simon> hence creating https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=796969 to only get *new* quotes
16:04:45 <Simon> I tried to figure out how to do it in GnuCash itself but editing the scheme code was a nightmare
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16:09:29 <Simon> I must be missing something with cmake to install the Python bindings...
16:10:24 <jralls> -DWITH_PYTHON maybe?
16:10:43 <Simon> yes
16:11:24 <jralls> BTW gjanssens is working on removing the Scheme from quote retrieval, https://github.com/gjanssens/gnucash/tree/price-quotes-cpp. If he can make enough time to finish it it will be in GnuCash 5.
16:11:59 <jralls> Oh, that needs to be -DWITH_PYTHON=YES
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16:21:15 <jralls> Note that we've gotten rid of timespecs in favor of 64-bit timestamps at 1 second resolution. Function names changed accordingly so price.set_time is now price.set_time64.
16:21:27 <Simon> yes, I've now found that
16:24:40 <Simon> they're also now datetime instead of date
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16:38:25 <Simon> now the API puts in whatever datetime I give it, but in UTC
16:41:31 <jralls> No, set_time has always taken a Unix timestamp, as in seconds from midnight 1 Jan 1970 UTC. The difference is that the old timestruct had a time_t field that's 32-bits on 32-bit platforms and a second nanoseconds field.
16:42:04 <Simon> well it's ignoring the time part on 2.6
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16:49:36 <Simon> I've changed all the existing midnight price times to 12:00:00 so everything should be ok now
16:49:49 <Simon> now I just need to change my other code that uses the python API :(
16:50:29 <jralls> OK. GTG.
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17:05:30 <Simon> looks like I've got a pair of magic transactions that swap order every time the file is saved again
17:05:38 <Simon> this time they're not scheduled transactions
17:05:48 <Simon> I'll isolate them as a test case tomorrow...
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17:43:43 <Simon> is it supposed to look like this now https://s85.org/NC3xr2bf ?
17:44:45 <Simon> the Notes field has gone from 4 lines to 2.5 :(
17:45:40 <Simon> it's a fixed size in pixels and I have Large Text (125%) enabled
17:45:46 <Simon> I get 3.5 if I disable that
17:51:28 * Simon recompiles with it set to 250px
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18:48:53 <jralls> Simon, it looks like you might have overridden the style for the description entry to have a white background when in editing mode.
18:50:06 <jralls> As for the notes field, which one? There was a problem with sizing multi-line text entries in dialog boxes Gtk 3.18 or so, that's long since fixed.
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18:51:17 <jralls> That aside it's better to change sizes with CSS instead of hard-coding.
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