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07:41:18 <chris> gjanssens - opinion on #1019? you found fixed one (xaccTransRetDateDue) of many leaks in 2018, many more to go :)
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09:50:08 <chris> Small issue is with const char * fns like xaccTransGetNotes -- it returns the g_value_get_string directly, whch means the GValue is never freed.
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10:32:54 <gjanssens> chris: solution is similar: capture the return value in a const char* to return after you have unset the GValue.
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10:34:22 <chris> hmm confused.
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10:44:58 <chris> gjanssens: can't do. because g_value_unset will clear (write all zeros) to the GValue, therefore, retval=g_value_get_string(&v) will now point to a '\0'.
10:45:19 <chris> we'd need to dupe the string before g_value_unset.
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10:56:07 <gjanssens> const char* retval = NULL;
10:56:22 <gjanssens> retval = g_value_get_string (&v);
10:56:35 <gjanssens> g_value_unset(&v);
10:57:06 <gjanssens> That would not work ? Will it clear retval also ? (I'm currently not in a position to run such tests)
11:00:48 <gjanssens> If ownership is implemented properly then indeed that may not work. You probably would need to use g_value_dup_string instead.
11:01:22 <gjanssens> However that will move the memory leak to all callers of xaccTransGetNotes...
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11:07:33 <chris> gjanssens:that's the point exactly
11:13:19 <gjanssens> The other changes in #1019 are quick wins. Unless you're really eager to fix these, I'd leave the more complicated memory leaks like the above for the rewrite to C++. It would be a lot of duplicate effort to try to fix it in C first if the code eventually gets completely rewritten to C++' memory model.
11:14:40 <chris> agree: "too difficult to fix"
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11:21:58 <chris> #1019 attempts to fix all non-string GValue leaks. still segfaults for now...
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11:49:45 <jralls> gjanssens https://www.wsj.com/articles/a-cathedral-of-beer-belgian-abbey-reopens-brewery-after-two-centuries-carlsberg-11622490528
11:53:57 <jralls> gjansens, The const gchar* returned by g_value_get_string points to allocated memory that gets freed as part of g_value_unset.
11:54:48 <jralls> gjanssens ^
11:57:34 <jralls> So to fix the leak one must either g_strdup(g_value_get_string(gv)) or return the GValue for the caller to deal with.
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12:02:02 <jralls> Or have a static char[] in the func and strncpy into it, but then you have to worry about the function getting called again and overwriting the string.
12:05:11 <jralls> The whole thing is annoying because the original char* that's either in KVP or an object property is stable and we really just need to pass *that* pointer around without any alloc/free at all.
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12:13:30 <gjanssens> jralls: yes, the GValue layer adds plenty of complexity in its attempt to simplify... As suggested earlier, I think it's best to leave real fixes to the C++ rewrite.
12:13:58 <gjanssens> The Grimbergen brewery article is entertaining. Fun to see we're making world news here :)
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12:14:41 <jralls> Too bad you don't like beer... ;-)
12:15:42 <gjanssens> I can still enjoy the story :D
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12:23:08 <jralls> As for GValue fixes I think we should go ahead and fix the leaks, even at the expense of g_strdup(g_value_get_string()) and changing function signatures from const char* to char*.
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12:32:43 <gjanssens> Ok
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17:20:45 <myk> Hello All, I'm trying to understand how to get USAA working. I am getting invalid user ID or password.I went through the quicken Access pin setup. help thank you!
17:32:44 <fell> myk: https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/OFX_Direct_Connect_Bank_Settings#USAA
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18:20:24 <chris> jralls another solution to g_value_get_string -- define global g_value_mark (GValue *v) and g_value_sweep (void) -- the former will do g_list_prepend (marks, v) and the latter g_list_free_full (marks, g_value_unset);
18:20:32 <chris> ^ but I'm sure you won't like it ^_^
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18:30:45 <myk> @fell I have done this but i dont understand the UUID error invalid user ID or password
18:30:45 <gncbot> myk: Error: "fell" is not a valid command.
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18:31:49 <myk> I have done this but i dont understand the UUID error invalid user ID or password
18:32:58 <fell> myk: As european civilist I am no client there. Perhaps jralls can help you?
18:42:35 <jralls> myk, the best I can offer is to tell you to go through the procedure at https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/OFX_Direct_Connect_Bank_Settings#USAA very carefully. It's a rote procedure, there's no way to get anything useful for debugging out of USAA.
18:44:06 <jralls> chris, you bet I don't like overloading GLib's namespace. We should never write a function or macro that looks like it belongs to somebody else's library. That way lies madness.
18:44:40 <chris> naming aside, mark&sweep?
18:44:51 <myk> so theres a link to the mailing list and I'm going through it it says something about the UUID and thats the problem i think but i dont get it. I tried using the UUID but it still gives the same error invalad user ID pass
18:47:12 <jralls> Are you sure you copied the userid and password exactly? Did you set the Application ID to QMOFX--doesn't matter what kind of computer or OS you actually have, you must use that Application ID.
18:48:41 <myk> Application ID says QWIN
18:48:54 <jralls> chris, no, I don't think trying to roll our own garbage collection is a good idea.
18:49:55 <jralls> myk, So you didn't follow the instructions exactly. Try again.
18:50:04 <myk> do bart
18:50:21 <myk> ok let me try again carefully
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19:08:38 <myk> ok now getting a 403 error user and password is ok i think
19:08:55 <myk> HTTP-Status: 403 (Forbidden) Unlocking customer "6"
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19:20:02 <jralls> myk, did you change the URL? That sounds like the old one.
19:23:23 <borschty> a user with a *.compute.amazonaws.com host was asking in #gnome why they were banned. looks like there is a ban for all these hosts
19:26:18 <myk> I had this.https://service2.usaa.com/ofx/OFXServlet. but i swear I copied and pasted but i guess it did not stick. ok now I changed it to https://df3cx-services.1fsapi.com/casm/usaa/access.ofx and am back to invalid user and pass
19:27:37 <myk> Signon invalid (Code 15500, severity "ERROR")
19:31:31 <jralls> Some users reported that they had to go through the enroll step again after a failed attempt. You're using the AccessID and AccessPIN from that step, right?
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19:31:56 <fell> borschty, I lifted the ban of *!*@*.compute.amazonaws.com
19:32:03 <borschty> thanks
19:32:22 <fell> welcome
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19:34:04 <fell> Brando753: Sorry, there was a spam attack by a bot net.
19:34:14 <Brando753> fell: hey no problem, thanks for letting me in
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19:35:50 <myk> That worked Thank you!!!
19:36:05 <myk> now on to the next
19:36:30 <Brando753> So I have used gnucash in the past, kind of got familiar with it but stopped my double book accounting during the pandemic as I did not want to bring reciepts home. Now that I am about to start up again I was curious about the significant digits issue if that has been improved since I last used it where you can accurately track cryptocurrencies? I am going to start working on a
19:36:30 <Brando753> project which pays me in crypto so I need to track it, I remember in the past people saying to use ledger-cli if you need accurate crypto tracking but I am much perefer gnucash, wondering if I can still use it without losing records due to precision.
19:37:04 <Brando753> s/I am much perefer/I much prefer/
19:40:18 <fell> which version were you using?
19:40:40 <jralls> Brando, GnuCash currently supports up to 9 decimal places, which is enough for most cryptos not based on etherium. We still don't recognize any of them as currencies so you must use an account of type Stock for assets and convert to another currency for Equity accounts including Income and Expense.
19:41:34 <Brando753> fell: since I am starting anew, I will install the latest stable version
19:41:58 <Brando753> jralls: okay, 9 is probably fine, though I do personally own some like XMR which has 12
19:42:20 <fell> create mXMR
19:47:24 <jralls> 9 is the max that can be flexibly accommodated by a rational number composed of two 64-bit ints and can handle a conversion between say Bitcoin and Malaysian Rupiah without overflowing. To accommodate more precision without a big performance hit we need 128-bit hardware. I don't see that coming any time soon.
19:49:25 <Brando753> does ledger-cli just use a bigINT library?
19:49:31 <Brando753> and take the performance hit?
19:50:50 <Brando753> jralls: also what is the real life performance hit on an application like a double book accounting software for using bigINT? I imagine its a lot more memory but are the calculations going to be a lot slower since they are so simple?
19:51:24 <Brando753> at least slower to the point it results in the end users noticing?
20:43:40 <ArtGravity> Similar to @Brando753's topic of getting paid in Crypto, how can I track interest income that is paid in crypto? The Income accounts only offer me currency as the security.
20:44:56 <NoobAlice> ArtGravity: Convert it at the time you get it. Debit Crypto Bank in BTC, Credit Interest Income in your home currency. Let trading accounts figure out the rest.
20:45:40 <ArtGravity> @NoobAlice, I like that, and that was exactly were I was heading after asking. Thanks!
20:45:40 <gncbot> ArtGravity: Error: "NoobAlice," is not a valid command.
20:45:57 <NoobAlice> :)
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20:47:09 <NoobAlice> ArtGravity: Also, watch out for your home country's rules for crypto taxation. In the USA, crypto is treated similarly to stocks for taxes, so GnuCash's defaults are perfect, but that might not be the case where you are.
20:47:27 <ArtGravity> I am in the US. :)
20:47:37 <NoobAlice> Well, that works nicely then, haha.
20:49:11 <ArtGravity> We earned an entire penny on an interest payment of 657.53424658 SHIB
20:49:17 <ArtGravity> Move over high rollers!
20:49:25 <NoobAlice> Don't spend it all in one place!
20:49:45 <ArtGravity> I think penny candy costs a nickel these days.
20:50:13 <ArtGravity> Still, it's great that I can track this all in Gnucash
20:50:20 <NoobAlice> You could always spend an additional 50¢ and press your penny into a nice souvenir.
20:50:31 <NoobAlice> Yeah, it is an excellent program.
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20:50:52 <NoobAlice> Thank you, all the devs! Trading Accounts and stock price downloads, especially, are brilliant.
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21:09:26 <Brando753> yea I am also in the US
21:09:49 <Brando753> they are paying me in a stable coin so its also simple for tax but I still need to track the crypto vs cash, and I have crypto investments as well
21:09:56 <Brando753> not to mention I have paid for services in XMR
21:11:21 <Brando753> my biggest complaint with gnucash is I used printable checks with a specific layout, I made a layout file from one of the other defaults that works perfectly but every time I upgrade the newest version of gnucash I have to recreate the layout, the old one seems to never work...
21:11:32 <Brando753> but otherwise I love the program
21:11:39 <Brando753> I learned double book accounting on it
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22:03:07 <kramer> I never really bothered to get GnuCash to print checks the way I wanted to -- always deferred back to an old LibreCalc template for voucher-style checks
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23:36:47 <fell> jralls, Brian Hsu is the recent zh_TW weblate translator, but he was not satisfied, created PR 1021, then saw changed msgs in the sources, …
23:41:41 <fell> i have a half complete preparing patch for the next msgmerge, but got disrupted by the docs translators. I hope I can finish it after fixing some of chris' new messages.
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