2021-05-27 GnuCash IRC logs

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12:13:24 <fell> Weblate is unlocked again.
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12:37:45 <jralls> @tell Argensis I suppose you have no tax liability for the original grant, so you could model that as a "buy" of the shares with a 0 price and the "conversion" as a sale with the total amount booked to some income account. I'd leave the USD part out of it, it's not really relevant.
12:37:45 <gncbot> jralls: The operation succeeded.
12:39:27 <jralls> warlord, github doesn't offer private repos on free projects so we'd have to pay to have them.
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12:42:22 <warlord> jralls, right, which means it would most likely just need to live on code.
12:45:13 <jralls> I don't see a problem with that. OTOH I don't see any real need to keep it private, either as long as it doesn't have passwords, pass-phrases, or pivate key signatures in it. We should have a way of backing those up so that they're accessible to the team if somebody gets hit by a bus.
12:47:51 <jralls> warlord, do we still need the channel on moderation?
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12:56:46 <warlord> I don't know. We can try turning moderation off to see if the drive-bys have stopped.
12:57:17 <warlord> As for public/private -- I guess it depends what configs we keep. For example, we have some port-knocking scripts for www, which we'd like to keep private to prevent DoS attacks.
13:05:47 <jralls> I understood from gjanssens original post that he had in mind just a narrative of changes made rather than the contents of the container. Mind, keeping the container in a git repo on code and writing good commit messages is an excellent way to have both a diary, a way to easily fix mistakes, and a backup of the config.
13:06:48 <jralls> Just like we do with the gitolite repo.
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13:12:56 <jralls> fell, what do you think of https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/index.php?title=Special:ConfirmAccounts/authors&acrid=413 ?
13:15:59 <fell> In theory we can use a maintainer.
13:16:19 <gjanssens> jralls, warlord: currently it is only intended to keep an admin's log, ie a narrative of admin activities on the webserver container. linas mentioned he's in the habit of keeping such a log privately for all his server setups.
13:17:13 <gjanssens> He suggested to set up a shared one for the webserver container as we are several that can modify it. It helps if you see what others did.
13:17:13 <fell> OTOH we have never heard from the person before.
13:17:19 <warlord> But that log COULD contain private info/data, no?
13:18:29 <gjanssens> I suppose so. Anything that's relevant to the server admins. I don't think it would be wise to have all those details publicly available.
13:18:30 <fell> I would say, everybody deserves a chance.
13:19:12 <gjanssens> I'm not sure if linas would be willing to commit config changes to a repo on gitolite with proper commit messages.
13:19:25 <jralls> fell, Right, seems a bit pushy, kinda like Nordhoy on weblate. OTOH might be beneficial and I can supervise them via patrolling.
13:20:05 <fell> It seems, scandinavians are more direct.
13:21:03 <warlord> I dont see Linas having an issue with a private git repo on code.
13:22:22 <fell> warlord: https://lists.gnucash.org/logs/2021/05/26.html#T21:22:16
13:22:50 <jralls> fell, That would be an unfair generalization. E.g. Bjarne Stroustrup doesn't come across as pushy at all.
13:39:11 <linas> well, I did not mean to make things complicated :-/
13:41:22 <linas> I keep a plain-text diary, very informally organized, of the date, the bug of the day, what the symptoms where, what corrective actions were taken, where the config files are. I never put passwords into it.
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13:42:09 <linas> The idea is that next time I get some opaque error message, I can see what I did to fix it last time, instead of fumbling around.
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13:44:24 <linas> I keep this file (one each per system or subsystem that I admin) in git (well, actually, in bzr, due to historical accident, but whatever)
13:46:44 <linas> I was proposing that gjanssens and I could keep a common diary for gnucash.org. I would not share the one I currently have- it has decades of cruft in it.
13:49:19 <linas> I am now thinking that the right thing is to keep that diary is as a text file in /root/diary.txt on the gnucash.org server in git.
13:50:43 <linas> This allows a select few key files from /etc to be kept in git. It allows git clone to keep a copy of those key files off-line, in case of catastrophic loss
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13:52:37 <linas> and there's even an auditable log of changes in the unlikely case of the server being hacked.
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13:53:24 <linas> I already keep the apache config, and the firewall config in this way. adding a single text file for free-hand notes is all I propose.
13:54:06 <linas> It is a kind of opsec error for me to discuss this on IRC, but ... if you don't already do something like this on your machines, you should.
13:54:19 <linas> and if you know of a better way, well, then, out with it!
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14:24:42 <jralls> linas, seems reasonable. warlord and I were discussing hosting the bare version of that repo on code via gitolite, but you can as easily put it on www and give gjanssens access via ssh.
14:32:06 <gjanssens> That's all ok for me.
14:45:39 <linas> I don't know gitolite. The primary issue is operational security: server config details are best left private; I have no desire in attracting jerks who want to hack the system.
14:46:45 <linas> ok, well gjannssens we'll continue by email. I have nothing more to say or do or request at this time :-)
14:48:02 <linas> oh, except one: there is a shitshow over at freenode. Major trainwreck in progress, if you are into that sort of thing.
14:51:54 <jralls> Yeah, that's related to why the channel is on moderation. One or more turkeys decided to advertise the new service by spamming every channel on irc.gimp.net.
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15:23:46 <warlord> linas, gitolite is just a git server manager, to manage git repositories. You would just need to know git.
15:24:16 <warlord> So to restate what jralls said: We can set up a private git repo on code with limited access only to those that need it.
15:24:43 <warlord> .. even though gimp.net has nothing to do with freenode.
15:24:58 <warlord> Oh, and apparently someone already registered my nick at the new irc server -- 2 days ago. :(
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15:41:05 <fell> warlord.jsled had set up a channel on freenode announcing our channel here. I suspect that is the path, which the bots follow.
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15:54:51 <jralls> fell, I monitor the gnome channel as well. The admins were complaining that everything was getting hit.
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15:59:32 <warlord> fell, probabl
15:59:34 <warlord> probably
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16:10:00 <linas> well, freenode kicked my channels off of freenode. They kicked of #guile, too
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16:31:59 <chf> I've read they do that automatically on „wrong“ topics containing „Libera“ and similar „bad“ words, linas.
16:45:48 <jralls> Meaning perhaps that wingo or lcortez moved guile to the Other Server and modified the channel topic to say so?
16:53:30 <chf> Perhaps, didn't verify that, jralls, but the new team is definitely "silencing" outright calls to move to Libera, and taking over channels with those in theit topic (and now also in-channel, as they say).
16:54:37 <jralls> That's not going to do them much good, but I guess it's hard to see that from where they've put their heads.
16:56:00 <jralls> I'm very glad indeed not to have to deal with it. Props to whoever decided to put gnucash on gimpnet instead of freenode.
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17:05:37 <fell> Some channels are so smart and replace the channel for now only in the resources, which they control.
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17:34:07 <chf> Many non-english language channels just avoid certain words. Apparently the new staff can't detect this for now.
17:40:14 <chf> I constantly wonder what the new people are thinking.
17:41:27 <chf> I bet it's only a matter of time, until also server sponors leave. Then they'll have a small network which they really "own", but what for?
17:41:35 <chf> sponsors
17:54:10 <linas> well, apparently, 14 of the freenode admins quit all at the same time, and I got the impression that was more or less all of them, or something like that.
17:54:40 <linas> The #fsf channel has more or less decided to leave; where to its not clear.
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19:13:00 <Argensis> jrails So I think that solves the second issue of it not showing up as income at the vest time., thanks.
19:13:00 <gncbot> Argensis: Sent 6 hours and 35 minutes ago: <jralls> I suppose you have no tax liability for the original grant, so you could model that as a buy of the shares with a 0 price and the conversion as a sale with the total amount booked to some income account. I'd leave the USD part out of it, it's not really relevant.
19:13:25 <Argensis> (Oh, so that's how the @tell thing works, I just saw the reply in the logs on gnucash.org)
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20:41:01 <jralls> Argensis, yes to both.
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22:37:53 <celeste> Hey all! I joined here primarily so people who wish to contact me concerning the wiki can do so anytime. Cheers!
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