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02:37:40 <chris> jralls: maybe I can resurrect #477 (2yrs ago!!) to save&load .json - this *should* be a breeze
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12:53:56 <jralls> chris, if it's really a breeze that's OK: Just keep in mind that it's transitional so not worth too much work. c++options can continue to load and run the existing scheme for backwards compatibility--and probably will have to for a while regardless.
12:55:05 <jralls> gjanssens do you have anything you want considered for options storage, in particular saved report configs?
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14:46:52 <fell> https://code.gnucash.org/builds/win32/build-logs/maint/2021-05/build-maint-2021-05-07-03-01-02.log: FAILED: lib/guile/2.2/site-ccache/gnucash/qif-import/qif-dialog-utils.go …Access violation
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15:11:38 <warlord> huh
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15:17:02 <warlord> Hi Ken (raeburn)
15:17:16 <raeburn> Hi Derek! :-)
15:17:21 <warlord> :)
15:17:47 <warlord> And it's not even Monday night :) How are you?
15:19:10 <raeburn> Doing pretty well... happy to have my second vaccine shot out of the way and counting down my two weeks until I go see my folks for the first time in a year. How're you doing?
15:20:40 <warlord> Life is busy. We got our shots a while ago so we've been able to see local family, which has been nice. Still waiting for the age groups to come down so we can vaccinate the kids. Work is busy, but no biz travel in over 16 months. Feels weird.
15:21:52 <warlord> So did you have a gnucash question or were you just coming here to find me? ;)
15:21:57 <raeburn> I imagine so, yeah. My current job doesn't involve much travel but I at least used to have an office to go to to see my coworkers...
15:22:39 <warlord> Most of my co-workers are in CT. Although the VP-Dev moved to FL recently, so one fewer up in HQ.
15:22:57 <warlord> I suspect I'll get up there next month; pretty much everyone there is (or will be) vaccinated.
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15:26:33 <raeburn> Nice. It'll be nice to get back to more-like-normal... Actually, I've just been dropping in to the channel for a while to follow what's going on a little more. But it's good to "see" you here. :) Been a while since you left Boston...
15:27:01 <warlord> Yeah, 11 years.
15:28:32 <gjanssens> jralls: I haven't followed the conversation on options storage and I'm weeks behind on gnucash related mails. Where's the best place to go to see the current talk/walk so far ?
15:28:35 <raeburn> (Actually, I've got one question I want to ask at some point but it's kind of involved, and I'm in the middle of debugging stuff at work. And I'm pretty sure the answer is probably "no, you just lose" anyway, so there's no hurry. :)
15:29:19 <warlord> Well, if I'm not around, jralls, gjanssens, chris, or fell can probably help.
15:30:05 <raeburn> Wow, 11 years... yeah. I hope at some point you'll be up here to visit, or I'll get down there... it'd be great to see you again sometime.
15:31:01 <warlord> Ditto. We were thinking of a new england trip this summer, but more likely will get pushed out.
15:31:12 <raeburn> Yeah, there seems to be plenty of active help here, and the mailing list, it's quite a helpful crowd...
15:32:31 <warlord> Yeah. gjanssens, jralls -- raeburn is a very clueful long-time friend of mine.
15:32:55 <warlord> (in case I'm not around when you have time to ask)
15:48:47 <gjanssens> :)
15:49:34 <gjanssens> warlord: just to confirm I did receive your mail with how to reach you in case of network failure. Didn't have time to respond then.
15:51:41 <warlord> gjanssens, no worries. It was mostly just as a point of information for future issues.
15:51:53 <warlord> I wasn't expecting an ACK. :)
15:54:24 <gjanssens> Right. That ACK could have served as a ping from my side to hint I'm still alive ;)
15:59:15 <warlord> i knew you were still alive :)
15:59:51 <gjanssens> True, just very absent in the gnucash conversation for the time being.
16:00:11 <gjanssens> I'll have to leave again. See you later!
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16:07:30 <warlord> me too. back later.
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17:07:07 <jralls> @tell gjanssens Sorry I missed you. Unfortunately all of the discussion has been on IRC and it's splattered over the last year. Executive summary is that chris favors storing report configs in the book. fell opposes that because separate users of same book might want different report configs; chris counters that they might want to share them, especially in the case of a customized invoice.
17:07:07 <gncbot> jralls: The operation succeeded.
17:10:41 <fell> Only the sales people are interestet in invouice forms.
17:12:12 <fell> jralls, any idea about the Access violation of the windows build?
17:13:01 <jralls> @tell gjanssens As a compromise I propose to continue to use shared reports files but to make them book-specific; maybe even one file per report to make sharing easier. The brings up next question, format. I think the choices are XML, json, yaml, and ini. chris is itching to use json. I'm mostly agnostic.
17:13:01 <gncbot> jralls: The operation succeeded.
17:13:53 <jralls> fell, You're nuts. Everyone with a business needs to invoice customers and every business-person with any sense wants all of those invoices to look the same.
17:14:54 <jralls> As for the permission denied error, hang on a minute, I'll have a look on the server and see if I can figure out what's going on.
17:15:13 <jralls> It probably has to do with the mingw upgrade I did yesterday.
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17:18:03 <fell> but not the CPAs, controlers … They are only intersted in their number sets.
17:21:08 <jralls> OK, but as you're well aware companies with controllers and CFOs and the like are too big to be using GnuCash. This is about the 3-person shop where everyone does a bit of everything.
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18:30:45 <jralls> fell, warlord, I don't understand what's going on with the buildserver. I tried running buildserver/build_package.ps1 again from a powershell and got the same access violation error at a different place. Tried deleting $builddir/lib, same result but on yet another file. Opened a mingw shell, cd'd to builddir, and ran ninja. It built another ~50 files, access violation. ninja, rinse, repeat about 6 times and it finally fin
18:30:45 <jralls> ished. The access violation is always building a .scm.
18:31:11 <jralls> Nothing in Event viewer to suggest what access is being violated.
18:33:40 <fell> Sounds like an uninitialized counter (im MingW)
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18:44:42 <jralls> What kind of counter are you thinking of?
18:56:03 <fell> I have no specific idea.
19:02:54 <fell> perhaps about the recursion level
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22:26:17 <chris> jralls: #477 is already WIP for .json -- but hit a roadblock IIRC. the reader/writer could be saved-reports-BOOK_NAME.json, and a scheme/C++ reader for backward compatibility
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