2021-05-04 GnuCash IRC logs

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08:55:43 <warlord> cjh, I use HexChat on Linux.
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09:53:30 <cjh> .
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10:02:30 <tg_bot1> <cjh0613> I can't find a perfect Android IRC client. So I added a robot, it can forward messages between IRC and Telegram group ( https://t.me/gnucash_en ).
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11:43:16 <fell> cjh0613 in https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/IRC#Prerequisite are links to Comparison lists.
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12:37:06 <CharlesIC> hello
12:37:17 <CharlesIC> i just upgraded to newer gnucash and the income accounts seems to be buggy?
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13:05:17 <fell> CharlesIC, describe "buggy"
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13:23:26 <fell> @tell chris We write "Weighted average of all transactions in the past". are also "Average cost of purchases weighted by volume" restricted to the past?
13:23:26 <gncbot> fell: The operation succeeded.
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13:59:24 <fell> @tell chris in the example 'List items selected' are untranslated.
13:59:24 <gncbot> fell: The operation succeeded.
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14:01:43 <fell> @tell chris The example also contains several hardcoded URLs.
14:01:43 <gncbot> fell: The operation succeeded.
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14:27:20 <jralls> fell, it might be easier for chris to know what you're talking about if you put the comments on the code in Github.
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15:13:42 <Dave> Hello, how to import MT940 files (transactions) the correct way? When trying to import I cannot see my transactions.
15:14:54 <fell> Dave, did you read https://code.gnucash.org/docs/C/gnucash-help/trans-import.html ?
15:15:53 <Dave> I even watched the YouTube video’s. It’s only importing one transaction and amount. The rest is just not showing.
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15:18:39 <fell> We have dutch Videos?
15:19:24 <Dave> Yes, from Accoo and another bookkeeper
15:20:05 <fell> good to know
15:20:35 <Dave> https://youtu.be/QBD0gGeLNlU
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15:21:00 <Dave> Example of one of the videos. This is for invoicing.
15:21:36 <Dave> Anyway I have no idea why I can only import one transaction line and the rest is not showing.
15:22:59 <Dave> I’ll keep on trying until I got it solved.
15:23:27 <Dave> Thank you fell, for the link to the guide.
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16:09:39 <CharlesICC> hi, anyone around?
16:10:22 <NoobAlice> Nope. :)
16:10:56 <NoobAlice> What's your question, CharlesICC?
16:11:06 <CharlesICC> hi
16:11:11 <CharlesICC> im having this same issue:
16:11:15 <CharlesICC> https://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-user/2021-May/096450.html
16:16:11 <CharlesICC> what do i do?
16:16:13 <CharlesICC> i cant do invoices
16:17:22 <NoobAlice> Wait for someone who knows more to chime in. I don't use invoices, sorry. :(
16:17:50 <CharlesICC> well, i dont know if there's a bug or something
16:17:53 <CharlesICC> the drop down shows nothing
16:18:00 <CharlesICC> even though it worked fine previously
16:19:34 <fell> CharlesICC Home currency and invoice currency?
16:20:47 <fell> and A/P, A/R of course
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16:25:49 <CharlesICC> what do you mean?
16:25:53 <CharlesICC> just that column
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16:30:00 <jralls> CharlesICC, fell needs to know more about your book to try to figure out what's wrong.
16:32:00 <fell> I suspect some currency mismatch like between invoice, income and a/R account
16:33:22 <fell> Perhaps your previous system used a different locale, rsulting in a different currency.
16:36:57 <warlord> Yay, just recovered from another power outage, but this time it was only 2 hours so the UPS survived.
16:37:06 <warlord> ... so you all didn't notice! :)
16:38:45 <fell> I hope Biden will do something for the infrastructure. ;-)
16:40:30 <warlord> Hahaha...
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16:51:50 <CharlesICC> fell, hi
16:52:02 <CharlesICC> this only started with the upgrade?
16:52:10 <CharlesICC> the issue is it's not showing any accounts in drop down
16:52:20 <CharlesICC> for income account in invoices
16:52:26 <CharlesICC> like the ones it used to
16:53:21 <CharlesICC> i hit the arrow and it switches from up to down, but lists nothing
16:53:41 <CharlesICC> does the same thing for action, shows nothing when you hit the arrow
16:54:20 <CharlesICC> however, i can select the other items for action if i type it. for income account, i cannot find the normal accounts i have there
16:55:57 <CharlesICC> under my accounts for this book, i have income: sales
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16:56:08 <CharlesICC> i used to be able to put that for income account in invoices, now i cannot
16:56:30 <fell> From https://code.gnucash.org/docs/C/gnucash-help/busnss-ar-components1.html: If you deal with customers in more than one currency you will need a separate Accounts Receivable account for each currency.
16:57:30 <CharlesICC> i only have one currency, USD.
16:57:40 <CharlesICC> and this literally worked fine before the upgrade :
16:57:41 <CharlesICC> :/
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17:06:24 <jralls> CharlesICC: From what version to what version did you upgrade, and on what OS?
17:11:48 <fell> jralls, https://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-user/2021-May/096450.html: I upgraded to gnucash 4.5 with fedora 34.
17:13:02 <jralls> Are DaffyDuck on gnucash-user and CharlesICC the same person?
17:13:08 <CharlesICC> fedora 33 to fedora 34
17:13:15 <CharlesICC> jralls, im having the same issue
17:13:40 <jralls> But not the same person. What version were you running on F33?
17:13:54 <CharlesICC> unfortunately i dont remember :/ the most recent one they had
17:13:59 <CharlesICC> let me see
17:14:43 <CharlesICC> gnucash-4.1-1.fc33.x86_64.rpm
17:14:44 <CharlesICC> probably that
17:15:40 <jralls> OK. https://repology.org/project/gnucash/versions says that's what was in the original but that they'd supplied 4.5 via updates.
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17:21:26 <CharlesICC> so any ideas as to what's going on and what i can do?
17:21:34 <CharlesICC> specifically, one of my accounts is income:sales
17:21:42 <CharlesICC> i cant select it anymore with the new version
17:24:34 <warlord> I'm on F33 and I have gnucash-4.4-1.fc33.x86_64
17:25:47 <warlord> I can try to update to 4.5 on F33 and, if supplied a datafile to test with, can try to reproduce it on F33. That would tell us if it's a GnuCash or Fedora issue. (I can test both 4.4. and 4.5)
17:27:29 <jralls> CharlesICC, I just tested on a recently updated F33 with a locally built GnuCash 4.5 and the income account drop-down when creating a new invoice works OK.
17:28:07 <jralls> CharlesICC is that what doesn't work for you?
17:29:56 <jralls> CharlesICC can you create a new book with File->New and the common accounts, then create a new customer and invoice? Is the income account drop down broken in that case?
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18:00:43 <jralls> CharlesICC I just created a Fedora 34 VM, installed GnuCash, made a test file and created a customer and invoice. No problem with the invoice drop down, so I guess it must be something to do with your account.
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18:39:34 <CharlesICC> sporry, back
18:39:47 <CharlesICC> let me see
18:43:22 <CharlesICC> i opened another book
18:43:24 <CharlesICC> created an invoice
18:43:29 <CharlesICC> and im having the same exact issue
18:44:33 <CharlesICC> the drop down arrow doesn't work and i cant hardly type anything in
18:45:00 <CharlesICC> let me try a new book
18:47:03 <CharlesICC> just created a new book, and im having the same issue with invoices
18:47:24 <CharlesICC> drop down doesnt work, i cant hardly type anything in
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18:54:57 <CharlesIC> man this sucks
18:55:05 <CharlesIC> drop down for action and income account doesnt work
18:55:17 <CharlesIC> and i cant even type in the right account under income account
18:59:40 <CharlesIC> yeah, outside of invoices it works fine
18:59:44 <CharlesIC> its just in invoices
19:01:49 <CharlesIC> so for assets:checking account, the drop down works
19:01:57 <CharlesIC> for invoices, drop down for action and income account does not
19:02:03 <CharlesIC> and for income account, i cant even type it in
19:02:23 <jralls> And this is the register line when creating a new invoice?
19:02:35 <CharlesIC> yes, or editing an existing open one
19:02:54 <CharlesIC> ok i was finally able to copy and paste
19:02:56 <CharlesIC> but i cant type it
19:03:15 <jralls> Is this a stock Fedora 34 or are you using a different window manager (e.g. xfce) or theme?
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19:03:37 <CharlesIC> stock and cinnamon
19:06:07 <jralls> OK. Cinnamon might matter, let me test. I probably won't get it installed today and will be away tomorrow.
19:17:17 <CharlesIC> k
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19:26:10 <jralls> CharlesIC, one more thought before I go: Wayland or X11, and did you try switching?
19:29:32 <jralls> CharlesIC, running a live ISO from https://spins.fedoraproject.org/cinnamon/download/cinnamon-download-splash?file=https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/unofficial/releases/34/Fedora-Cinnamon-Live-x86_64-34-1.2.iso Date, Action, and Income Account drop downs all work fine.
19:29:38 <jralls> GTG.
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19:30:28 <CharlesIC> x11
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21:19:06 <chris> fell - both avg-cost and weighted-avg have similar strategy that I haven't decoded yet - but ONE of them will sum absolute amounts instead of the net amounts.
21:19:54 <chris> e.g. consider 10GBP -> 15EUR. then convert 14EUR -> 9GBP.
21:20:22 <chris> one will price them as 19GBP == 29 EUR
21:21:05 <chris> the other would price them as 1EUR == 1GBP (but I'm not sure I remember this one well)
21:21:25 <chris> according to CDB-Man_ both are hopelessly incorrect
21:21:46 <chris> and they both consider txs UPTO report-date
21:23:16 <chris> Except the multicol-pnl whereby they currently consider txns upto the report options' End-Date -- this causes discrepancy because idealy we want them to consider txns up to the periodic column end-date
21:23:52 <chris> ^-> but to fix the latter means a glacially slow report when multiple periods are selected hence I never fixed it
21:24:27 <chris> ^^-> glacially slow because every column would mean another qofquery to retrieve all transfers upto periodic end-date
21:32:47 <chris> jralls googletest reverting offending commit means ninja check now succeeds
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23:24:36 <CDB-Man_> I don't know specifically what functions it refers to... But the answer is still probably not likely correct!
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