2021-05-03 GnuCash IRC logs

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09:54:20 <warlord> .
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10:14:59 <cjh> Hi, guys. Who is the administrator of wiki.gnucash.org
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10:27:43 <Guest39> test
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10:54:12 <warlord> Guest39, having network issues?
10:54:36 <warlord> There are a team of people who administer the content (and user approvals).
10:54:44 <warlord> I run the underlying hardware/OS
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11:19:38 <fell> Bruce Chen (cjh…), you entered an invalid email address. I will delete the request and you can redo it.
11:21:44 <fell> Guest39, you alias? ^
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11:40:35 <cjh> fell : OK
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11:52:07 <fell> cjh: done
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12:23:15 <cjh> fell : It seems that I can't edit the front page. Please help me add this to Translators table: https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Zh-hans/GnuCash ,thanks
12:29:19 <cjh> | [[Zh-hans/{{PAGENAME}}|简体中文]]
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12:43:15 <fell> cjh: done
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15:10:26 <oneIpappy> greetings all - im a gnucash newbie -
15:11:26 <oneIpappy> problem with Generic Import Transaction Matcher (GITM) importing from .ofx -
15:12:50 <oneIpappy> GTIM will not allme to correct a mismatched transfer tranasction. is there a workaround?
15:36:44 <warlord> oneIpappy, what do you mean "mismatched transfer" and how are you trying to correct it?
15:49:37 <oneIpappy> ive been fighting this one for a few days now, trying to determine exactly what was happening. the GTIM will match a transfer transaction to the wrong destination account: acct A source, account B is where it wants to put it, but it should be acct C. the C column is checkmarked. if i dbl left click, the dialog that comes up doesnt appear to allow any changes. if I checkmark the A column, it
15:49:37 <oneIpappy> allows me to choose the correct account, but when I apply the import, it creates a duplicate transaction in the destination account, instead of clearng the correct transaction.
15:52:07 <oneIpappy> I just tried editing the OFX import file and changed the transaction sequence, this to be a viable workaround, but the GITM code seems to be broken, at least from my newbie perspective.
15:52:36 <oneIpappy> OR i could just be using the program incorrectly!!
15:54:10 <oneIpappy> if there is a better method for explaining or showing the problem I am experiencing, please educate me.
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16:06:38 <warlord> I don't understand how changing the order could affect anything. Are you importing transactions for A, B, or C?
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17:08:25 <oneIpappy> currently working on "A"
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17:09:39 <oneIpappy> at this point, Im guessing that my credit union is not compliant with the current OFX standards...
17:12:40 <oneIpappy> i was using MSMoney fopr the last 20 years, with reasonable success, but since I started a company in 2020 I felt the need to change to a "real" accounting package. this seems to have revealed the difficiencies in my old methods...
17:13:19 <oneIpappy> Its really difficult to explain the problems via IRC.
17:51:16 <warlord> fell, FYI, Linas had a power outage due to storms which is why www was down. He's back up now.
17:52:45 <warlord> oneIpappy, maybe screen shots? If you're importing into A, then you need to assign all your transactions from A to X,Y,Z, etc. If you assign it to A, then you're telling GnuCash to Credit and Debit A, which makes no sense (but GnuCash lets you do it anyways). That's why you see a "duplicate" in A -- you see the credit split and the debit split.
17:55:35 <oneIpappy> the problem is the import screen wont let me correct it. I *DO NOT* create transactions manually, but rely on imported dated.
17:56:40 <oneIpappy> my day is done... I will try to get some screen shots together to better explain.
17:57:15 <oneIpappy> Thank you very kindly for discussing it.
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20:17:52 <warlord> oneIpappy, sorry, had to step away for a while. You can answer me in the morning, but... Let's say you have a transaction with a description of "Foo" that the importer wants to assign to account B. It should let you assign it to account C by double-clicking. That will give you a transaction from A->C (instead of A->B).
20:18:18 <warlord> However I don't understand your concern about clearing and reconciling.. If you only import then it would never have a transaction to clear.
20:18:31 <warlord> And reconciling is ALWAYS a manual process -- not done via import.
20:21:37 <jralls> warlord, I think oneIpappy is trying to get his imported transaction to match and clear one he already entered manually.
20:22:39 <jralls> It sounds like the manually-created transaction is to the wrong transfer account and he's trying to fix it in the import matcher, which obvs won't work.
20:23:48 <warlord> jralls, they said, and I quote, " I *DO NOT* create transactions manually, but rely on imported dated." -- so that's not an issue.
20:24:05 <warlord> Or it shouldn't be an issue.
20:25:26 <warlord> So issue with www was another power hit. Linas doesn't have a decent UPS (the one he has will shut down the system after 5 minutes). I suggest, if he is interested, that we invest in a better UPS for him.
20:25:47 <warlord> anyways, I'm off for the night.
20:26:39 <jralls> OK, but he also said that he has the "C" column checked and complains that switching to the "A" column creates a duplicate txn instead of clearing the existing one.
20:27:33 <jralls> I don't see a problem with getting Linas a UPS.
20:27:37 <jralls> Goodnight!
20:27:44 <warlord> I admit I'm not 100% sure what that means. (I don't use the importer)
20:27:53 <warlord> ttfn
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20:50:25 <cjh> Which irc client (windows / android ) do you currently use? The web client I am using now seems not to work very well.
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20:56:47 <jralls> cjh, I mostly use LimeChat on a Mac, don't think they have a Win32 version. On 'droid I occasionally use liteIRC, seems to work OK.
21:19:10 <cjh> Thanks, but I can't find liteIRC in Google store. No other Android clients I have tried can connect to irc.gnome.org successfully
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21:19:28 <cjh0613> test
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