2021-05-01 GnuCash IRC logs

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02:31:24 <Bambuzel> Hi there! I'm very new to GnuCash. I'd like to migrate from YNAB into GnuCash, and I'm exploring it's features. I started noting my personal expenses a few days ago, and now I would like to know if there is any way to display any kind of plot showing break down of my expenses into particular accounts. Eg. groceries 20%, clothes 10% etc... I'd also like to see changes in time. Is it possible in GnuCash?
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02:49:39 <NoobAlice> Bambuzel: Reports > Income and Expense > Expense Pie Chart , then Options and change the time period and other settings to what you want.
02:50:19 <NoobAlice> For changes, you could run it twice or do maybe a line chart with weekly or monthly or quarterly averages. That's a nice display.
02:50:32 <NoobAlice> Or just run two pie charts.
02:51:02 <Bambuzel> Yay! Thanks!
02:51:09 <NoobAlice> You're welcome!
02:51:30 <NoobAlice> GnuCash doesn't do super-fancy reporting, but I've been satisfied with it. :)
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06:30:33 <chris> CDB-Man: jralls mentioned the possibility of both owning a stock, and deciding to open a shorting position in the same stock. I'd opine this is out-of-scope of both ifrs-report and stock-assistant...
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08:38:05 <chris> jralls: your recent xaccAccountTypesCompatible means it's impossible to create a new top-level account. Swapping the parameters in dialog-account.c:882 will fix it.
08:38:58 <chris> other uses of xaccAccountTypesCompatible will need to be reviewed...
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08:49:30 <warlord> .
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10:05:50 <chris> jralls: from empty book try create a BANK account with ROOT as parent... maint currently fails
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10:37:30 <CDB-Man> Yes but not likely within the same account
10:37:48 <CDB-Man> So out of scope
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10:57:11 <fell> Chris: My POV Bank is a child of "current assets"
10:57:40 <chris> ah. different account yes, but jralls still wants to add possibility of short in same account as long. jralls likes to consider these unusual users.
10:57:57 <chris> fell I'm talking about creating a new root account see comment again.
11:03:55 <fell> www is unreachable, last hop is ae10.0.core01.smrctx.grandecom.net
11:04:40 <fell> I mailed Linas.
11:06:11 <fell> now also ae10.0.core01.smrctx.grandecom.net appeared with over 97% loss.
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11:13:27 <nathan> hello, I have a problem with the budget feature on gnucash 4.5. I have two similar account structures in my account tree. When I enter a value into the budget for any account in one of the structures, it populates the correct feild and shows the difference in the summary line at the bottom. When I do the same thing in the other account structure, it makes absolutely no effect on the summary line at the bottom (as if I had left it at $0)
11:13:27 <nathan> any ideas?
11:15:33 <chris> are the currencies the same?
11:17:49 <nathan> yes
11:19:42 <chris> maybe submit on bugzilla with screenshots
11:19:50 <nathan> what I have is: current assets > HSA Account (bank account, non-placeholder) > HSA investment account (bank account, placeholder) > available cash (cash account, non-placeholder)
11:21:07 <nathan> next subaccount under "HSA investment account" is: portfolio (asset account, placeholder) > various ETFs (all stock accounts)
11:22:22 <nathan> https://www.imgpaste.net/image/K7upl2
11:23:41 <nathan> when I make an entry in the budget for the "HSA account" it works like normal. When I make the same entry in the "available cash" or any subaccount of "HSA account" it does nothing to the budget
11:27:12 <nathan> screenshots showing comparisons, one with entry for the parent account, one with the same entry for the subaccount (same "non-effect" on all subaccounts of this one parent account)
11:27:16 <nathan> https://www.imgpaste.net/image/K7u9Yw
11:27:16 <nathan> https://www.imgpaste.net/image/K7u0U7
11:30:34 <chris> your 50.02 budget cell overrides the 1500.00 cell
11:32:18 <warlord> fell, i just did, too. oops.
11:33:31 <fell> warlord, do you have other channels like SMS/phone?
11:34:20 <nathan> ok. So originally I was only using the parent account (it had no subaccounts). I went to add subaccounts and ran into this problem. Looks now like I need to create another subaccount and migrate (what is now the parent account) to that new subaccount. sound correct?
11:37:44 <warlord> I might have a phone#.
11:37:58 <warlord> I'm not in a position to call right now, but I can try later today.
11:38:15 <warlord> I'm sure he knows there is a network outage. His whole house is out.
11:40:07 <fell> But this time there should be no frozen wind generators the reason. ;-)
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11:42:19 <nathan> got it. I needed to create a new parent account and make the original parent account to be a subaccount alongside the new subaccount
11:42:29 <nathan> thanks for the tip
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12:54:49 <jralls> chris, thanks for catching that. I did check all of the other uses, dunno how I missed that one.
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14:21:39 <Bambuzel> Hi, Have you got any tips on how to store information about cryptocurrencies in gnucash?
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14:35:19 <NoobAlice> Bambuzel: Turn on Trading Accounts. Depending on the tax laws in your country, it may be best to set crytocurrencies up like stocks.
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18:43:44 <fell> www.gnucash.org is back :-)
18:46:06 <jralls> It was back at least 6 hours ago.
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