2021-04-25 GnuCash IRC logs

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09:18:51 <chris> #818 is now able to store/retrieve stock-acct's associated accounts \o/
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13:30:05 <fell> @tell chris Is there any reason o use different period strings in balsheet-pnl.scm than in options-utilities.scm? BTW I would prefer "Quarter Year" (number and unit like the other labels).
13:30:06 <gncbot> fell: The operation succeeded.
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14:16:52 <myk> (Code 15500, severity "ERROR")
14:16:52 <myk> The user cannot signon because he or she entered an invalid user ID or password.
14:16:52 <myk> Unlocking customer "7"
14:16:54 <myk> HI Guys, For chase credit card I cant figure this out USER NAME: (ABA Routing #) I keep getting
14:17:33 <myk> sorry about that tried Limechats msg box.
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15:02:39 <jralls> chris, I suppose instead of <? Seems unlikely to matter, though if one is pedantic about it "before" means <.
15:04:11 <jralls> @tell chris I suppose instead of <? Seems unlikely to matter, though if one is pedantic about it "before" means <.
15:04:11 <gncbot> jralls: The operation succeeded.
15:05:31 <jralls> myk, Not sure about Chase, I don't have an account there. ISTR some discussion on the gnucash-user mailing list about needing to register and pay for online access with them.
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15:06:22 <myk> hmm maybe. I just received the quicken password. it took overnight. I am going to wait a bit and try again
15:06:42 <myk> also i dont know why amex is not working im getting 403
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15:07:41 <jralls> Did you check AMEX on ofxhome.com to make sure they still support OFX DirectConnect?
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15:16:07 <myk> yes its supported. the comments are old though
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15:53:24 <jralls> myk, Hmm, check that the URI you have in AQB matches what's there, then see if there's anything on their website. They might have changed their authentication software. You might have to get Quicken to reverse-engineer it. https://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-devel/2021-January/045664.html describes how it was done for USAA.
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19:17:07 <chris> fell: "Closest before report date" would be more idiomatic English IMHO
19:17:38 <chris> jralls: dialog-stock-editor *will* become a GtkAssistant when I find the 10h to learn it and the 1h to do it...
19:18:05 <chris> I finally managed to make the g_object properties getter/setter work
19:18:39 <jralls> chris, OK, but that will happen sooner if you stop titivating on the bad design.
19:19:41 <chris> jralls: re: closest-before or closest-before-or-equal -- I wonder if the design will create some pricedb with time64 exactly the same as the posting-date.
19:19:57 <chris> IIRC most reports will set report-date as time_end_of_day
19:20:02 <chris> so it *should* be safe
19:20:24 <jralls> chris, good. GObject is a hackish PITA which is why we want to replace it with C++. But in the meantime keep plugging away and it will start to sort of make sense.
19:20:41 <fell> Chris, price date < report date (before) or <= (up to) is the first question.
19:21:44 <chris> fell: well currently it's <
19:22:41 <chris> but the English "Last Up to something" isn't idiomatic
19:22:55 <jralls> chris, good point. Yes, if the price is created by a transaction it will have exactly the same time64 as the date-posted. But as you say reports go to the end of the local day so it shouldn't matter.
19:23:50 <jralls> Actually in English "up to" means "doesn't include and "up through" means
19:23:55 <jralls> "including".
19:25:37 <jralls> So pedantically if you want <= you'd say "latest-through" instead of "latest-before". But as long as the end-time of the report isn't 10:59:00 YTC it won't matter.
19:25:48 <jralls> s/YTC/UTC/
19:26:32 <chris> I'm just being pendantic about the label that's all... "Last up to report date" sounds like a foreigner :)
19:27:13 <fell> I am no native. ;-)
19:27:26 <jralls> Neither is Chris! ;-)
19:28:44 <jralls> And native of where? My "native" sounds weird to mikee and vice-versa.
19:28:53 <jralls> BRB
19:31:26 <fell> If I enter my brokers quarterly statement, e.g. 2020-12-31, is it used in my report of the same day?
19:32:37 <chris> the relevant reports use end_of_day so it *will* use a daytime price
19:32:39 <jralls> Should be, because it's looking for prices before midnight local on that date.
19:34:11 <fell> And the formal en_US term is "up through" ?
19:34:39 <jralls> Dunno about formal, that's the idiomatic US English.
19:34:59 <chris> "Closest up though report date"
19:35:04 <chris> ^ maybe
19:35:13 <jralls> Formal would probably be something hideous like "up to and including".
19:35:52 <chris> or "Closest before or on report date"
19:37:51 <chris> I see both <= and < in gnc-pricedb.c
19:37:52 <jralls> Of course you can still get cross-threaded: I could trade stock on the Australian or Tokyo exchange and the prices would be in my future cuz it's already tomorrow there.
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20:59:11 <fell> i prefer Latest over Closest to have more Hamming distance.
21:00:30 <fell> i wonder also about Currency in "Weighted average of all past currency transactions"
21:01:15 <fell> Are there other transactions, too?
21:01:46 <chris> as far as we know weighted-average doesn't match any official basis calculator so we can call it anything
21:06:47 <fell> I wonder if it would conuse tranlators: Only foreign currencies, no stocks or funds?
21:09:13 <fell> buys and sells, but no splits?
21:10:27 <fell> jralls?
21:14:48 <fell> I tend to remove the word. Then we have purchases and all transactions.
21:18:36 <chris> I'd suggest replace 'currency' with 'priced
21:20:39 <fell> Yes, better.
21:22:51 <fell> Something else: recently I watch the creation of libgnucash/backend/dbi/test/test-dbi.xml.LCK and .LNK - they are not removed at the end of the ninja check..
21:28:00 <fell> After playing with gg translate: Weighted average of all past transactions with prices
21:29:31 <fell> 'all past priced transactions' is ambiguous
21:35:32 <fell> "Weighted average of all transactions in the past with prices" is unequivocally
21:36:25 <fell> But it makes the list very broad.
21:56:14 <fell> If there is no price the weight is zero. So I will remve price from the message.
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