2021-04-18 GnuCash IRC logs

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07:28:50 <adder> I have a problem regarding multi-currency trading accounts. I just did 3 month's accounting before realizing that I had not selected the "use trading accounts" option in my preferences. Is there any way to update or re-run all of my inter-currency transactions? (Sorry, I asked this the other day but disconnected before getting an answer)
07:28:50 <gncbot> adder: Sent 3 days, 14 hours, and 2 minutes ago: <warlord> Turn on trading accounts and then you can run the scrub routines.
07:30:02 <adder> (Oh I just realized the bot let me know what my response was. Warlord suggested that I scrub the routines... I don't actually know what that means in this context.
07:36:52 <Midnight_Rider> I'm looking to get an idea of what it would take to upgrade my version of GnuCash 2.4.13 to a newer version on a windows 7 operating system.
07:45:16 <adder> (And I found the scrub tool. Thank you!)
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08:04:48 <epistax> I'm having some difficulty getting price quotes for Silver (XAG). For my regular securities I had to select yahoo (json) as my source, but I don't see how to do that for XAG. I set up an asset for XAG and provided the weight (in oz). What am I doing wrong?
08:05:01 <epistax> (Thanks)
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08:23:21 <chris> jralls: instead of converting dialog to assistant, how about setting gtk_widget hidden property instead of sensitive?
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09:13:10 <warlord> Midnight_Rider, from 2.4.13 you will want to ugrade to a 2.6 version, load your data file, save it again, and then from there you should be able to jump directly to 4.x -- although you could make a step to 3.x if you prefer. At each step just download the installer, install it, and then run it. NB, Win7 is EOL, so you might get stuck at 2.6 or 3.x.
09:13:44 <warlord> epistax, currency quotes should be automatic (I don't know what source it uses offhand).
09:14:43 <epistax> warlord, when I ask for a price database "Get Quotes" update, I get a message saying that XAG failed, would I like to proceed with the rest.
09:15:19 <epistax> My price history for XAG only includes two transfers between a USD account and XAG account.
09:15:25 <warlord> Does the Tracefile have anything to say about it?
09:15:53 <Midnight_Rider> Thanks for the response warlord, I'll work on it.
09:16:32 <warlord> Midnight_Rider, just backup your data file(s) first...
09:16:36 <warlord> (Just In Case)
09:17:02 <warlord> epistax, I don't recall what quote source is used for currencies.
09:17:21 <warlord> It's POSSIBLE it uses alphavantage, which requires an API Key
09:17:26 <Midnight_Rider> :) Got it, thanks!
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09:18:16 <epistax> warload I just tried to update the price database then checked /tmp/gnucash.trace. There are no new lines.
09:19:07 <warlord> hmm
09:19:22 <warlord> I know jralls is still asleep. Dunno if chris has any ideas/
09:19:49 <epistax> I'm patient. I'll check back in a while. I won't miss anything that gets posted. Thanks :)
09:20:42 <chris> I have no idea if the alphavantage or yahoo sources offer XAU/XAG
09:20:54 <chris> there's also the weird USN currency
09:21:19 <warlord> chris, I tried yahoo_json and it didn't work..
09:21:42 <warlord> And I don't have an AlphaVantage key
09:22:00 <warlord> If I try: gnc-fq-dump currency XAGUSD
09:22:01 <warlord> ERROR: ALPHAVANTAGE_API_KEY *must* be set for currency quotes and
09:22:01 <warlord> stock quotes with source 'alphavantage' or 'vanguard'; see
09:22:01 <warlord> https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Online_Quotes#Source_Alphavantage.2C_US
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09:35:58 <fell> XAG etc. are ISO currencies. Currency in Finance::Quote version 1.49 are hardcoded to alphavantage,but you should be able to query .yahoo_json XAGUSDX or so.
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09:45:45 <fell> with an alphavantage key in my bash environment I get:
09:45:46 <fell> gnc-fq-dump currency XAG USD
09:45:48 <fell> 1 XAG = 25.96845 USD
09:48:13 <epistax> gnc-fq-dump currency XAG USD
09:48:13 <epistax> 1 XAG = <unknown> USD
09:48:13 <epistax> Maybe I need one of those keys
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09:53:08 <epistax> gnc-fq-dump currency XAG USD
09:53:08 <epistax> 1 XAG = 25.96845 USD
09:53:08 <epistax> That worked, now the gui...
09:54:09 <epistax> That worked too! Great, thanks. I think if this is going to be a hard-coded source, a more appropriate error message would save you from people like me. :-)
10:02:44 <chris> CDB-Man the average-cost.scm report could be merged into the nightlies in Experimental for better access to testing, maybe even hidden behind --extra WDYT jralls
10:03:10 <epistax> Oh, totally different topic. I switched "Date Completion" to "In the current calendar year" because the default option, "in a sliding 12-month window starting with many months before the current month" seems a little bonkers. If I put 4/15 for a date it (US format) it completes to 4/15/1899.
10:04:00 <chris> epistax: we have bugzilla for unexpected reports like this -- care to add there? some skilled devs don't watch irc
10:04:12 <epistax> Sure I'll hop over there
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10:36:13 <CDB-Man> Thanks Chris
10:36:20 <CDB-Man> I just haven't the time lately
10:42:03 <fell> epistax on th console you can also use:
10:42:05 <fell> gnc-fq-dump yahoo_json XAGUSD=X
10:42:06 <fell> Finance::Quote fields Gnucash uses:
10:42:08 <fell> symbol: XAGUSD=X <=== required
10:42:09 <fell> date: 04/08/2019 <=== recommended
10:42:11 <fell> currency: USD <=== required
10:42:12 <fell> last: 15.220006 <=\
10:42:14 <fell> nav: <=== one of these
10:42:15 <fell> price: <=/
10:42:17 <fell> timezone: <=== optional
10:42:49 <fell> oh, hisstorical data :-(
10:45:36 <fell> but real currencies can still be queried that way.
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11:52:48 <jralls> chris, showing and hiding UI elements is even worse than changing the labels.
12:02:53 <jralls> chris, master gets nightly builds too and that's where your tool goes. But I haven't had time to code-review your PR except for the join_string snippet yesterday and nobody else has looked at it since November.
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14:55:28 <Midnight_Rider> warlord, just a shout-out for that direction earlier in reference to an upgrade. Went through the entire process and ended up with version 4! (nice) Anyway, appreciate your input!
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16:55:33 <warlord> Midnight_Rider, glad that worked out for you!
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19:38:33 <chris> jralls/cdb-man there are two tools - the acb report (which I'm proposing can be merged into maint experimental soon) and the stock-editor (which is nowhere near ready)
19:39:28 <jralls> chris, maybe you should have separate PRs.
19:39:30 <chris> the ACB report could be into experimental --extra and receive bug reports, usability upgrades (eg option simple/detailed), label fixes etc
19:39:30 <CDB-Man> And I still owe you a truth table for the report
19:40:00 <chris> cdb-man- exactly the truth table is afaiu only for the 'english interpretation of a stock txn'
19:40:09 <chris> jralls - I'll split the PRs then
19:40:23 <chris> cdb-man AFAIU the numeric ACB calculations are A-ok
19:40:32 <jralls> But don't make it dependent on --extra, that guarantees nobody will test it. Just put it in Reports>Experimental.
19:40:34 <CDB-Man> No, the truth table also affects how you aggregate some of the cost basis items
19:40:46 <CDB-Man> There were some errors depending on sequencing
19:41:09 <chris> Ok and maybe some enlightened users will also kick its tyres
19:41:19 <CDB-Man> Because of how you were mapping some of the transactions
19:41:29 <CDB-Man> I still need to do it, I just haven't the time yet
19:41:53 <CDB-Man> I need to get my taxes filed first
19:42:00 <CDB-Man> Before April 30
19:42:25 <chris> it's the last stretch
19:42:52 <CDB-Man> I also need to catch up on 2 months of options trading volumes
19:43:09 <CDB-Man> I was sent back to work (grudgingly) in my old department
19:43:16 <CDB-Man> Due to a staffing shortage there
19:43:32 <CDB-Man> Sent back really means "hey do your old job on top of your new one)
19:43:55 <CDB-Man> So I've been backlogged on keeping up my trading activity in gnucash ever since
19:47:17 <chris> usually it's a more civilised life as a contractor :)
19:48:02 <CDB-Man> If you mean me, I've never been a contractor
19:58:32 <chris> as a contractor, any potential hirer/client will first need to convince us why the job should be done (by us) :)
19:58:54 <chris> that's before the money negotiations start
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