2021-04-16 GnuCash IRC logs

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09:20:05 <fell> @tell chris warlord, https://lists.gnucash.org/logs/2021/04/15.html#T10:12:54 and the action labels.
09:20:05 <gncbot> fell: The operation succeeded.
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09:41:57 <fell> jralls, can you update https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/OFX_Direct_Connect_Bank_Settings#Wells_Fargo ?
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11:52:06 <chris> dialog-stock-editor: with placeholder_text in cells, entering stock will be a no-brainer... https://imgur.com/EShd8xY
11:52:12 <chris> CDB-Man ^
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12:27:22 <CDB-Man> I think I still owe you a mapping of sorts
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12:30:02 <chris> and some owes a test win32 build
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14:29:29 <jralls> fell, I removed the Wells Fargo entry after looking at their website. It's too hard to figure out what they're doing without an account to test with.
14:30:11 <jralls> chris isn't going to get any awards for UI design. :-(
14:31:34 <fell> Oh, it's cool retro look! ;-)
14:35:54 <fell> jralls, I think, our OFX bank pages has prretty much outdated stuff. Perhaps you should add something like "At first try ofxhome. …"
14:37:39 <jralls> You're probably right, with the exception of USAA that just got redone in January when they changed their authentication. But just directing users to ofxhome isn't necessarily sufficient, one has to know what to look for.
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15:03:08 <fell> BTW, my new online banking setup intro:
15:03:10 <fell> The requirements for Online Banking vary between the different supported AqBanking backends, but usually you will need:
15:03:11 <fell> * Your bank needs to grant you online access. See on their website or ask their customer service for how to obtain it.
15:03:13 <fell> They should also tell you:
15:03:14 <fell> * Your user ID that identifies you to their server, often your base account number;
15:03:16 <fell> * The URL of their Online Banking server;
15:03:17 <fell> * In some cases the routing number of your bank's branch is useful in this assistant;
15:03:19 <fell> * Authentication methods vary by backend and choosen method:
15:03:20 <fell> * FinTS PIN/TAN: Some methods require a specific gadget like a card reader or a mobile;
15:03:22 <fell> * FinTS HBCI: You have to exchange the public parts of asymmetric keys with your bank ("Ini-Letter").
15:03:23 <fell> * PayPal: registered email address, password, API signature;
15:03:25 <fell> This information will be needed in the following.
15:03:26 <fell> Note: NO WARRANTIES FOR ANYTHING. Some banks run a poorly implemented Online Banking server. You should not rely on time-critical transfers through Online Banking, because sometimes the bank does not give you correct feedback when a transfer is rejected.
15:05:35 <fell> Any improvements, jralls?
15:06:56 <jralls> fell, this is for the Online Banking Setup Assistant?
15:07:02 <fell> yep
15:07:30 <fell> the current intro is still HBCI only.
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15:09:16 <jralls> So's that, mostly. The problem with online access in the US is that the banks support only Quicken and that has all of the details built in. They won't tell you anything.
15:09:26 <jralls> That's why ofxhome exists.
15:10:01 <fell> Perhaps instead of "This information will be needed in the following." "See https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/AqBanking"
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15:10:57 <jralls> I think that would be better. That gives us more space to explain.
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19:32:54 <chris> jralls: yeah well. most important is the error check when inputting a stock txn, and having some appropriate hints.
19:34:34 <jralls> chris, I'm not convinced that that all-in-one dialog actually makes it any easier to understand. It's awfully busy. Did you consider doing an assistant instead?
19:37:04 <chris> not tried making one yet.
19:37:38 <jralls> I guess you plan to also make a separate buy dialog, though that's unclear because of the Action listbox... but the field labels are appropriate only for selling a long position.
19:38:25 <chris> oh thence the magic -- changing the Action button will toggle sensitivity to enable appropriate fields
19:39:43 <chris> e.g. if action is Stock Split then all fields disabled except 'Units' and 'Memo'
19:41:17 <chris> I felt that exposing all fields as disabled (cf hidden) much more transparent than an assistant. but that's just my opinion.
19:41:54 <chris> the utility comes from error checking: no imbalances allowed, selling units cannot sell more than current_balance, etc.
19:43:19 <jralls> Uhh, that last bit is wrong. Doing that is called a short sale and is completely legitimate.
19:43:37 <chris> ^ only when the current_balance is zero
19:43:50 <jralls> Nope.
19:43:53 <chris> if current_bal is zero, then the two actions are 'Open Long' and 'Open Short'/
19:44:33 <chris> CDB will split the long->short into 2 separate stock txns
19:44:45 <jralls> It might not be a common practice but it's perfectly OK to sell short while having an open long position.
19:45:15 <chris> hmm
19:45:56 <chris> it's time to poke CDB then. i've no idea how the templated txn would look like
19:46:36 <jralls> Mind, it's perfectly OK to say "well, then the obviously very sophisticated user can enter the transaction manually".
19:46:56 <chris> true
19:47:59 * chris gtg soon
19:48:30 <jralls> Anyway, you'll have to do more than just change field sensitivity. Many of he labels on your screenshot are for a sell transaction.
19:50:45 <jralls> And that's a bit of a rub, it's a bit disconcerting to the user. ISTM an assistant where you select the operation on the first page and get a form just for that operation as the second page will be more digestible.
19:52:05 <chris> ok
19:53:00 <chris> may be easier than i thought -- the vertically grouped sections belong together
19:55:09 <chris> note: this assistant works best if the Accounts info is stored as stock-acct metadata e.g. SPY stock's regular dividend account is Income:Dividend:SPY -- hence I introduce API for it.
19:56:03 <jralls> Requiring a per-stock dividend account won't be popular.
19:56:52 <chris> oh it doesn't require per-stock dividend acct... but I meant storing the dividend account as part of stock-acct metadata
19:57:02 <chris> ditto cash/fees/capgains
19:58:40 <chris> see #818 gnc-helpers.c
19:58:42 <chris> now gtg
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