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05:25:04 <Dre-Gnu> Morning all, morgen zusammen
05:27:12 <Dre-Gnu> Still looking for good ideas to tackle my FQ issue (perl gnc-fq-* all works, Gnucash doesn't recognize it though)
05:39:47 <fell> Install a real OS! ;-)
05:44:57 <fell> Hast du mal auf irgendeiner Liste (gnucash-de oder -user) gefragt, ob jemand anderes sowas auch beobachtet?
05:47:12 <fell> You are on Win10 with locale de_CH, right?.
05:48:09 <fell> You reinstalled perl (Version?) and F::Q?
05:50:06 <fell> Did you try LANG=C gnucash[-cli] …?
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06:34:12 <Dre-Gnu> sorry, was just having lunch
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06:34:52 <Dre-Gnu> ne, hab bis jetzt nur euch hier angefragt
06:37:05 <Dre-Gnu> I'm on Win10 20H2 (19042.867)
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06:37:56 <Dre-Gnu> Win is in english, but the regional settings are de_CH, correct
06:38:44 <Dre-Gnu> I reinstalled perl last time around: Strawberry Perl
06:39:28 <Dre-Gnu> no, did not try the LANG=C
06:39:33 <Dre-Gnu> how can I do that?
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06:43:30 <Dre-Gnu> reading https://lists.gnucash.org/wiki/De/Konfiguration I guess in winblows you cannot do that, I have to just adjust the environments.local file to en_US
06:43:36 <Dre-Gnu> I'll try that
06:44:46 <Dre-Gnu> result: language error goes away, everything else stays
06:44:46 <Dre-Gnu> C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\bin>gnucash-cli -Q get \temp\test-file.gnucash
06:44:47 <Dre-Gnu> * 12:44:19 ERROR <> gnc_process_get_fd: assertion 'proc' failed
06:44:47 <Dre-Gnu> * 12:44:19 ERROR <> gnc_detach_process: assertion 'proc && proc->pid' failed
06:44:47 <Dre-Gnu> No quotes retrieved. Finance::Quote isn't installed properly.
06:44:47 <Dre-Gnu> C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\bin>
06:49:21 <Dre-Gnu> I'll try the lists as described on https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Mailing_Lists, which would be the best bet? -de or -user or both?
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08:42:03 <tdx> Hi, I would like to do (or if necessary, write it myself) an export of my current portfolio. That means I would need to access the security properties (Ticket/ISIN/Name), share count, as well as the latest price from the price database in GnuCash. Can you give me a hint what would be the best approach to achieve that?
08:43:25 <tdx> I was thinking of doing that via SQLite, but I couldn't identify the means and tables that hold the price information for example.
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08:47:36 <warlord> tdx, is the Investment Portfolio report not sufficient?
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09:07:20 <tdx> warlord: My aim is to import the data into a dedicated portfolio tool like Portfolio Performance. But anyways, I'll check again with the portfolio report.
09:08:57 <tdx> Basically, I need to find a way to aggregate the data in a way that it can be exported. Best-case that would include the properties of each of the securities as well as the history from the price DB.
09:10:52 <warlord> tdx, that report gives you that information.
09:11:33 <tdx> Sounds great, warlord. Is there a way to use the data in the report to convert it to some CSV format?
09:12:02 <warlord> It's an HTML Table. You should be able to save it and then load the HTML into Excel.
09:14:01 <warlord> Have you run the report?
09:15:38 <tdx> Yes, I just did. The basic information looks good already. What would be missing is the data from the stock price DB (history), buys/sells, and some details of the accounts (e.g., ISIN/WKN)
09:16:09 <tdx> But maybe I can find a way to create my own version of report based on the example.. Or do you have another recommendation?
09:16:29 <warlord> At this point I'm not at all sure what data you are trying to display.
09:16:43 <warlord> What history are you looking for, exactly?
09:17:53 <tdx> warlord: The stock price history that I enter in the stock price db. So for example that the price of Apple (AAPL) was X at day 1, Y at day 2, etc.. So that other tools could plot the price over time.
09:18:11 <warlord> If you just want to add more columns (e.g. to add ISIN/WKN) you can edit the report to display that data.
09:18:35 <warlord> There is a Price Scatterplot to show price-changes for a commodity over time.
09:20:05 <warlord> (although it will only display one commodity at a time)
09:20:17 <tdx> That'
09:20:20 <tdx> s fine,
09:20:54 <tdx> My first aim is to get the data out of GnuCash so I do not need to maintain that data at multiple places.
09:21:18 <tdx> Does the price scatterplot have a specific name in the reports, or where can I find that?
09:21:36 <warlord> In general, the GnuCash reports are *generally* good enough to show you what you've got, without requiring you to export the data.
09:21:50 <warlord> In cases where it's not, we would certainly entertain report updates
09:22:03 <warlord> Reports -> A & L -> Price Scatterplot
09:25:08 <tdx> Once I figured out how to do reports myself, I'd be happy to share them.
09:25:17 <tdx> Thanks, I found it warlord
09:27:03 <warlord> The Wiki "Custom_Reports" page disucsses it a little. It's just a little Scheme hacking.
09:27:25 <tdx> I'll have a look, thanks a lot!
09:29:57 <warlord> you're welcome
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10:08:20 <Dre-Gnu> Hi all
10:11:36 <Dre-Gnu> I'm trying to import a CSV from an account which is in a different currency then my main currency. Transactions done on that account should be tracked in the expenses accounts of my main currency. I have the exchange rates imported. I even have them in a column of the import file where I tried to map it to the "price" attribute. But it wouldn't let me select an expense account which is in a different currency than the account I'm importing for. I have
10:11:37 <Dre-Gnu> trading accounts switched on and have been able to create a single transaction
10:12:41 <Dre-Gnu> connected question: the auto-complete logic does not adjust the exchange rate, is there an option to enable that?
10:34:35 <warlord> Sorry, there's just not a good way to do that.
10:42:06 <Dre-Gnu> ok
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10:42:34 <warlord> I would ask: why are you trying to record expenses in a foreign currency?
10:42:54 <warlord> IMHO it would be better to pre-exchange them and record them in your home currency.
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11:19:30 <Dre-Gnu> I have foreign bank accounts and credit cards which I use every now and then to pay for items in their currency. All expense accounts however are in my home currency.
11:21:43 <warlord> Don't do that -- if you pay in the foreign currency, you should expense it in the foreign currency.
11:21:56 <warlord> Either that or enter the transactions manually; don't import them.
11:24:48 <Dre-Gnu> ok, I'll do it manually, that worked
11:27:11 <Dre-Gnu> unless I can create expense accounts which allow multiple currencies, but that doesn't sound/seem right
11:27:42 <Dre-Gnu> in the end I want to know what the expenses were in my home currency
11:28:19 <warlord> Nope, 1 account, 1 currency
11:28:41 <Dre-Gnu> k (apart from the trading accounts)
11:29:12 <Dre-Gnu> that was my understanding as well
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11:46:35 <warlord> Trading accounts are still each denoted in a single currency.
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12:17:16 <fell> Dre-Gnu: Another possible cause: the uused codepage: our utf-8 vs. windows ancestor of utf-16.
12:24:26 <Dre-Gnu> fell: ok, what can we do about that?
12:24:31 <Dre-Gnu> how could I test that?
12:25:19 <fell> Ask somebody with windows knowledge.
12:25:58 <Dre-Gnu> so what is your thinking how that would prevent it from working?
12:26:28 <fell> https://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-de/2021-February/012064.html
12:28:05 <fell> jralls, did you apply https://docs.microsoft.com/de-de/windows/uwp/design/globalizing/use-utf8-code-page in 4.5?
12:28:07 <Dre-Gnu> ok, I'll read through that, may be a bit over my head but I'll try what I can
12:32:29 <Dre-Gnu> fell: thank you very much for finding that
12:35:35 <fell> That could cause a wrong path, if you had non-ASCII chars inside. Budyou said you have not.
12:36:02 <Dre-Gnu> no I don't
12:36:11 <Dre-Gnu> old linux habit :-)
12:36:58 <warlord> so no non-ascii and no spaces in the paths?
12:38:00 <Dre-Gnu> I mean, the 32bit version of GnuCash is in the program folder called "Program Files (x86)" now that I think of that, but I'm sure that's not just me
12:39:36 <warlord> Where is PERL installed?
12:39:42 <Dre-Gnu> spaces yes in the program directory, pearl is directly in c:/Strawberry, so the PATH variable has no spaces
12:41:03 <Dre-Gnu> PATH variable portion for pearl: "C:\Strawberry\perl\site\bin;C:\Strawberry\perl\bin"
12:41:49 <warlord> ok. Really, I think we just need to add some extra debugging to perhaps document what is being called in that failing API.
12:42:13 <Dre-Gnu> yeah, my thought as well
12:42:32 <Dre-Gnu> I'm sure it's going to be something dumb in the end, like always
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12:43:46 <warlord> Yeah. Otherwise everyone would be complaining.
12:50:22 <Dre-Gnu> happy to run something that would help, jralls previously shared a script to convert the executable to run in cli with output
12:56:16 <warlord> What I am proposing would require a code change and a new build, I think.
13:01:29 <Dre-Gnu> yep, I get that. I'm saying if you can send me a test version to debug, happy to run it before the whole version is updated
13:02:00 <Dre-Gnu> but it's also not a burning problem, so happy to wait
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13:02:43 <Dre-Gnu> whatever helps you (to help me :-) )
13:08:58 <Dre-Gnu> I'll quickly restart, have made the changes in windows to enable some kind of UTF-8 support
13:09:05 <Dre-Gnu> brb
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13:17:30 <Dre-Gnu> re
13:18:05 <Dre-Gnu> no change yet, the UTF-8 option doesn't change anything
13:28:32 <warlord> :(
13:28:48 <warlord> Any chance you can downgrade to a previous version of GnuCash until you find one that works?
13:34:12 <Dre-Gnu> sure, can try that too
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13:34:20 <Dre-Gnu> would the files be downwards compatible?
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13:54:23 <Dre-Gnu> I'll try 3.11 first, what's the oldest which supported FQ?
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14:11:39 <Dre-Gnu> in 3.11 the same happens
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14:19:03 <Dre-Gnu> so I noticed that even when I uninstalled 4.5 and installed 3.11, it still opened up my previous file. this means to me that there are some settings (registry?) still remaining. How can I get rid of that as well, in case it's something in there?
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14:21:53 <Dre-Gnu> 2.6.7 same thing
14:44:05 <warlord> It is unlikely to be in your options/settings.
14:45:00 <warlord> So it sounds like it's something in the gnc/perl interface.
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15:49:45 <Dre-Gnu> ok, how should we proceed? should I create a feature request or bug report or something to track the additional log functionalities?
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16:03:00 <warlord> Dre-Gnu, yeah, create a BZ report to track it.
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16:14:15 <Dre-Gnu> ok, reading how to do it and looking through existing bugs
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16:30:49 <jralls> Dre-Gnu, warlord, gjanssens is working on a rewrite to C++ of the F::Q import code.
16:31:16 <Dre-Gnu> ok
16:31:25 <warlord> jralls, sure, but it's still going to call out to F::Q, isn't it? So it'll still use gnc-fq-helper, right?
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16:32:44 <jralls> Yes, it calls perl. No, of course it wouldn't call gnc-fq-helper, that's for parsing the perl into Scheme.
16:33:17 <Dre-Gnu> jralls, so should I still capture a bug or do you already have a reference for the change?
16:35:28 <jralls> Dre-Gnu, so far there's no reason to think there's a bug. Nobody else has reported a similar problem so more likely something is messed up in your computer.
16:36:18 <jralls> warlord, https://github.com/gjanssens/gnucash/blob/price-quotes-cpp/libgnucash/quotes/finance-quote-wrapper.in
16:36:27 <Dre-Gnu> ok
16:37:41 <warlord> Ah, ok.
16:38:40 <jralls> Dre-Gnu, is perl in the path in System Properties:Environment Variables?
16:39:51 <Dre-Gnu> yes
16:40:16 <Dre-Gnu> C:\Strawberry\perl\site\bin;C:\Strawberry\perl\bin
16:40:33 <Dre-Gnu> path contains the above
16:41:35 <Dre-Gnu> I'm talking about the System properties > Advanced > Environment Variables > System Variables > Path
16:42:44 <jralls> OK. Do I remember correctly that gnc-fq-dump works correctly but GnuCash doesn't you start GnuCash from a CMD or Powershell window?
16:43:06 <Dre-Gnu> that's what I remember, yes
16:43:24 <jralls> And were you able to get the output from starting GnuCash with --log gnc.scm=debug?
16:43:32 <Dre-Gnu> https://lists.gnucash.org/logs/2021/03/16.html
16:43:51 <Dre-Gnu> I just saw that in another bug
16:44:10 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:10:04 DEBUG <gnc.scm> rpt-subdir=gnucash/reports/standard
16:44:10 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:10:04 DEBUG <gnc.scm> mod-dir=C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\share/guile/site/2.2\gnucash/reports/standard
16:44:10 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:10:04 DEBUG <gnc.scm> dir-files=(view-column trial-balance transaction taxinvoice register reconcile-report receivables receipt price-scatter portfolio payables owner-report new-owner-report new-aging net-charts lot-viewer job-report invoice income-statement income-gst-statement general-ledger general-journal equity-statement dashboard customer-summary category-barchart cashflow-barchart cash-flow budget budget-income-statement budget-flow
16:44:11 <Dre-Gnu> budget-barchart budget-balance-sheet balsheet-pnl balsheet-eg balance-sheet balance-forecast advanced-portfolio account-summary account-piecharts)
16:44:14 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:10:04 DEBUG <gnc.scm> rpt-subdir=gnucash/reports/example
16:44:16 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:10:04 DEBUG <gnc.scm> mod-dir=C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\share/guile/site/2.2\gnucash/reports/example
16:44:18 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:10:04 DEBUG <gnc.scm> dir-files=(welcome-to-gnucash sample-graphs hello-world daily-reports average-balance)
16:44:21 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:10:04 DEBUG <gnc.scm> rpt-subdir=gnucash/reports/locale-specific/us
16:44:24 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:10:04 DEBUG <gnc.scm> mod-dir=C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\share/guile/site/2.2\gnucash/reports/locale-specific/us
16:44:27 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:10:04 DEBUG <gnc.scm> dir-files=(taxtxf)
16:44:29 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:10:04 DEBUG <gnc.scm> rpt-subdir=gnucash/report/stylesheets
16:44:31 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:10:04 DEBUG <gnc.scm> mod-dir=C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\share/guile/site/2.2\gnucash/report/stylesheets
16:44:34 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:10:04 DEBUG <gnc.scm> dir-files=(plain head-or-tail footer css)
16:44:36 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:10:04 ERROR <> gnc_process_get_fd: assertion 'proc' failed
16:44:40 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:10:04 ERROR <> gnc_detach_process: assertion 'proc && proc->pid' failed
16:44:42 <Dre-Gnu> I noticed the changes in slashes
16:47:45 <jralls> The slashes aren't important on windows, it understands both ways.
16:47:56 <Dre-Gnu> k
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17:14:41 <Dre-Gnu> was the above helpful?
17:17:56 <jralls> A helpful reminder, I'd forgotten the details after a month.
17:20:04 <jralls> I'm going to have to run it in the debugger to understand how proc is getting to be NULL without logging the warning at https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash/blob/maint/bindings/guile/glib-guile.c#L270
17:24:24 <Dre-Gnu> ok
17:24:29 <Dre-Gnu> anything I can do to help?
17:30:49 <jralls> Not right now. It looks like g_warning is getting called but it's going to /dev/null instead of writing output.
17:32:04 <Dre-Gnu> ok, so should I just check back in in a few weeks/after the next release?
17:34:47 <jralls> Oh, it's getting close to your bedtime. If I figure out that problem I'll fix it and it will be in tomorrow's nightly. I'll do an at-tell that you can check tomorrow morning.
17:38:08 <Dre-Gnu> ok
17:38:53 <Dre-Gnu> stupid question: what's an "at-tell"?
17:49:23 <Dre-Gnu> and sorry, but where can I then get the nightly?
17:57:29 <Dre-Gnu> alright, thanks again for the help, I'll check back in tomorrow morning
17:57:33 <Dre-Gnu> good night
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20:03:19 <jralls> @tell Dre-Gnu I made a logging change so try with tomorrow's nightly. I won't be around tomorrow, but post your results anyway and I'll see them on Thursday.
20:03:19 <gncbot> jralls: The operation succeeded.
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