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02:04:30 <fell> jralls: https://docs.weblate.org/en/latest/formats.html#inno-setup-ini-translations, but it seems, our inno-setup is too old as it uses still ANSI.
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08:14:28 <chris> jralls: re: chartjs3 can't make it work on my win32. the idea would be to load both chartjs2 and chartjs3, and use v3 iff --extra (or another undocumented switch) is used. alternatively if warlord can generate win32 beta builds for me then I'll be able to test.
08:18:27 <chris> the first idea is sankey would be hidden in 4.x series and enabled when fully tested in 5.x
08:19:03 <chris> win32 webkit doesn't expose the inspector which makes debugging js exceedingly difficult -- only document.alert() is available...
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08:36:10 <warlord> chris, I think jralls or gjanssens can update the win32 builder to add new branches built. Doesn't depend on me.
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08:57:21 <chris> ok thx
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10:00:40 <rots> Hi, I get a segfault running Gnucash on windows 10 with one user (I have run it in the past as that user), but as admin it runs fine. What should I look for to get it working? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I do have a technical background, so I am happy to follow any instructions for more verbose traces or whatever helps.
10:01:29 <rots> any relevant locale or environment settings?
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12:12:26 <jralls> fell, no, our inno-setup is unicode. The weblate page is wrong about the file extension, see https://github.com/jrsoftware/issrc/tree/main/Files/Languages.
12:13:38 <jralls> fell, note that our version of inno-setup *is* obsolete. I've been holding it back because not all of the contributed translations had been updated, but I haven't reviewed that in a while.
12:14:44 <fell> Yeah,I remember milos update.
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14:29:43 <noregret> so just for later, if I unpost a bill that is already paid, what do I do to mark it paid again? should I just pay again and delete the prev paid transaction or is there a better process for that?
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15:06:36 <jralls> noregret, you can do that if you want, but you could also correct the existing transaction and re-post it.
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15:20:25 <noregret> jralls: you mean correct it in the A/P account? or in the bill directly after unposting it?
15:21:41 <jralls> I think you can do it in the bill but I don't use the business features myself so I'm not sure. fell, gjanssens, and warlord know the details better so perhaps one of them can answer.
15:22:27 <noregret> jralls: ok cool, thanks. I did unpost the bill itself, fixed some descrptions, then posted it again but it said it was "unpaid"
15:27:28 <jralls> Huh. I thought that that was controlled by the bill being posted.
15:31:48 <noregret> jralls: what is? being paid or unpaid?
15:31:59 <jralls> Yes.
15:32:26 <noregret> yeah, idk. Even tho i do see the payment transaction in A/P.. bill still says unpaid..
15:32:29 <noregret> weird
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15:41:24 <gjanssens> noregret, jralls: when you unpost and repost a bill the payment will not be automatically applied (unless you set the preference to auto apply payments)
15:41:56 <gjanssens> But you can reassign an existing payment to the bill after reposting in several ways
15:42:21 <noregret> gjanssens: not that. I posted and paid, then unposted to fix some descriptions then posted. Bill says "unpaid"
15:42:35 <noregret> what to do in this case?
15:43:00 <gjanssens> noregret: I did understand that, which is why I said "after *re*posting"
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15:43:40 <gjanssens> First option is to use Business->Vendor->Process payment, select the appropriate vendor and then in the document field select both your bill and the payment.
15:43:55 <gjanssens> The total amount to pay in the dialog should go to 0, then hit Ok.
15:44:29 <gjanssens> The second option would be to find the payment transaction in your bank register, right-click and choose "Apply as payment"
15:45:06 <gjanssens> The same payment dialog will appear, with the payment details prefilled, so you only have to select the appropriate bill again and hit "Ok"
15:46:03 <noregret> gjanssens: trying the first option, the Payment field doesn't say 0, it says the amount, should I change it to 0?
15:46:21 <gjanssens> A caveat with the second method - if you tweaked the payment transaction manually (in particular if you have added additional splits) the payment dialog won't be able to model the extra splits, so they will be lost.
15:46:34 <gjanssens> If the amount of your bill and your payment equal ?
15:46:46 <gjanssens> And did you select both of them in the document list ?
15:46:57 <gjanssens> s/If/Is/
15:47:33 <noregret> gjanssens: in the document list, i see the bill and pre-payment
15:47:49 <noregret> gjanssens: so you mean shift select both?
15:48:04 <noregret> just did that, and yes the amount changed to 0
15:49:07 <noregret> ok great, that worked, thanks a lot!
15:53:32 <gjanssens> Great! You're welcome
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16:11:04 <fell> rots, about locale: wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Locale_Settings; else see https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Troubleshooting_and_Improvements
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21:29:20 <stuart> I discovered why lots of the transactions were not imported from my CSV file. A few of the descriptions had unbalanced quotes ("). gnucash 4.4 then skips lines until the next quote mark without any warning. Is this worthy of a bug report?
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22:21:40 <fell> stuart, is it probably already reported in https://bugs.gnucash.org/buglist.cgi?component=Import%20-%20CSV&list_id=11978&product=GnuCash&resolution=---
22:23:01 <fell> OTOHone could say, then it is no valid CSV. ;-)
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