2021-04-04 GnuCash IRC logs

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07:46:21 <grepular> I've read https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_How_do_I_record_my_income_tax_installments_and_year-end_payment.2Frefund.3F - In the US do you pay your income tax at the end of the year in total?
07:46:25 <grepular> Or do I misunderstand what it's saying
07:46:41 <grepular> In the UK (where I am), an amount of income tax is taken from my payslip each month.
07:46:49 <grepular> So I've been recording it as an expense
07:47:32 <grepular> However, I know that after I fill in my self assessment later this year, there will be an adjustment of some amount. I'm just not sure how I'll go about recording that adjustment, as i will have closed my books before then
07:47:52 <grepular> This is my first year using GnuCash, so my first year closing books. End of UK tax year is tomorrow
07:51:15 <grepular> If I owe tax, then the money will come out of my bank account in the next tax year, but I feel like the expense belongs in the current tax year
07:54:05 <grepular> Hmm. I guess in a month or two when I do my self assessment, once I've got the final adjustment, I can just create a liability date in the previous tax year for that amount, and then pay that off as an expense in that current tax year
07:54:11 <chris> grepular: most users/accountants/auditors wouldn't worry if the adjustment date is in a different tax year. you can use description "Tax Refund/Underpayment for FY 2021" as a narrative.
07:54:16 <grepular> * Hmm. I guess in a month or two when I do my self assessment, once I've got the final adjustment, I can just create a liability dated in the previous tax year for that amount, and then pay that off as an expense in that current tax year
07:54:36 <chris> imho using liability account is overengineering
07:55:57 <grepular> I suppose
07:56:03 <chris> gjanssens wish to discuss upgrade chartjs to v3 -- this may break backwd compat for webkit1. one idea i had is to enable chartjs3 in --extra and test win32 builds accordingly
07:56:33 <chris> AFAIK accountants & auditors can handle anything as long as you're not actively trying to hide money :)
07:57:16 <grepular> So I could just create a new account "Expenses / Income Tax / Previous Year Adjustment" or similar, and put a positive or negative amount in that depending on the adjustment
07:57:58 <chris> I'd just use "Expenses:Govt:IncomeTax" and add both my regular PAYG splits and the + or - adjustment
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07:59:01 <grepular> That's true, I could do that. I don't suppose I need to know my exact income tax amount for each year in GnuCash
08:00:04 <grepular> It's easy to overthink these things
08:02:02 <chris> your accountant will want to keep things simple
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08:44:26 <grepular> I hold various crypto currencies. I know that GnuCash doesn't support them, so I've been adding them as FUNDs. I have a way of automatically retrieving exchange rates (a simple JSON API), but I'm not sure how to feed this data into GnuCash automatically. I have Finance::Quote installed and get exchange rates from Yahoo automatically, but that doesn't handle the crypto
08:44:57 <grepular> I know Perl, so I guess I could hack at my local copy of Finance::Quote probably?
08:45:05 <grepular> But I'm just wondering if there's a nicer method
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11:33:46 <noregret> how can I fix a bill paid twice? should I just delete the relevant transactions in A/P ?
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11:55:53 <jralls> chris, so the Sankey chart would be available only to Linux and macOS users but not Windows users? I don't think that's a good idea.
12:01:19 <jralls> grepular, In the US income tax is withheld from paychecks and people who have enough non-paycheck income to matter must also make quarterly estimated payments. Every spring we figure the total amount owed for the previous year and either pay any shortage or get refunded any overage.
12:18:59 <jralls> noregret, IIUC you paid a bill found an error and unposted the payment then re-paid again instead of fixing the mistake in the earlier transaction? If that's right then just delete the first transaction and all should be well.
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12:24:15 <noregret> jralls: correct, I posted then paid, found a mistake then unposted then paid again because I assumed unposting a bill will credit the payment and I recall seeing it "unpaid" after unposting it
12:25:38 <jralls> noregret, That's what you get for assuming. ;-) Unposting doesn't destroy the transaction, it just unlocks it so that you can fix it and repost it.
12:26:45 <noregret> jralls: got it, thanks! I tried finding that info on the Bill docs page, but didn't find anything
12:33:46 <noregret> is it possible to list all invoices/bills?
12:37:28 <noregret> oh nevermind, I can use a regex and list them all
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12:46:24 <noregret> so just for later, if I unpost a bill that is already paid, what do I do to mark it paid again?
12:47:03 <noregret> it was unposted to fix some things in the description but it's valud is still the same
12:47:12 <noregret> its value*
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13:25:43 <chris> jralls: the issue is I need to test if webkit1 can run enough chartjs-3 to run sankey and have no idea unless I have a win32 build
13:26:09 <jralls> chris, so set up a win32 build?
13:26:47 <chris> I failed spectacularly last time i tried
13:27:03 <jralls> Actually, JS is interpreted so you should be able to take an existing build and just replace the chartjs source.
13:27:27 <chris> hmm that's right
13:27:54 <chris> gtg
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19:54:35 <stuart> hi, I'm a new gnucash 4.4 user. I'm trying to import 13818 transaction from a CSV file I created into an database that just has the accounts defined. Some transactions are not importing but there are no error messages. When I import one of the missing transactions by itself, it imports. The transactions are simple: date, amount, from account, to account & description. I don't know
19:54:37 <stuart> exactly how many transactions are missing because I haven't yet found the button that tells me how many transactions are in gnucash. Should I split the import file or sort it by date?
20:56:55 <stuart> It's wierd, even on the "Match Transactions" screen, I can see that all of the transaction between 07/03/17 and 21/10/19 are missing.
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21:40:29 <fell> zcat $DATAFILE |'grep -c "trn:desc"'
21:41:13 <fell> to count the transactions in an compressed xml fie.
21:41:41 <fell> without apostrophe
21:42:45 <fell> or a simple SQl query on other backends.
21:43:19 <fell> stuart ^
21:51:03 <stuart> gnucash imported only 11391 of the 13818 but didn't show any error messages.
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