2021-03-29 GnuCash IRC logs

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09:15:09 <clawson> Quick question: What does the "@ dependent @" annotation signify in the engine? I thought it might be a Doxygen thing, but I haven't found anything yet while searching around.
09:26:16 <fell> clawson, where do you see it?
09:36:39 <clawson> Some examples: qofinstance.h, qofquery.h, qofbook.h
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10:14:06 <fell> clawson, I believe it is some doxygen thing, too. Perhaps you can find it out by comparing the source with the api docs https://code.gnucash.org/docs/MAINT/
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10:35:03 <clawson> Thanks fell, I won't worry about it too much for now. As we convert to C++, the documentation will likely get rewritten anyway. I'm planning to give rewriting the engine a go starting after Easter (not much free time till then)
10:36:10 <fell> Good Luck! :-)
10:37:14 <fell> But do it in small chunks, show ideas as Pull request, …
10:49:12 <clawson> Thanks! I'll do my best, probably convert one class at a time. I'm not aiming to change the underlying data strructure too much at this point, just a conversion away from GObject to enable the bigger changes by folks who know more than I do
10:54:10 <clawson> There's a cluster of classes in the center of everything: QofBook, QofCollection, QofInstance, and QofClass, that look like the best targets to get an initial handle on it. Respectively: top-level data aggregation, the schema in hashtables, GUIDs, and query system hooks, if I understand them all correctly. It's a neat system
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12:21:08 <fell> janssens, I fixed the layout of assistent-csv-export. But I do not understand "Numbers, Date, Time->Force Prices to display as decimals\n
12:22:13 <fell> gjanssens ^
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12:55:26 <jralls> clawson @dependent@ and so on are markups for an old static analyzer one of the no-longer-active devs was trying out 12 years ago.
13:01:08 <jralls> clawson, Do not start rewriting engine on your own. Discuss with me and/or gjanssens a plan of attack and do one class first to test out the conceptual approach.
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14:06:42 <fell> gjanssens: The comma in the line before is misleading. will fix it.
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14:36:48 <clawson> jralls, sure thing, I'm glad to chat. So far I've been studying the patterns that exist so I can understand the current behavior. I mentioned above some of the core classes I found on my own, but if you have high-priority candidates or good seams to start from, I'm all ears
14:36:48 <gncbot> clawson: Sent 8 minutes ago: <lmat> Please exercise caution rewriting the engine . It's not a small task because it touches everything. cluster of classes in the center of everything: QofBook, QofCollection, QofInstance... these classes you mentioned are already in C++, though they are accessible from C for the sake of those parts of the application that are only in C.
14:37:30 <jralls> clawson, are you familiar with GObject?
14:39:39 <jralls> clawson, also we don't want to exactly duplicate the current behavior, we want to move to a SQL-based load objects when needed approach to deal with the scaling issues that have arisen from keeping everything in memory and to provide a more flexible query mechanism.
14:39:55 <clawson> I've been studying GObject, but I've not used it before. Looks fairly straightforward. Most of the GObject code I've been studying follows a hierarchy from GObject -> QofInstance -> Other classes, where QofInstance brings in the GUID tools. Most classes have some private data, which is similar to a Pimpl pattern in C++.
14:43:07 <jralls> GObject is mostly straightforward if a bit naive. We're not using it quite right, especially the reference counting. Another big problem is that it relies heavily on casting everything to and from void*, a practice greatly frowned upon in C++
14:44:39 <jralls> And it's object model is very much 1990s ARM style with deep class hierarchies and cpp macros where modern C++ would use generics.
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14:51:42 <warlord> .
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14:53:18 <clawson> Does GNC uses GObject reference counting at all? I think that would need types to inherit from G_TYPE_BOXED, but that name doesn't show up anywhere in the engine code
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14:55:04 <jralls> The engine code doesn't use reference counting or much else in the way of memory management. It mostly depends on everything being constructed at the beginning of a session and destroyed at the end.
14:56:38 <jralls> It does however use G_TYPE_BOXED a lot because that's necessary for GValue, a sort of std::any (but 20 years older than std::any).
14:58:50 <jralls> But why do you think that something needs to use G_TYPE_BOXED to get g_object_ref?
15:00:01 <clawson> I was just reading that in a tutorial about GObject. They were saying to inherit from G_TYPE_OBJECT for non-managed, G_TYPE_BOXED for managed types
15:01:35 <clawson> I suppose it makes sense that inheritance wouldn't be the only way that GLib uses dynamic types. I haven't looked too deeply at GValue yet
15:09:12 <jralls> I just looked again. GBoxed is for wrapping random C structs. https://developer.gnome.org/gobject/stable/gobject-Boxed-Types.html. What tutorial said to inherit from them?
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15:12:08 <warlord> clawson, you can just use g_object_ref() and g_object_unref() -- although I don't know if we do.
15:13:11 <warlord> see https://developer.gnome.org/gobject/stable/gobject-memory.html
15:13:46 <jralls> warlord, that won't work with anything in engine, none of the classes are written correctly.
15:14:59 <jralls> For it to work you have to implement dispose and finalize functions and connect them to the vtable in foo_class_init.
15:15:35 <warlord> jralls, that jives with my "I don't know if we do"...
15:18:28 <clawson> jralls, I'm mistakenly remembering a tutorial. I think I read a description of G_DEFINE_BOXED_TYPE, saw that the engine does not use this, and inferred that engine types are not reference counted: https://developer.gnome.org/gobject/stable/gobject-Type-Information.html
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15:18:55 <jralls> So you got the right answer for the wrong reason. ;-)
15:19:43 <clawson> Beginner luck, I suppose!
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15:23:26 <jralls> Memory management in the engine is a huge mess because naked pointers are held by everything that might need them and if you delete e.g. a split the code has to find all of the pointers to it and remove them.
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16:07:21 <noregret> jralls: thank you very much, I appreciate it
16:08:13 <jralls> noregret, You're welcome.
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19:56:58 <fell> chris, was your intention tto push your maint branch or isit still WiP?
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20:27:55 <ArtGravity> I really like that the Update & Reconcile shows the selected match, but I have one that is matching the wrong item when a better match is available. Is there any way to force the correct match?
20:31:04 <ArtGravity> Instead of matching a transaction on the exact date with the exact amount, the import dialog is matching a transaction for a dollar less at a future date.
20:35:01 <ArtGravity> It appears that another transaction for a slightly higher amount claimed the correct match first. I thought I had cleared the match by switching it to an Add, but Gnucash crashed and I missed clearing it on the next import.
20:35:41 <ArtGravity> If it happens again in the future, I'll ask again, but it probably won't reoccur.
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23:03:58 <chris-phone> Fell ???
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23:31:05 <fell> christopherlam/maint is 2 commits ahead and 1 behind GnuCash/maint.
23:37:10 <chris-phone> Fell i do this to check CI and push to code from time to time
23:37:28 <fell> Ah, Ok
23:47:58 <chris-phone> You'll be happy that master will remove 32 date related strings