2021-03-27 GnuCash IRC logs

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05:41:28 <fell> gjanssens. Avi's update is a follow up of your test term.
05:43:03 <fell> youshould revert it, too.
05:43:41 <gjanssens> fell: I have reverted his change in my commit. There was a merge conflict on his translation which I fixed before pushing.
05:44:19 <fell> OK
05:45:04 <gjanssens> I checked on weblate and the test term is gone now.
05:46:08 <gjanssens> I have also just now pushed a manual translation update to nl.po to fix the fuzzy strings. I have no idea why weblate gets out of sync.
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05:49:39 <fell> One possible reason: Anonymous can add suggestions, which are shown at webllate, but only included in PRs after confirmation by a registerd user.
05:51:01 <gjanssens> Unlikely as those were strings I did update myself.
05:51:25 <fell> But were you logged in?
05:51:37 <gjanssens> Suggestions appear in a separate section on the weblate webpage, not as message strings
05:51:42 <gjanssens> Yes I was logged in.
05:52:53 <gjanssens> I double checked - in the weblate interface the translated strings are there, and marked as "Waiting for review" as all other strings that are coming through properly.
05:53:30 <gjanssens> But the strings are not in the po file. Not in the PR and not in the PO file I can download.
05:54:42 <fell> As you are reviewer, too, you can increase the status.
06:00:57 <gjanssens> I don't think that's the point. *All* strings are in state "Waiting for review", yet only a handfull seem to be ignored by weblate. They don't get into the PR, nor in the po file I can directly download from weblate.
06:01:39 <gjanssens> So regardless of how I look at the final nl.po, it has 99 missing translations while on weblate these 99 ids are translated.
06:04:24 <gjanssens> Oh, now that I have pushed my manual fixes, I suddenly get 99 new warnings in weblate "This message was previously translated".
06:05:07 <gjanssens> So at least it has discovered it's out of sync. Luckily it seems to have remembered the original translations and I can just reset it. Let's try that.
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06:14:48 <fell> #| msgid "Exchange rate" as inserted by 'msgmerge --previous …', but weblate should remove it togeher with he fuzzy flag-
06:24:04 <gjanssens> Ok. It was one I had left while I was manually cleaning up...
06:24:30 <gjanssens> All strings are updated again. Let's see what weblate does with them.
06:26:39 <gjanssens> The po file I can download indicates full translation status at least. Let's wait for the PR, hopefully it can still be added for 4.5
06:27:27 <gjanssens> fell: do you have any idea how regularly weblate generates PRs ?
06:28:23 <fell> i have set it to 1hater your last change
06:28:47 <gjanssens> Ok
06:29:09 <gjanssens> I'm wanted in the garden now... see you later!
06:29:38 <fell> but you can "force push": https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Weblate#Workflow
06:30:44 <fell> 1.
06:34:06 <fell> no, 2.
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21:02:02 <noregret> i'm new to gnucash and can't figure out what to do when there are assets (raw material) used in creating a product, does gnucash something like that at all?
21:02:16 <noregret> support something*
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