2021-03-23 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:53:19 <chris-phone> Jralls never heard of ubunutu
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05:29:34 <fell> chris-phone, ISTR Nelson Mandela once talked about it.
05:31:18 <fell> https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/17/Experience_ubuntu.ogv
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07:59:52 <fell> warlord, it seems before we had a wiki group editor with extended rights like move, delete pages. That would perhaps be the right thing for avma. Or is someone volunteering to do it for the hebrew written stuff?
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08:42:30 <gjanssens> fell: our build system generates the *.mo files in both <builddir>/po and <builddir>/share/locale/<lingua>/gnucash.mo. Any reason to keep both, rather than just generating them directly in <builddir>/share/locale/<lingua>/gnucash.mo ?
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08:42:51 <gjanssens> Nothing depends on the ones in buildir/po
08:45:20 <gjanssens> On the other hand in theory the ones in <builddir>/share/locale/<lingua>/gnucash.mo are needed to run gnucash from the build dir with translations.
08:49:41 <Technicus> Hello.
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09:24:32 <fell> gjanssens, in program?
09:24:42 <gjanssens> fell: yes
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09:28:00 <fell> Can you test, if it fails, if you run it directly in KDevelop and one is missing?
09:28:59 <gjanssens> Hmm, what exactly do you want me to test ?
09:29:16 <fell> Hello Technicus! Any questions?
09:30:14 <fell> Rename a mo; Run the unistalled Version in your IDE.
09:30:43 <fell> not installed
09:32:11 <gjanssens> Ok, I presume the command line equivalent is to remove a .mo file, build and try to run gnucash from the build directory
09:32:28 <gjanssens> I'll try that. I have never run gnucash straight from kdevelop myself yes
09:32:35 <gjanssens> (yet)
09:33:39 <fell> I would expect ninja install would copy from build/po to INSTALLDIR/…
09:34:52 <gjanssens> Only because we wrote the cmake script that way. It's pretty straightforward to have it copy directly from share/locale/....
09:35:56 <gjanssens> A rebuild will properly regenerate a missing .mo file in share/locale.... without the intermediate in po/... (with my current local cmake changes)
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09:36:52 <fell> In theory one could create a variant using CMakes's gettext modules.
09:40:04 <fell> https://cmake.org/cmake/help/latest/module/FindGettext.html
09:49:17 <fell> There in GETTEXT_PROCESS_PO_FILES(…) INSTALL_DESTINATION is optional. so it can both ways.
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09:54:45 <fell> Oops, I misread. If INSTALL_DESTINATION is given then automatically install rules will be created.
09:55:10 <warlord> fell, I suppose we can create a new group if there isn't an existing one that makes sense.
09:57:44 <fell> warlord: https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Special:ListGroupRights Admin is too much, IMHO.
10:00:08 <warlord> Yes, admin is probably too much.
10:06:07 <fell> BTW, IMHO we should downgrade Jsled from bureaucrat.
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10:11:44 <warlord> Is there any reason?
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10:13:58 <fell> If you can not remember the editor rights from the previous version, editors should have besides (user + uploadacces rights) move, delete. They should not have createaccount. Undecided (no knowledge) on the Rest.
10:17:11 <fell> We haven't seen him over 10 years. Somebody could hack his account and do bad things.
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10:23:45 <warlord> I can't find old configs for edits groups.
10:26:11 <fell> On the previous machine, I suspect.
10:27:54 <warlord> I THINK I can just create a new group with the appropriate (added) rights.
10:29:02 <fell> OK, try it!
10:29:32 <warlord> I'll try it in a bit...
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10:40:09 <gjanssens> fell: I played a bit with cmake's GETTEXT macros. They don't really fit our build environment, so I am sticking to our own rules
10:40:57 <gjanssens> I will remove the intermediate files in builddir/po though. Note with that I'm also removing global target po-gmo-build. Only po-gmo remains and will now be dependent on the mo files in the final installation location.
10:42:56 <warlord> fell, what permissions does the 'editors' group need? (and is 'editors' a good name for it?)
10:52:02 <warlord> I've got 'delete' and 'move'. Anything else>
10:52:03 <warlord> ?
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10:52:53 <chris> gjanssens: any thoughs whether it'll be harmful to expose xaccTransGetDateEntered in transaction report?
10:53:02 <chris> https://old.reddit.com/r/GnuCash/comments/mazm6y/showing_date_of_entry_as_a_column/
10:54:27 <chris> they have a point: from the Register we can sort by Date of Entry.
10:55:53 <gjanssens> chris: the only "harm" will be the users will then as a next step also request to see date of entry in the registers. And I'm not looking forward to implement that. Neither from a technical point of view, nor from a design perspective.
10:56:07 <gjanssens> Other than that there's no side effects that I know of.
10:57:00 <chris> Hence me asking before jumping to code :)
10:57:11 <chris> Date of Entry *is* exposed in Register2
10:58:56 <warlord> fell, take a look at the user group rights page now.. :)
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11:13:24 <jralls> gjanssens, did you test your .mo file changes with ninja distcheck?
11:13:49 <gjanssens> jralls: no :( - I'll do so now
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11:24:24 <gjanssens> jralls: distcheck works fine - for ninja. I'm currently fixing C.Holterman's build issues with Unix makefiles. I see an issue there's that's related to my po rewrite as well. Coming up next...
11:25:55 <jralls> Thanks. What's got make confused this time?
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11:27:30 <gjanssens> With unix makefiles you can't generate dependencies based on filenames if these files are not in the same directory. You have to use custom targets
11:28:03 <gjanssens> gncuash-cli.1.man was depending on libgnucash/core-utils/gnc-vcs-info.h, but that won't work as they are not in the same source directory
11:28:17 <gjanssens> you can make it depend on custom target gnc-vcs-info instead
11:28:47 <gjanssens> gnc-vcs-info is the target that will build gnc-vcs-info.h if needed, and is generated in core-utils, so that's fine for make.
11:29:03 <jralls> Got it, thanks.
11:29:21 <gjanssens> The po gotcha I just created is different though
11:29:57 <gjanssens> Apparently the unix makefiles build system won't automatically and recursively create subdirectories, something ninja does
11:30:20 <gjanssens> So I have to explicitly create the share/locale/<lang>/LC_MESSAGES directories for unix makefiles.
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11:32:26 <jralls> Hmm, how is ${builddir}/lib/gnucash created with make?
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11:36:00 <gjanssens> That's a good question. Perhaps the linker creates it ?
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11:37:38 <jralls> Maybe.
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13:00:25 <fell> Warlord, sorry I was summoned downstairs. Before all usergroup names were in singular. Can you adjust it?
13:02:02 <warlord> Done.
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13:08:20 <fell> Warlord, full house: https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/index.php?title=Special:ListUsers&group=editor ;-)
13:08:44 <warlord> HUH???
13:08:50 <warlord> Who are all those people?
13:09:05 <warlord> Clearly I need a different name..
13:09:23 <warlord> 'editing'
13:09:24 <warlord> ?
13:09:48 <jralls> editor is mediawiki's group for people who are allowed to change articles.
13:09:59 <warlord> okay. I reverted back to "editors"
13:10:20 <warlord> I can make it editboard ?
13:11:14 <jralls> I guess, but maybe we can come up with something a little more descriptive. Is the only extra privilege being able to move articles?
13:12:15 <jralls> And I guess what does "move" mean in that sense? Unless we set up separate wikis per language isn't the article structure flat?
13:12:41 <warlord> I think "move" means "rename"?
13:12:57 <jralls> So how about group "renamer"?
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13:16:02 <warlord> "moverandshaker" ?
13:16:12 <jralls> Lol.
13:16:14 <warlord> (dunno if we can use _ in the group names)
13:18:34 <fell> https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Special:ListGrants explains the rights
13:20:24 <jralls> We already give everyone createpage. Maybe we should just let everyone have move too.
13:20:28 <warlord> fell, right now we are debating the group name; we can decide (later) what (additional) rights to grant them. I'm with "editors" right now.
13:21:50 <fell> create, move, delete as one level
13:23:46 <fell> First he had forgotten the /he prefix, then had accidently created translations of developer or historical pages.
13:26:02 <jralls> Are you sure you want to give someone with such poor attention to detail extra privs? It's OK to be able to move a page you just created, but a page that's linked to needs to have all of the links fixed.
13:27:10 <jralls> Never mind the potential of deleting the English page instead of the translated one.
13:30:07 <fell> Do you want to verify all emptied pages in hebrew writing?
13:31:16 <fell> and currently he is the most productive wiki author.
13:32:23 <fell> undelete is in the same group as delete.
13:35:36 <jralls> Did he realize his errors immediately or are you cleaning up after him?
13:38:06 <fell> see https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/User_talk:Avma
13:43:33 <jralls> So he needs pretty close supervision. It doesn't seem to me that you'll be saving yourself much work by giving him more privs.
13:45:17 <fell> My few hours he are so rusty, I need google translate to follow.
13:46:43 <fell> The standard groups: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:User_rights_and_groups
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13:50:44 <jralls> Which supports my point: trusted users can be given key administrative rights such as deletion. But you trust him so little you
13:51:02 <jralls> you're check his translations against Google Translate.
13:51:12 <jralls> s/check/checking/
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14:09:23 <fell> Because of the general elections there we have to stay neutral,
14:09:29 <fell> . ;-)
14:10:17 <jralls> That sounds like you think he's an Israeli version of Wm...
14:10:50 <fell> just joking.
14:13:12 <fell> But to detect, that רשיון is outdated, I have to translate it.
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14:14:49 <jralls> I'd guess that a huge amount of the wiki is outdated.
14:17:18 <fell> OK: Source code (Unreadable for normal users) > wiki > docs > ML archive.
14:20:11 <fell> Perhaps I should ask Sunfish for a cleanup and goo on holydays - without internet. ;-)
14:23:29 <jralls> I don't think you'll get Sunfish to do anything for a while. He's used up his tolerance for quibbling the last time and it's been only a couple of months since.
14:25:38 <fell> Oh, I got recently a notice from him.
14:35:57 <jralls> Gotta run a couple of errands, BIAB.
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18:22:53 <Nhqml> Hello there :)
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