2021-03-21 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:38:02 <fell> gjannsens, you could ask for suppport on translation on the dutch mailing list.
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04:01:32 <fell> There is currently an error in Arch's glib/c++ combination
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07:45:13 <finster> hello. is it somehow possible to add entries to the toolbar? I'd like to have the reports => saved reports submenu item on the toolbar. asking for gnucash 4.4
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08:08:28 <warlord> AFAIK the toolbar is not dynamically extensible.
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11:50:55 <warlord> .
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13:08:07 <jt> I'm trying to connect my chase bank with gnucash. This is my first time using gnucash. I wanted to try to switch to this, instead of YNAB, Mint, Personal Capital, etc. I am following the steps here -> https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/OFX_Direct_Connect_Bank_Settings#Chase_.28Bank_Accounts_and_Credit_Cards.29
13:08:42 <jt> I'm getting this error: 11:08:24 Status for signon request: Signon invalid (Code 15500, severity "ERROR")
13:08:45 <jt> The user cannot signon because he or she entered an invalid user ID or password.
13:08:48 <jt> 11:08:24 Status for account info request: Signon invalid (Code 15500, severity "ERROR")
13:08:51 <jt> The user cannot signon because he or she entered an invalid user ID or password.
13:11:15 <jt> I'm probably PEBKAC'ing, but I can't figure out where. For username I put the ABA routing # for chase bank in my state, then userid I put the username I use to login through the browser, then clientID, I used a randomly generated code from here -> https://www.uuidtools.com/generate/v4
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13:13:49 <jt> This is a chase credit card btw. I don't have a chase checking account or anything.
13:14:55 <jt> "NOW THE TRICKY PART. Once sending out the first request, and it fails, check your email for a message from Chase. Should receive an email automatically in a few minutes. The Message will ask you go onine to secure messages section, and verify your identity for Quicken Access." <-- I did not get an email, and I don't see any messages on chase.com
13:15:56 <gjanssens> jralls: with your suggested jhuild change I managed to run a full build successfully. *finally*
13:16:11 <gjanssens> Time to retire my Windows7 testbox.
13:16:11 <jralls> \o/
13:18:23 <jralls> jt IIRC there's some dance you have to do with Chase support. Google site://lists.gnucash.org/mailman/listinfo/gnucash-user Chase or subscribe to that list and ask.
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13:19:00 <jt> ok, thanks for the tip. I'll check out that list.
13:20:00 <jt> I'll try switching to connecting Bank of America now, and see if that goes better. I'm mostly just trying to learn GNU Cash and mess around. I'd like to switch to this. but the chase issue is in the way of me playing with the software more. so it might be better to just try BoA now, and once I get some of my real data, I will be unblocked to figure out more stuff.
13:22:52 <jralls> jt, Online Banking is an add-on, it's not really what GnuCash is about. It also can be a pain to get set up and most banks don't support it. See if your banks provide a direct download option from their websites; GnuCash can import QIF, QFX/OFX, and CSV directly.
13:24:57 <jt> I see, so instead of relying on automatically downloading everything, I'd do my budgeting say once a month, and each month get the file to import, and put it in?
13:29:42 <jralls> Yes.
13:31:15 <jralls> But that's missing the point of GnuCash. If you're not interested in keeping your own books then a different program is probably a better fit.
13:41:58 <jt> My goal is to track all my spending, to make a budget, and then check if I'm keeping to it.
13:42:09 <jt> Doing network projections would be nice too.
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14:00:11 <jt> net worth*
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15:51:47 <gjanssens> jralls: running the bundle script fails due to a missing LICENSE file
15:52:07 <gjanssens> I have looked at that and I suspect this is due to a configuration bug
15:52:25 <gjanssens> I'd like to compare with your environment.
15:52:54 <jralls> OK.
15:53:12 <gjanssens> Can you check the CMakeCache.txt file in the gnucash-git build directory and let me know if CMAKE_INSTALL_DOCDIR is set ?
15:53:27 <gjanssens> (on my system it's empty)
15:56:07 <gjanssens> Interesting, I hadn't noticed the ADVANCED variant. No idea what that does.
15:56:43 <gjanssens> Can you check the contents of inst/share/doc/gnucash ?
15:56:56 <gjanssens> Mine was empty after a successful build
15:57:30 <gjanssens> while on linux it holds all the Changelogs, LICENSE, HACKING,...
15:57:45 <jralls> inst/share/doc/gnucash/LICENSE exists, but it's dated 27 Aug 2019.
15:59:54 <gjanssens> Any other files in there ? Like changelogs ?
16:01:01 <jralls> The're all there but the timestamps vary. Most are like LICENSE. ChangeLog is from my last build on Friday. NEWS is from January 28.
16:02:13 <gjanssens> Ok, so it looks like on your system this works normally. On mine they were all missing.
16:02:42 <gjanssens> How do you build ? Via build-package.ps1 or via jhbuild in a mingw32 terminal ?
16:03:29 <gjanssens> I can fix the build on my system btw by explicitly setting CMAKE_INSTALL_DOCDIR on the cmake command line in gnucash.modules
16:03:46 <gjanssens> Anyway, time for supper
16:03:47 <jralls> Usually build-package, but on Friday I used jhbuild directly to try and troubleshoot your build issue.
16:04:10 <jralls> I'll poke at it a bit while you eat.
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17:10:20 <jralls> gjanssens, ninja clean correctly cleans inst/share/doc/gnucash and ninja install repopulates it as expected. The file dates are the ones I reported earlier. LICENSE is present, but Cmake complains 'Error copying file "LICENSE" to "COPYING".' and there is indeed no COPYING.
17:20:42 <jralls> That was building GnuCash with `TARGET=gnucash-maint jhbuild -f jhbuildrc buildone gnucash-git`. `bundle-mingw64 -root_dir c:\gcdev64 -target_dir c:\gcdev64\gnucash\maint -package gnucash -git_build $true` creates the setup.exe without complaint.
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17:52:55 <gjanssens> jralls: thanks for the feedback. I'll recheck tomorrow if this was a one-time issue or not
17:53:06 <gjanssens> Leaving for the night now...
17:53:16 <jralls> OK, Goodnight.
17:53:23 <gjanssens> Bye!
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17:56:15 <jralls> chris, I wrote some more tests on GncDateTime and found a couple of issues. I've fixed those and now the bug 798150 test case works correctly.
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19:33:09 <chris> jralls: ok. is the "fix DST by +1 the hour" a valid assumption? https://www.bbc.com/news/newsbeat-35890353
19:36:04 <jralls> Mostly, aside from some English silliness during WWII.
19:42:44 <jralls> And according to the IANA database the transitions were in 1-hour steps: +1 on 25 Feb 1940, +1 on 4 May 1941, -1 and +1 as usual until -1 15 Jul 1945 and -1 7 Oct 1945 at which point they were back to GMT for the winter.
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