2021-03-15 GnuCash IRC logs

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11:35:01 <warlord> Hmm... Interesting bug. Just ran Get Quotes and it was working... So I changed workspaces, and when I came back, GnuCash didn't refresh the UI.
11:38:50 <warlord> .. it eventually returned. But it took a good 5 minutes where the UI didn't refresh while it was running gnc-fq-helper in the background. (NB: I use Yahoo_Json for all my quotes)
11:53:14 <warlord> This is with 4.2, so not current release.
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12:20:50 <jralls> warlord, most of GnuCash is still single-threaded so it does indeed block while retrieving quotes.
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12:28:36 <warlord> From a UX it does look.... weird... Like the app froze (which, admittedly, it did).
12:29:18 <jralls> Yeah, most apps are multithreaded these days.
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12:31:39 <jralls> GnuCash's current design is pretty resistant to it though. The main data structures are global and there's no locking. Solid 1980s design.
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12:35:30 <warlord> We could still have "periodic" UI callbacks -- we do it for e.g. file open/reading.
12:40:54 <jralls> Those are supposed to just run the progress bar--in fact there have been a few bugs in the last year due to queueing idles that did something else that then fired while the progress bar ran the event loop. When the something else touches the heap bad things happen.
12:45:17 * warlord nods
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13:40:12 <jralls> AdrienM Can you please followup on goodvibes and my requests on https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=797646?
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14:00:14 <Dre-Gnu> Hi all, I'm a new GnuCash user, trying to get Finance::Quote to work. It all looks good but GnuCash does not seem able to find it. I don't see anything in the logs either. Any help would be appreciated!
14:00:46 <Dre-Gnu> Windows 10 Quote 1.49 GnuCash 4.4
14:01:53 <jralls> Dre-Gnu how did you install Finance::Quote?
14:02:00 <Dre-Gnu> I did
14:02:13 <jralls> *HOW* did you install it?
14:02:14 <Dre-Gnu> I'm getting quotes in the CMD, I got an API key
14:02:27 <Dre-Gnu> I installed strawberry manually, then used the script, worked well
14:02:48 <Dre-Gnu> when I run the script, it also exits with "installation succeeded"
14:03:33 <jralls> OK. And by command line you mean gnc-fq-dump?
14:03:56 <Dre-Gnu> yep, dump, the echo command in the help section
14:04:14 <Dre-Gnu> gnc-fq-check also looks good
14:04:53 <Dre-Gnu> C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\bin>perl gnc-fq-dump currency GBP EUR
14:04:54 <Dre-Gnu> 1 GBP = 1.16457 EUR
14:04:54 <Dre-Gnu> C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\bin>echo (yahoo_json "CSCO") | perl gnc-fq-helper
14:04:54 <Dre-Gnu> (("CSCO" (symbol . "CSCO") (gnc:time-no-zone . "2021-03-15 12:00:00") (last . #e49.18) (currency . "USD")))
14:04:54 <Dre-Gnu> C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\bin>perl gnc-fq-update
14:04:55 <Dre-Gnu> Database was generated on Mon, 15 Mar 2021 15:53:10 GMT
14:04:57 <Dre-Gnu> Date::Manip is up to date (6.85).
14:04:59 <Dre-Gnu> Finance::Quote is up to date (1.49).
14:05:21 <jralls> That's helper, better than dump.
14:05:40 <jralls> Where did you install perl?
14:06:09 <Dre-Gnu> C:\Strawberry-Perl
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14:07:38 <Dre-Gnu> I also looked at the trace file with --debug --extra, have it open if that helps but I couldn't identify anything in there
14:07:42 <jralls> Does it work if you start GnuCash itself from the command line?
14:08:10 <Dre-Gnu> no, I started gnucash with --debug and --debug --extra, no change
14:09:50 <Dre-Gnu> should there be an entry in the trace file for GnuCash checking for Finance::Quote?
14:11:27 <AdrienM> jralls, sorry, I lost track. I'll test and report back.
14:11:28 <jralls> I think it goes to the CMD window instead of the trace file.
14:12:48 <Dre-Gnu> no messages there, looks like this:
14:12:51 <Dre-Gnu> C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\bin>gnucash.exe --debug
14:12:51 <Dre-Gnu> C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\bin>gnucash.exe --debug --extra
14:12:51 <Dre-Gnu> C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\bin>
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14:18:04 <Dre-Gnu> the only thing I can think of is that my perl is not installed to the default folder, could that matter?
14:21:17 <jralls> It might, but I think that as long as it's on the path it should still be found. FWIW I'm seeing pretty much the same symptom in Win10 and perl *is* in the default path.
14:21:54 <jralls> Does the black window with the path to perl show up when you start GnuCash?
14:22:14 <jralls> The path is in the title bar, not the window itself.
14:22:44 <Dre-Gnu> I didn't notice anything, let me try again
14:23:23 <Dre-Gnu> It's very quick but I don't see a black window popping up
14:23:30 <jralls> Oh yeah: None of the terminal output shows up on Windows unless you flip GnuCash to being a console app.
14:24:17 <Dre-Gnu> how can I do that? I have the CMD window open and am starting it from there
14:27:53 <jralls> There's a little perl script that gjanssens wrote that does it: https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash-on-windows/blob/master/exetype.pl
14:28:13 <jralls> Or better, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Gnucash/gnucash-on-windows/master/exetype.pl
14:28:56 <Dre-Gnu> ok, what do I do with this script?
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14:29:41 <jralls> perl exetype.pl "C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\bin\gnucash.exe" console
14:31:23 <Dre-Gnu> do I need to be admin?
14:31:30 <jralls> Yes.
14:32:37 <Dre-Gnu> huh, even with admin it gives me permission denied line 16
14:34:25 <jralls> That's odd, it worked for me just now. Did you launch a new CMD with run as admin?
14:35:10 <Dre-Gnu> yep
14:35:23 <Dre-Gnu> I copied the .pl now into the gnucash dir, will try that
14:36:40 <Dre-Gnu> ah, still had gnucash open
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14:36:56 <Dre-Gnu> ok, so it exited without anything
14:38:33 <jralls> Now try running GnuCash from the same window. It should spout a translation warning from gwenhywfar then say "Found Finance::Quote version 1.49"
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14:39:39 <Dre-Gnu> (process:2240): gnc.core-utils-WARNING **: 19:38:51.818: Failed to create C++ default locale fromGerman_Switzerland.1252 because Conversion failed. Using the 'C' locale for C++.
14:39:39 <Dre-Gnu> 3:2021/03/15 19-38-52:gwen(2240):C:/gcdev64/gnucash/releases/src/gwenhywfar-5.4.1/src/base/i18n.c: 122: No translation found for WIN32 locale [German_Switzerland.1252]
14:40:07 <Dre-Gnu> that's all
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14:43:35 <Dre-Gnu> I have an environment.local with 2 variables:
14:43:46 <Dre-Gnu> [Variables]
14:43:47 <Dre-Gnu> LANG=de_CH
14:43:47 <Dre-Gnu> LANGUAGE=en_CA
14:47:51 <jralls> Don't worry about gwen whining.
14:54:24 <jralls> I changed perl from the default path c:\strawberry\perl\ to c:\strawberry\save-perl\ and adjusted %PATH% accordingly. perl gnc-fq-check still works, but GnuCash can't find F::Q. So try moving your perl to the default path and adjusting %PATH%.
14:55:10 <Dre-Gnu> ok, can I just rename the folder and then %PATH%?
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14:57:03 <jralls> I think so.
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14:59:38 <jralls> Oh crud, I'm wrong. GnuCash does find Finance::Quote when the path is changed.
15:00:20 <Dre-Gnu> I did those changes but now it doesn't work at all
15:01:27 <Dre-Gnu> nm, had to open a new CMD
15:02:16 <Dre-Gnu> no change:
15:02:17 <Dre-Gnu> (process:5256): gnc.core-utils-WARNING **: 20:01:50.858: Failed to create C++ default locale fromGerman_Switzerland.1252 because Conversion failed. Using the 'C' locale for C++.
15:02:17 <Dre-Gnu> 3:2021/03/15 20-01-51:gwen(5256):C:/gcdev64/gnucash/releases/src/gwenhywfar-5.4.1/src/base/i18n.c: 122: No translation found for WIN32 locale [German_Switzerland.1252]
15:03:01 <Dre-Gnu> I quickly have to run out, will be back in approx. 30min
15:03:36 <Dre-Gnu> I hope it won't kick me out, thank you very much for your help btw!
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15:45:58 <Dre-Gnu__> back
15:46:48 <Dre-Gnu__> hi jralls, I might have missed your inputs since I said I'd have to run out
15:47:11 <jralls> Nope, I've been waiting for you to come back.
15:47:41 <jralls> BTW, you're still logged in as your other self.
15:49:22 <Dre-Gnu__> yeah, saw that, hmm, how can I log that one out
15:50:07 <Dre-Gnu__> I'll reconnect
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15:51:45 <Dre-Gnu__> not sure
15:52:19 <Dre-Gnu__> what should we try next?
15:55:05 *** Dre-Gnu__ is now known as Dre-Gnu
15:57:47 <jralls> Hang on, it should be possible to get a dump of the error from gnc-fq-check when GnuCash runs it. I just need to figure out the right incantation.
15:59:00 <Dre-Gnu> Super, thanks again for your help
16:01:53 <jralls> OK, run GnuCash with the args --log gnc.scm=debug --logto=stderr
16:02:56 <Dre-Gnu> ok
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16:03:56 <Dre-Gnu> C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\bin>gnucash.exe --log gnc.scm=debug --logto=stderr
16:03:56 <Dre-Gnu> (process:9688): gnc.core-utils-WARNING **: 21:03:23.843: Failed to create C++ default locale fromGerman_Switzerland.1252 because Conversion failed. Using the 'C' locale for C++.
16:03:56 <Dre-Gnu> 3:2021/03/15 21-03-24:gwen(9688):C:/gcdev64/gnucash/releases/src/gwenhywfar-5.4.1/src/base/i18n.c: 122: No translation found for WIN32 locale [German_Switzerland.1252]
16:03:56 <Dre-Gnu> * 21:03:25 DEBUG <gnc.scm> rpt-subdir=gnucash/reports/standard
16:03:56 <Dre-Gnu> * 21:03:25 DEBUG <gnc.scm> mod-dir=C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\share/guile/site/2.2\gnucash/reports/standard
16:04:00 <Dre-Gnu> * 21:03:25 DEBUG <gnc.scm> dir-files=(view-column trial-balance transaction taxinvoice register reconcile-report receivables receipt price-scatter portfolio payables owner-report new-owner-report new-aging net-charts lot-viewer job-report invoice income-statement income-gst-statement general-ledger general-journal equity-statement dashboard customer-summary category-barchart cashflow-barchart cash-flow budget budget-income-statement
16:04:05 <Dre-Gnu> budget-flow budget-barchart budget-balance-sheet balsheet-pnl balsheet-eg balance-sheet balance-forecast advanced-portfolio account-summary account-piecharts)
16:04:08 <Dre-Gnu> * 21:03:25 DEBUG <gnc.scm> rpt-subdir=gnucash/reports/example
16:04:10 <Dre-Gnu> * 21:03:25 DEBUG <gnc.scm> mod-dir=C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\share/guile/site/2.2\gnucash/reports/example
16:04:15 <Dre-Gnu> * 21:03:25 DEBUG <gnc.scm> dir-files=(welcome-to-gnucash sample-graphs hello-world daily-reports average-balance)
16:04:18 <Dre-Gnu> * 21:03:26 DEBUG <gnc.scm> rpt-subdir=gnucash/reports/locale-specific/us
16:04:20 <Dre-Gnu> * 21:03:26 DEBUG <gnc.scm> mod-dir=C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\share/guile/site/2.2\gnucash/reports/locale-specific/us
16:04:23 <Dre-Gnu> * 21:03:26 DEBUG <gnc.scm> dir-files=(taxtxf)
16:04:25 <Dre-Gnu> * 21:03:26 DEBUG <gnc.scm> rpt-subdir=gnucash/report/stylesheets
16:04:27 <Dre-Gnu> * 21:03:26 DEBUG <gnc.scm> mod-dir=C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\share/guile/site/2.2\gnucash/report/stylesheets
16:04:30 <Dre-Gnu> * 21:03:26 DEBUG <gnc.scm> dir-files=(plain head-or-tail footer css)
16:04:32 <Dre-Gnu> * 21:03:26 ERROR <> gnc_process_get_fd: assertion 'proc' failed
16:04:34 <Dre-Gnu> * 21:03:26 ERROR <> gnc_detach_process: assertion 'proc && proc->pid' failed
16:06:51 <jralls> The last two lines are what's important: GnuCash can't find perl. If the problem was that perl couldn't find Finance::Quote or one of its dependencies it would say gnc:fq-check-sources results: missing-lib.
16:07:50 <jralls> So something is wrong with the path as GnuCash sees it.
16:08:28 <Dre-Gnu> ok, hmm
16:08:40 *** fell has joined #gnucash
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16:11:30 <Dre-Gnu> weird, because I can run perl gnc-fq-check in the \bin directory
16:11:32 *** gjanssens has quit IRC
16:13:16 <jralls> Weird indeed. And I demonstrated that changing the path in the CMD shell enables GnuCash to follow directory renames when launched from that same shell.
16:13:19 *** sbluhm has quit IRC
16:13:40 <jralls> So it's not like there's a hard-coded path buried somewhere.
16:15:00 <Dre-Gnu> yeah, I would have been surpised if that were the case :-)
16:15:40 <fell> different pathes between our script and strawberry's default?
16:18:41 <jralls> I wonder. Did you by any chance install a 64-bit build of perl?
16:19:23 <Dre-Gnu> nope, intentionally took the 32bit as gnucash is also 32bit
16:19:42 <Dre-Gnu> strawberry-perl-
16:24:04 <Dre-Gnu> should I uninstall pearl and reinstall everything (but gnucash)?
16:24:45 <jralls> I guess it can't hurt. Maybe use the update online quotes tool instead of installing perl by hand.
16:25:53 *** Agfarmer18 has joined #gnucash
16:26:17 <Dre-Gnu> I installed it by hand because the link for strawberry doesn't work
16:27:15 <fell> Then we should update it.
16:28:15 <Dre-Gnu> echo * Strawberry Perl (http://code.google.com/p/strawberry-perl/downloads/)
16:28:28 <Dre-Gnu> this one doesn't work, in case it's the one it uses
16:28:49 *** user has joined #gnucash
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16:29:52 *** David has joined #gnucash
16:31:14 <Dre-Gnu> ok, uninstalled perl
16:31:25 *** Agfarmer18 has quit IRC
16:32:51 <Dre-Gnu> it doesn't remove the perl folder and variables, should I remove by hand?
16:33:39 *** sbluhm has joined #gnucash
16:33:39 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v sbluhm
16:33:44 <jralls> Right. You can edit (use Notepad run as an admin) c:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\bin\getperl.vbs and change the version. Either the latest ( or the bump from the one that's in there ( should be fine.
16:35:28 <Dre-Gnu> ok, did that
16:36:07 *** Agfarmer18 has joined #gnucash
16:37:02 <Dre-Gnu> k, I deleted the Strawberry folder
16:37:10 <Dre-Gnu> and removed the path variables from perl
16:37:14 <Dre-Gnu> will run the script now
16:38:04 <jralls> It would have been better to have deleted it from Apps & Features.
16:38:23 <jralls> That cleans up the registry too.
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16:38:30 <Dre-Gnu> I again get a Windows Installer error: This installation package could not be opened. Verify that the package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package."
16:39:10 <Dre-Gnu> Download Strawberry Perl package
16:39:10 <Dre-Gnu> copying http://strawberryperl.com/download/
16:39:10 <Dre-Gnu> to C:\Users\andre\AppData\Local\Temp\Perl.msi
16:39:10 <Dre-Gnu> C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\bin\getperl.vbs(24, 5) msxml3.dll: Access is denied.
16:40:49 <Dre-Gnu> sorry jralls: I did first run the uninstall from Programs & Features, but that didn't remove the directory nor the path variables
16:41:05 <jralls> Oh, that's not a good sign.
16:41:39 <jralls> Actually *neither* are a good sign.
16:44:42 <Dre-Gnu> should I just copy the strawberry msi to \AppData\Local\Temp\Perl.msi and try again?
16:45:14 <jralls> Isn't it already there?
16:45:19 <Dre-Gnu> no
16:45:33 <Dre-Gnu> the script runs so fast, I don't think it even tries to download anything
16:46:23 <jralls> Oh, you think it tried to install perl before it had finished downloading?
16:46:25 <Dre-Gnu> ok, copied it there and ran the script again. progress: install prompt came
16:46:35 <Dre-Gnu> yes, definately
16:46:54 <Dre-Gnu> the script ran through in <1s
16:47:10 <Dre-Gnu> strawberry is installing now
16:48:01 <Dre-Gnu> It's installing the perl modules now
16:48:57 <Dre-Gnu> This is from the start of the script:
16:48:57 <Dre-Gnu> \AppData\Local\Temp\Perl.msi
16:49:07 <Dre-Gnu> * Download Strawberry Perl package
16:49:07 <Dre-Gnu> copying http://strawberryperl.com/download/
16:49:07 <Dre-Gnu> to C:\Users\andre\AppData\Local\Temp\Perl.msi
16:49:07 <Dre-Gnu> C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\bin\getperl.vbs(24, 5) msxml3.dll: Access is denied.
16:49:07 <Dre-Gnu> * Run automated Perl install
16:49:08 <Dre-Gnu> This is perl 5, version 32, subversion 1 (v5.32.1) built for MSWin32-x86-multi-thread-64int
16:49:10 <Dre-Gnu> Copyright 1987-2021, Larry Wall
16:49:14 <Dre-Gnu> Perl may be copied only under the terms of either the Artistic License or the
16:50:22 *** Agfarmer18 has quit IRC
16:50:43 *** user has quit IRC
16:51:30 *** user has joined #gnucash
16:51:49 <jralls> Hmm, the msxml3.dll access seems like it should prevent getperl.vbs from downloading the installer.
16:51:51 <Dre-Gnu> could this be the problem in getperl.vbs? https://strawberryperl.com/download/ vs strFileURL = "http://strawberryperl.com/download/" & strVersion & "/strawberry-perl-" & strVersion & "-32bit.msi"
16:51:57 <Dre-Gnu> http vs https
16:52:40 *** Agfarmer18 has joined #gnucash
16:53:06 <jralls> Oh, maybe. It's access to the download that's denied, not access to the dll.
16:53:34 <jralls> But usually sites will just put a redirect from http to https.
16:54:08 *** user has quit IRC
16:54:34 <Dre-Gnu> yeah you're right, looks like it redirects to the correct file
17:01:54 <Dre-Gnu> I think it's compiling now
17:03:55 <fell> jralls, about commit 1b6c813: if strawberry offers https, we should use it.
17:04:13 <jralls> fell, way ahead of you. Testing that now.
17:04:46 <fell> … as usual ;-)
17:04:47 <jralls> And it does avoid the access is denied message.
17:05:05 *** mydogsnameisrudy has joined #gnucash
17:12:48 <Dre-Gnu> still compiling
17:13:18 *** User_ has quit IRC
17:16:57 <jralls> mine too
17:25:02 <Dre-Gnu> make test now
17:30:03 <jralls> fell, I was half-wrong about the failure in python-bindings. The problem is that my TZ code in libgnucash/engine/gnc-timezone.cpp is creating the DST transition a week late.
17:31:30 <fell> In my local checks it didn't appear as wwe still have standard time.
17:31:47 <jralls> When are you switching?
17:32:01 <fell> That was confusing, too.
17:32:40 <fell> The 1. weekend in spring
17:33:05 <jralls> So the 28th?
17:33:29 *** user_ has joined #gnucash
17:33:56 <fell> 21., I believe
17:34:42 <jralls> That's the last weekend in Winter, spring starts the 21st.
17:35:03 <jralls> zdump Europe/Berlin says 28-3.
17:35:05 <fell> March Equinox 2021 will be at 10:37 on
17:35:07 <fell> Saturday
17:35:08 <fell> , 20 March
17:35:10 <fell> All times are in Central European Time.
17:37:05 <fell> But you are right, 28.
17:37:58 <mikee> It's been a long winter.
17:38:29 *** jervin has joined #gnucash
17:38:58 <jralls> mikee, what's this "winter"? ;-)
17:39:14 <Dre-Gnu> k, installation success
17:39:26 <mikee> Well, moderatly cold then.
17:39:36 <Dre-Gnu> anything you'd like to see from the install log?
17:40:03 <jralls> Dre-Gnu Nope. I doubt that there's anything that would make sense.
17:40:22 <jralls> Don't forget to start a new CMD shell to get the new path.
17:40:26 <Dre-Gnu> k, should I start with the same command like last time?
17:40:28 <Dre-Gnu> k
17:41:08 *** sbluhm has quit IRC
17:41:19 <Dre-Gnu> gnucash.exe --log gnc.scm=debug --logto=stderr?
17:42:04 <mikee> Wales has been more than normally wet. East coasters. Pffff.
17:42:24 <Dre-Gnu> no change
17:42:25 <mikee> West I mean.
17:42:29 <Dre-Gnu> C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\bin>gnucash.exe --log gnc.scm=debug --logto=stderr
17:42:29 <Dre-Gnu> (process:9496): gnc.core-utils-WARNING **: 22:41:42.232: Failed to create C++ default locale fromGerman_Switzerland.1252 because Conversion failed. Using the 'C' locale for C++.
17:42:29 <Dre-Gnu> 3:2021/03/15 22-41-42:gwen(9496):C:/gcdev64/gnucash/releases/src/gwenhywfar-5.4.1/src/base/i18n.c: 122: No translation found for WIN32 locale [German_Switzerland.1252]
17:42:29 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:41:44 DEBUG <gnc.scm> rpt-subdir=gnucash/reports/standard
17:42:30 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:41:44 DEBUG <gnc.scm> mod-dir=C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\share/guile/site/2.2\gnucash/reports/standard
17:42:33 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:41:44 DEBUG <gnc.scm> dir-files=(view-column trial-balance transaction taxinvoice register reconcile-report receivables receipt price-scatter portfolio payables owner-report new-owner-report new-aging net-charts lot-viewer job-report invoice income-statement income-gst-statement general-ledger general-journal equity-statement dashboard customer-summary category-barchart cashflow-barchart cash-flow budget budget-income-statement
17:42:38 <Dre-Gnu> budget-flow budget-barchart budget-balance-sheet balsheet-pnl balsheet-eg balance-sheet balance-forecast advanced-portfolio account-summary account-piecharts)
17:42:43 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:41:44 DEBUG <gnc.scm> rpt-subdir=gnucash/reports/example
17:42:45 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:41:44 DEBUG <gnc.scm> mod-dir=C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\share/guile/site/2.2\gnucash/reports/example
17:42:46 <mikee> Geometry not my strong point.
17:42:48 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:41:44 DEBUG <gnc.scm> dir-files=(welcome-to-gnucash sample-graphs hello-world daily-reports average-balance)
17:42:51 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:41:44 DEBUG <gnc.scm> rpt-subdir=gnucash/reports/locale-specific/us
17:42:53 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:41:44 DEBUG <gnc.scm> mod-dir=C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\share/guile/site/2.2\gnucash/reports/locale-specific/us
17:42:56 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:41:44 DEBUG <gnc.scm> dir-files=(taxtxf)
17:42:58 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:41:44 DEBUG <gnc.scm> rpt-subdir=gnucash/report/stylesheets
17:43:00 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:41:44 DEBUG <gnc.scm> mod-dir=C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\share/guile/site/2.2\gnucash/report/stylesheets
17:43:03 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:41:44 DEBUG <gnc.scm> dir-files=(plain head-or-tail footer css)
17:43:05 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:41:44 ERROR <> gnc_process_get_fd: assertion 'proc' failed
17:43:07 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:41:44 ERROR <> gnc_detach_process: assertion 'proc && proc->pid' failed
17:43:09 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:41:53 WARN <gnc.core-utils> Could not locate file AUTHORS
17:43:13 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:41:53 WARN <gnc.core-utils> Could not locate file DOCUMENTERS
17:43:15 <Dre-Gnu> * 22:41:53 WARN <gnc.core-utils> Could not locate file LICENSE
17:43:17 <Dre-Gnu> the last 3 lines were when I opened help->about
17:43:38 <jralls> Dre-Gnu Only care about the gnc_process_get_fd line
17:43:56 <Dre-Gnu> yeah, no change
17:44:12 <jralls> mikee, we're having a drought again. Probably a worse fire season than last year.
17:44:43 <mikee> It looked terrible last time.
17:45:03 <fell> We had at least one week snow also in the lowlands, followed by a week Sahara dust and after that night frost again.
17:45:40 <jralls> Dre-Gnu so a little longer until my reinstall finishes and we'll see if it's a "new" perl problem.
17:46:12 <Dre-Gnu> kk
17:46:21 <jralls> mikee, it was pretty awful last year. A couple of weeks with orange skies and air like Beijing.
17:46:52 <mikee> Safe where you are?
17:47:07 <jralls> fell, we had snow last week too, but only on the hills, snow line somewhere around 600m.
17:48:04 <jralls> Aside from needing a gas mask, yeah. The nearest fire was about 2 miles away on the other side of a big hill, and the wind blew it the other way.
17:48:46 <mikee> jralls: Wow!
17:49:19 <mikee> Climate is a changing.
17:49:51 <fell> I experienced the fires 1985 in the Chianti hills, Tuscany, italy.
17:51:09 <mikee> I love a good Chianti...
17:52:49 <jralls> Me too, but usually buy Rosso de Montalcino as it seems to be more consistently good.
17:54:22 <mikee> Movie reference. But you knew that and chose to ignore it. Respect.
17:55:55 <jralls> No, I don't do movies much. Wine, on the other hand... ;-)
17:56:07 <jralls> Sometimes *both* hands!
17:56:21 <mikee> Youtube has randomly chosen vids from the '80s for me. We were all so good looking then.
17:56:36 <mikee> Ha! Indeed.
17:56:42 <jralls> Well, younger anyway.
17:57:08 <mikee> the reference was from Silence of the Lambs.
17:57:36 <jralls> OK. I'll take your word for it.
17:58:31 <jralls> Dre-Gnu, and it still works for me. I guess we can rule out perl. Maybe you should try uninstalling and reinstalling GnuCash.
17:59:00 <jralls> Though I don't understand why that would matter. But... Windows.
17:59:08 <mikee> Good movie. The lead actor is Welsh. Not that I care about such things.
17:59:09 <Dre-Gnu> ok
18:00:00 <jralls> Huh. I thought Jodie Foster was American. ;-)
18:00:12 <mikee> Hah!
18:00:45 <Dre-Gnu> Uninstalling
18:01:21 <Dre-Gnu> this time the files were also removed correctly ;-)
18:02:15 <jralls> Dre-Gnu, I'm going to have call it quits for today, but I'll leave the IRC client open and see what you post tomorrow morning.
18:02:16 <Dre-Gnu> I'll take 4.4 again, the release version from 29.12.2020
18:02:55 <Dre-Gnu> same here, it's getting very late for me as well, I'll quickly try that and then go to bed
18:03:04 <jralls> Good choice, since 4.5 won't be done until it's Summer Time in Germany.
18:04:40 *** user_ has quit IRC
18:05:53 <mikee> Anyway, I had a tiny rant in bug 798145 and closed it. Should open a bug about the divergence of the code from the docs.
18:06:45 <Dre-Gnu> k, github and sourceforge download with 85kb... I'll just take the one I downloaded previously from sourceforge
18:08:18 <jralls> 85K? Should be 148M.
18:09:15 <Dre-Gnu> that was speed :-)
18:09:19 <Dre-Gnu> k, install done
18:09:25 <fell> My last modem was 96kbits/s.
18:09:53 <Dre-Gnu> I have 1Gbps... yeah right
18:10:29 <Dre-Gnu> k, started from the start menu... no luck
18:10:38 <fell> I suspected you are in a Alm hut.
18:11:04 <Dre-Gnu> haha... I wish
18:11:43 <Dre-Gnu> k, ran script, no change, still not seeing the version
18:15:06 <Dre-Gnu> ran C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\bin>perl exetype.pl "C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\bin\gnucash.exe" console
18:15:30 <Dre-Gnu> still getting:
18:15:30 <Dre-Gnu> * 23:14:36 ERROR <> gnc_process_get_fd: assertion 'proc' failed
18:15:30 <Dre-Gnu> * 23:14:36 ERROR <> gnc_detach_process: assertion 'proc && proc->pid' failed
18:16:01 <Dre-Gnu> no change... I could cry
18:23:21 <mikee> It's OK to cry. Programmers are familear with this emotion.
18:28:39 <Dre-Gnu> Thank you very much for the support here, I'll be logging off for the day
18:29:27 <Dre-Gnu> should I just log in tomorrow and pick it up with jralls there or is there any way I could see what he may write after I leave?
18:32:21 <mikee> Messages can be left and you should see then when you log in again.
18:32:55 <mikee> jralls is East coast USA .
18:33:11 <mikee> West
18:33:54 <mikee> Why do I get those mixed up when talking about the US?
18:34:01 *** Aussie_matt has joined #gnucash
18:34:12 <Dre-Gnu> :-) thanks for the info
18:56:51 <fell> or you can read https://lists.gnucash.org/logs/2021/03/15.html
19:17:34 *** jervin has quit IRC
19:19:16 *** jervin has joined #gnucash
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20:04:14 *** chris has joined #gnucash
20:04:14 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v chris
20:04:19 *** gncbot sets mode: +o chris
20:05:13 <chris> http://logs.guix.gnu.org/guile/2021-03-15.log#191415 moving along glacially
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